Reviewers Enjoy Looking 'In a Mirror, Darkly' By Michelle
April 29, 2005 - 9:51 PM

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Most reviewers found a great deal to like in "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part One." Though there were quibbles about continuity and the difficulty of getting the gags for people who weren't fans of the original series, most of the actors were praised for the energy and enthusiasm they brought to these darker doubles and the new sets, costumes and special effects were all noted as guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasures.

In other reviewing news, Hercules of Ain't It Cool News said that he prefers the "evil theme song" far above "Faith of the Heart" in the Mirror episodes, and added that he had seen the finale, "These are the Voyages...", and found it "NOT appalling. In fact, the never-disappointing Jolene Blalock, who called the episode 'appalling,' is one of the best things about it." He revealed that the footage included some surprises that he had not seen reported anywhere, and that he found it a better ending for Star Trek in general and Next Gen in particular than "that flaccid, feculent, insulting Nemesis feature."

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