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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2005

Apr 30 - UPN Releases Promo For 'Demons'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Apr 30 - Berman: 'Enterprise' Film Wasn't In The Cards
Star Trek's executive producer says it could have happened had Series V gone to seven seasons, but it was never formally discussed. Plus: did reruns kill 'Enterprise'?

Apr 30 - 'Mirror' Ratings Remain Bright
UPN share creeps up as fast national numbers hold steady for 'Enterprise'.

Apr 29 - Reviewers Enjoy Looking 'In a Mirror, Darkly'
First of two-parter in alternate universe is labeled fun if frivolous; also, one advance review of the finale sings its praises.

Apr 29 - Billingsley Not a Fan of 'These Are the Voyages..."
Actor describes the 'Enterprise' finale as 'somewhat flaccid', says he won't miss phaser battles. Spoilers inside!

Apr 29 - Site Columns
Hitchhiker's Guide, Planet Star Trek, Trek two years ago, birthdays, new poll and more.

Apr 28 - News Bullets
Bakula, Shatner, Siddig, Mulgrew, Takei, Vulcans, Trek books, Hitchhikers Guide, toys, troops, lots of 'Enterprise' notes and more.

Apr 28 - Fan Film News
New TrekBBS board, 'New Voyages', 'Enterprise' finale party, 'Exeter', USS Justice and more.

Apr 27 - Park Was Not Surprised By Cancellation
Hoshi Sato actress said that some people were ready to move on, believes relationships will continue.

Apr 27 - Offers Commentary on 'In a Mirror, Darkly'
Inaugural podcast features writer Sussman and editor Gaskill discussing last week's episode. Spoilers inside!

Apr 27 - 'Threshold' Producer and Star Keep Busy
Braga discusses his new pilot starring Spiner, who will also appear in a new Hillary Duff film.

Apr 26 - Stewart To Poke Fun At Persona In Sitcom
Picard actor will appear in Ricky Gervais' 'Extras' along with many other celebrities.

Apr 26 - Berman, Braga Say 'Voyages...' Pays Tribute To All Trek
Executive producers wanted an 'Enterprise' finale not just for that series' fans but to evoke the entire franchise mythos.

Apr 25 - Star Wars vs. Star Trek As the Franchises Take Breaks
Numerous articles comparing Trekkers to fans lined up for 'Revenge of the Sith' ponder the upcoming pop culture gap.

Apr 25 - Berman Speaks On 'Enterprise' Cancellation, Trek XI
'I am not sure exactly what the future of Star Trek is, or what my future connection to it might be', says exec.

Apr 24 - Bakula Introduces NASA Shuttle Web Site
'Enterprise' actor appears in several video clips about the upcoming Discovery mission; Commander Collins profiled.

Apr 24 - History Channel To Produce Star Trek Special
Efforts to target male audience lead to more action-oriented series and specials.

Apr 23 - UPN Releases Promo For 'In a Mirror, Darkly, Part Two'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Apr 23 - 'Mirror' Shows Ratings Bright Spot
'Enterprise' fast national ratings go up for the second week in a row, though UPN remains in last place.

Apr 23 - Review: In A Mirror, Darkly
Welcome to the mirror universe, where women bare their midriffs and men kill for better jobs.

Apr 22 - Many Reviewers 'Bound' To Criticise Last Week's Episode
Preposterous crew behaviour and underlying sexism are mentioned by several critics as ruining attempts at comic homage.

Apr 22 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek vs. Galactica on the BBS, remembering the Borg on Enterprise, new poll, new episode and more!

Apr 21 - Dorn Narrates History Channel Voodoo Documentary
TNG and DS9 star impressed producer with his vocal impressions in 'Voodoo Secrets.'

Apr 21 - Roddenberry Jr. Set Out To Discover His Roots in 'Trek Nation'
Not a fan growing up, Gene and Majel's son admitted that it took him years to realize the impact of Star Trek.

Apr 21 - News Bullets
DVD date, Fletcher, Siddig, Russ, Mulgrew, Shatner, UPN, Viacom, collectibles, fandom, screen caps and more.

Apr 20 - Finale Photos Confirm Rumoured Plot Events
The latest batch of images released by Paramount show the crew during its climactic mission. Spoilers inside!

Apr 19 - Bakula Says Paramount Had Planned 'Enterprise' Film
Changes at the studio's executive level diverted interest in the Trek franchise, says the actor.

Apr 18 - TrekUnited Ends Campaign To Save 'Enterprise'
Amidst controversy concerning studio discussions, the fan campaign concedes that there will be no fifth season; Trek crew reportedly working on 'Threshold'.

Apr 18 - Coto Believes Next Trek Showrunner Will Be Outsider
'Someone who is popular and has established hits will come to Paramount,' predicts 'Enterprise' exec.

Apr 18 - Paramount To Release Themed DVD Box Sets
Time travel, Borg, Klingons, Q among choices for fans to vote in survey of interests for new DVD release.

Apr 17 - Reeves-Stevenses Discuss New Shatner Collaboration
Canadian couple will follow up 'Enterprise' with an original movie for the Sci Fi Channel.

Apr 17 - Link: Naren Shankar To Develop 'Doom' Movie
Former 'TNG,' 'DS9' & 'Voyager' writer is working on a movie on the making of the video game. Plus: Shankar signs on to 'CSI' for two more years.

Apr 16 - Executive Producers Talk Future For Trek and Selves
At the wrap party, Berman, Braga and Coto discuss timetable for Trek's return to television.

Apr 16 - UPN Releases Promo For 'In a Mirror, Darkly'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Apr 16 - 'Enterprise' Bound For Higher Ratings
Last night's fast national numbers show a small rise for UPN.

Apr 16 - Weller Sees Allegory In Xenophobic Paxton
'Demons' & 'Terra Prime' guest star says his character resembles some of the people on this planet today. Plus: New story & guest cast info!

Apr 16 - Braga & Paramount On 'These Are The Voyages...'
'Enterprise' co-creator admits some of the cast were hurt by 'Enterprise' finale. Plus: new finale plotlines revealed!

Apr 16 - News Bullets
Stewart's desert island list, TV Guide poll results, more TrekUnited, new Koenig film, McDowell on death threats, non-canon Trek wiki, UPN upfronts & more!

Apr 16 - Review: Bound
Archer receives three female slaves as a gift, and proceeds to make Kirk look good.

Apr 15 - Wrap Party Showcases Sorrow and Relief
Actors and longtime crew expressed regret at 'Enterprise' cancellation as well as plans for vacations.

Apr 15 - TrekUnited Proposed Season 5 Co-Production Deal To Paramount
Fan campaign says it teamed up with group of Canadian production companies; proposed shifting production of 'Enterprise' to new location.

Apr 15 - Site Columns
UPN pre-empts itself, Star Wars on the TrekBBS, new episode tonight, three birthdays and more!

Apr 14 - Fan Series Announce Upcoming Developments
'Hidden Frontier' releases a new episode, while 'New Voyages' finds a composer.

Apr 14 - Interview: Scott Bakula
'Enterprise' star on first-season DVD release, how much money would be needed for an 'Enterprise' movie, the evolution of Archer, and his mythical producer status.

Apr 13 - News Bullets
TV Guide, Siddig, Visitor, Mulgrew, Shatner, Bakula, Stewart, Hidden Frontier, Snopes, reviews, caps and more.

Apr 13 - 'Convergence' To Expand 'The Fallen' Game
Developer Reuter promises nearly 20 levels of play on free expansion, with demo now available.

Apr 13 - Ostroff: 'Enterprise' Departure Leaves a Hole in the Schedule
UPN president talks about the network's development and plans for 2005-6.

Apr 12 - Braga Reveals 'Most Important Day' of 'Enterprise'
Speaking at his alma mater, the exec speaks of 'These Are the Voyages...' plot details. Spoilers inside!

Apr 12 - Paramount Said No To TrekUnited Campaign attempts to set the record straight by publishing mid-March letter sent to fan campaign; TU isn't budging.

Apr 12 - Link: Alfre Woodard To Join 'Desperate Housewives' Cast
'Star Trek: First Contact' actress will play a 'seemingly normal' woman with an unhealthy sway over her son. Follow the link for exclusive spoilers!

Apr 12 - Link: Alfre Woodard To Join 'Desperate Housewives' Cast
'Star Trek: First Contact' actress will play a 'seemingly normal' woman with an unhealthy sway over her son. Follow the link for exclusive spoilers!

Apr 11 - Stewart To Star in Scientific Thriller Miniseries
Series will bring Picard actor back to Granada Television and ITV in the UK.

Apr 11 - Frakes & Sirtis Talk Trek Voyages
TNG costars, who will appear in the 'Enterprise' finale, discuss the script and their impressions of the cancelled series. Spoilers inside!

Apr 10 - News Bullets
'Veronica Mars' renewed, 'Titan' hits bestseller lists, 'Wolf in the Fold' guest star speaks, 'Star Wars' TV show not like 'Trek,' and the 'Ballad of Wesley Crusher.'

Apr 10 - Braga's New 'Threshold': Sound Familiar?
CBS pilot will feature aliens who cause humans to evolve using junk DNA, exec's writing partner says.

Apr 10 - 'TV Guide' Publishes 'Enterprise' Finale Images
First look at 'These Are the Voyages...' shows familiar faces. Spoilers inside!

Apr 9 - UPN Releases 'Bound' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Apr 8 - Bakula: 'We Just Started Up at the Wrong Time'
Archer actor reiterates frustration with UPN, studio politics as he recalls emotional last days of 'Enterprise'.

Apr 8 - Site Columns
England in the springtime, Trek BBS on insults, second season finale nostalgia, new poll, watch the fans' top episode and more.

Apr 7 - Shatner Interviews Shatner About 'Invasion Iowa'
Liz talks to her father Bill about his reality series, the upcoming charity horse show and a new film for Sci Fi.

Apr 7 - Review: Warp 11's 'Boldly Go Down...'
Jacqueline Bundy bops to the sci-fi rock group's groove on their latest album. Warning: Parental Advisory!

Apr 7 - News Bullets
Janssen, Stewart x2, Shatner x3, Trek tech, MMORPG, serial franchises, TrekUnited, Brazilian DVDs.

Apr 6 - 'Enterprise' Sets No Longer Up At Paramount
New photos on the official site show Stages 8 and 9 empty save for scaffolding and wires.

Apr 6 - 'Enterprise' Cast and Crew Support AIDS Fundraiser
Pre-production coordinator Fernandez to take part in AIDS cycling event; Billingsley to help with celebrity bingo night.

Apr 6 - New Photos Posted From Upcoming Episodes
Images from 'Bound' and 'In a Mirror, Darkly' reveal characters in unexpected poses. Spoilers inside!

Apr 5 - UPN Releases Press Release For 'In a Mirror, Darkly'
Late April episode describes 'dark alternate universe.' Spoilers inside!

Apr 5 - Bakula Reflects on Archer's Growth
Despite strides made by the show in the third and fourth seasons, the actor knew the difficulty of keeping 'Enterprise' on the air.

Apr 3 - New 'Demons' & 'Terra Prime' Photos
British site releases a dozen new images of the final two regular episodes of 'Star Trek: Enterprise.'

Apr 3 - News Bullets
Spacey awards, Jeri Ryan's restaurant, 'Invasion Iowa,' Bakula interview, Trek medical device, DS9 actors at upcoming cons & more!

Apr 3 - April Fool's Day Round-Up
Official site claims 'Enterprise' renewal, Trek novelists pull prank on Marco Palmieri, Five-Second Voyager launches, and TGL reports 'Trek Academy' series.

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