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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2006

Apr 30 - Tactical Assault Lets Players Shape the Game
A wide range of ships and story choices and multiplayer and enhanced modes will provide numerous tactical possibilities.

Apr 29 - Richard Herd Reflects on Star Trek, Schwarzenegger, Sci-Fi
Owen Paris and L'Kor actor was also in 'V', 'The China Syndrome', but is concerned about current state of the film industry.

Apr 29 - Critics: Resistance Is Futile To Stewart's Antony
Picard actor opens in Royal Shakespeare Company production in Stratford Upon Avon to rave reviews.

Apr 27 - : The Immunity Syndrome
When a huge single-celled alien destroys an entire solar system, Kirk must decide which of his senior officers' lives to risk on a mission to discover the entity's vulnerabilities.

Apr 27 - Site Columns
New Trek film, BBS gossip thereupon, UPN's shift two years ago, new poll, a captain's birthday.

Apr 27 - The Book Padd: Everfree
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the conclusion to former Star Trek writer Nick Sagan's post-apocalyptic saga.

Apr 27 - Takei Is Very Happy With His Full Schedule
In demand for speaking engagements after publicly coming out, Sulu actor is grateful to Star Trek for making his voice heard.

Apr 26 - Abrams Objects To Inaccurate Reporting On Trek XI
Producer of upcoming Star Trek feature film says he has an option to direct, will not confirm any details of the era or plot of the movie.

Apr 26 - Ryan To Join Shatner on 'Boston Legal' Season Finale
Seven of Nine actress will play a talk show host accused of attempted murder on legal drama.

Apr 25 - Masterson Explains 'Yesterday Was a Lie'
DS9's Leeta plays a singer in a sci-fi noir film that uses quantum theory to explain human relationships.

Apr 25 - News Bullets
Stewart x2, Siddig x2, deBoer, Goldberg, Mulgrew x2, Russ & Orion Slave Girls, Soul of Star Trek, Grease Trek, Decipher, cartoon, Wheaton, Trek phone, FX, Daily Trekker, TrekCore caps.

Apr 24 - 'Farpoint' Actor Guessed 'Next Gen' Would Succeed
Also a two-time 'Deep Space Nine' guest star, Bell recalls Roddenberry, Spiner and missed opportunities with Bakula.

Apr 24 - Star Trek XI News and Gossip Begins
Berman will not be involved; Shatner, Nimoy have not yet been asked; Takei is excited about reported prequel film.

Apr 23 - Phillips Will Join Leguizamo in 'The Babysitters'
Neelix actor to appear in black comedy about suburban adultery and its consequences.

Apr 23 - Star Trek Manga Cover and Details Released
Collection of original series comics for Trek anniversary will include origin of Next Gen villain.

Apr 22 - Article: Scott Bakula at the National Press Club
Speaking on the contemporary relevance of 'Shenandoah', the 'Enterprise' actor reflects on his career and the culture of entertainment.

Apr 21 - J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Trek XI'
Paramount announces takeover of the 'Trek' franchise by the creative team behind 'Lost;' 'Starfleet Academy' film featuring young Kirk set for 2008 release.

Apr 21 - Site Columns
Bakula in DC, Star Trek movie chatter, Trek two years ago, new poll, birthday.

Apr 21 - : A Piece of the Action
Kirk becomes the big boss on a planet ruled by mobsters, contaminated by contact with a starship a century before.

Apr 20 - Billingsley Aims To Conquer Hollywood
Stopped on the street for an impromptu interview by a reporter, the 'Enterprise' actor laughs that he'd like to have his own show.

Apr 20 - Stewart Works Out For Return To RSC
Playing a mature Marc Antony meant he had to have the physique of a Roman warrior, yet Stewart is delighted to be returning to Shakespearean roles.

Apr 19 - Star Trek Science Comes Closer To Reality
Several new technologies explored only as science fiction on television are currently in development.

Apr 18 - Takei Supports Gay Activists Promoting School Debate
In Minneapolis for a visit to another university, Sulu actor stops by a rally held by activists who oppose homophobia in US colleges and universities.

Apr 18 - University Brings Holodeck One Step Closer To Reality
Canadian astronomers are using a 'data cave' that projects three-dimensional models for astronomy researchers.

Apr 18 - The Book Padd: String Theory: Evolution
The final volume of this 'Voyager' trilogy is a little verbose but resolves the storyline.

Apr 17 - Moore Wants To Take Games Where No One Has Gone Before
While 'Battlestar Galactica' may be limited in its gaming options, former Trek scribe is interested in building a franchise with gaming and filmed components simultaneously.

Apr 17 - Mack To Play M'Benga in 'New Voyages'
Romulan from 'The Pegasus' becomes the latest actor to join the fan film series, taking on the role of McCoy's assistant.

Apr 17 - McFadden Thought Crusher Would Be Funny
Auditioning on advice from her agent, a Star Trek fan, TNG's Crusher thought 'The Naked Now' might be typical.

Apr 16 - Jendresen Blames 'Regime Change' For Film Delay
Though still hopeful that his 'The Beginning' script will make it back into the production loop, writer says new directions at Paramount put Star Trek XI on hold.

Apr 16 - Site Columns
Doctor Who, BBS chatter, 'Trekkies' two years ago, new poll, Takei birthday.

Apr 12 - Takei Discusses Hope and Backlash After Coming Out
Sulu actor was unsurprised by all the attention about his sexuality but pleasantly surprised at the high level of acceptance and support he and his partner received.

Apr 12 - Brooks To Star In New 'Rambo' Movie
DS9's Sisko actor joins Sylvester Stallone in fourth installment of the action franchise.

Apr 11 - The Book Padd: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: What's Past, Book One: Progress
Katherine Pulaski returns in the latest S.C.E. offering, part of an arc celebrating Star Trek's 40th anniversary.

Apr 10 - News Bullets
Bakula x2, Stewart, Goldberg, Trinneer, Siddig x2, Ruck, Clark, 'Legacy' & 'Tactical Assault', Trek train, Fan Collectives, CCG tournament, Sev Trek, DVD campaign, Star Trek 2.0.

Apr 10 - Star Trek Comics Soon To Return
IDW has taken over the comic book license for the franchise, and manga anthology will arrive in September.

Apr 9 - The Shatner Success Story Goes On and On
In latest news, singer Rollins reflects on their friendship, Shatner talks aging and work, reports on charity horse show plans and 'Boston Legal' wins Peabody.

Apr 9 - Krige Talks Appeal of Borg Queen
Upcoming 'Silent Hill' star mentions concerns about Borg Queen's sexual nature and interest in her mutability.

Apr 8 - Picardo Gates To 'Atlantis'
'Voyager' Doctor moves from 'Stargate SG-1' to its franchise companion in its third season; also, charity news.

Apr 8 - 'Time Travel' Set Sends Fans Back to the Classics
New 'Star Trek Fan Collective' box set focuses on episodes involving yesterday's Enterprise, cause and effect.

Apr 7 - Site Columns
Spring in DC, what DS9 left behind, cancellations and pickups two years ago, new poll.

Apr 7 - : The Gamesters of Triskelion
Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are dragged abducted by giant brainlike aliens who force others to participate in combat.

Apr 6 - Could 'Enterprise' Go Direct To DVD?
Fans lobby Paramount's new DVD division for a film for the home market, but one actor is said to be certain the last show's cast will never reunite.

Apr 6 - News Bullets
Stewart x2, Bakula, Siddig x2, Shatner, Toronto Trek, Koenig, David, Meyer, CCG, cartoons, Chia Spock, Trek survival, cricket holodeck, TNG slimline DVDs, caps and gaming.

Apr 5 - Original Series Action Figures To Mark Trek Birthday
Captains Kirk and Pike, along with their command chairs, join Next Gen figures from Diamond Select.

Apr 5 - VISOR-like Implants Allow Eyeless Woman To See
Device allows people blinded in accidents to receive stimuli fed directly to electrodes in the brain.

Apr 5 - Blalock Is Content To Be Without Vulcan Ears
Comfortable on film sets or posing for magazines, T'Pol actress says she's rarely noticed out of the costume and wig.

Apr 4 - G4, YouTube Join Forces For Star Trek Karaoke
Video clip broadcaster is working with gaming network to promote Star Trek 2.0, a repackaging of the original series with interactive content.

Apr 4 - Stewart 'Irritated' At Association with Picard, Sci-Fi
While promoting 'Eleventh Hour', the 'Next Generation' star takes offense at having his new show labeled science fiction.

Apr 3 - News Bullets
Birthdays, Bakula, Russ & Billingsley, Phillips and Silverman, Moore, Kimmel at Grand Slam, Shatner & Nimoy, movie rumours, Spock, LaForge, 'Enterprise', Mack's 'Warpath', CCG, reviews, caps, book club, funnies.

Apr 3 - Creative Director Describes 'Star Trek: Legacy'
Upcoming game from Mad Doc Software focuses on combat, allowing players to use all the major ships of the TV shows.

Apr 1 - Ewoks Trump Trek and More April Fools News
Several fan sites and are experimenting with makeovers in celebration of the date.

Apr 1 - Takei Pokes Fun At 'Will & Grace'
Appearing on the popular comedy, the Sulu actor and 'Free Enterprise' star search for meaning in Star Trek. Plus: Takei to appear at New Mexico music festival.

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