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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2004

Sep 30 - Shatner Hopes Crane Will Help Him Outshine Kirk
Now on 'Boston Legal', longtime Trek star jokes about disliking his appearance on film and playing a somewhat unhinged character.

Sep 30 - Shatner's Invasion of Iowa A Hoax
Announced time-travel film was actually the pretext for a new reality TV series set to debut next year.

Sep 30 - Site Columns
Introducing new people, Trek BBS discussions, 'Enterprise' ratings poll & no 'Enterprise' this week.

Sep 29 - Braga On Alien Nazis And Xindi Fallout
'Enterprise' exec discusses next season's mini-arcs, continuity with original series, production role and more. Spoilers inside!

Sep 29 - 'Kevin Hill' Called Triumph For UPN
Taye Diggs vehicle, moving into new Wednesday night lineup, praised for likeable characters and witty script.

Sep 29 - Viacom Pledges To Strengthen Paramount
Online music and gaming, specialty film production named as goals by co-president.

Sep 29 - DeCandido: Why I Killed One Of Trek's Long-Standing Characters
Trek author talks the death of a fan favourite in 'Tales of the Dominion War'. Plus: Mack and Weinstein on upcoming novels.

Sep 29 - News Bullets
Curry talks, Richard Branson, 'Enterprise' ad rates, first con experience, The Biz, 'The 4400' and Trek in Brazil!

Sep 28 - Fourth 'Voyager' Set Offers 'Hope and Fear'
Critics praise series' strongest season, yet see signs of problems that would plague series in later episodes.

Sep 28 - Trinneer: T'Pol And Trip Should Go Public
'Enterprise' actor talks adjusting to fame, plot developments and why Trip's dirty laundry needs public airing!

Sep 28 - Reeves-Stevenses Forge Vulcan Arc
Production report reveals details of upcoming episode concerning the interpretation of Surak's reforms. Spoilers inside!

Sep 28 - 'Kir'Shara' To Conclude Vulcan Arc
Season four's ninth episode will feature appearances by Ambassador Soval and Shran! Spoilers inside.

Sep 27 - Nimoy Fronting New Radio Show
Original series actor will present upcoming radio series on Jewish music.

Sep 27 - Keating Dishes Early Season Four Stories
Malcolm Reed talks 'Storm Front' and 'Home', praises high-definition video. Minor spoilers!

Sep 26 - Site Columns
Emmy wrap-up, BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & T'Pol poll.

Sep 25 - Coto: Season Five 'Very Possible'
'Enterprise' showrunner outlines his vision for this year, including plans for T'Pol. Possible spoilers!

Sep 25 - 'Enterprise' DVD Announcement Expected October
Paramount rumoured to be releasing all four seasons of Series V on DVD in 2005.

Sep 24 - Shatner's 'Has Been' Lineup Unveiled
Paisley, Mann, Jackson collaborate with legendary actor / director / author / singer.

Sep 24 - News Bullets
Coto, Billingsley, Shatner x2, Trekker cop, screen caps, Sev Trek, book review.

Sep 22 - UPN's 'Veronica Mars' Garners Rave Reviews
New teen P.I. series seen as perfect for its demographic, witty and unusual - a triumph for the network.

Sep 22 - Shatner, Nimoy Collaborate On Independent Film
'Invasion Iowa' is set in the self-proclaimed birthplace of Captain Kirk, will film there with Shatner directing.

Sep 22 - Site Columns
Star Wars, BBS threads, season two premiere reviews, new poll and more!

Sep 21 - Menosky's 'Anonymous Rex' Comes To Sci-Fi
Former Trek writer penned the screenplay for adaptation of the mystery-fantasy series.

Sep 21 - Berman Pleased With Action Hero Archer, TOS Antecedents
Exec discusses contributions of Coto and Spiner, possible appearance by Shatner.

Sep 21 - Spiner Happy To Support Latest Trek
'TV Guide' shows photos of Data actor, Orion slavers in 'classic Americana.'

Sep 20 - Trek Alumni Appear At Emmys
Shatner presents; Grammer wins; Cattrall, Dourif, others glitter in audience.

Sep 20 - The Book Padd: A Time To Kill, A Time To Heal
A Federation president takes drastic measures in this post-Dominion War story.

Sep 19 - Site Columns
Wimbledon, worst costumes, Trek two years ago, new poll and more.

Sep 18 - Trinneer Thinks 'Enterprise' Has Found Its Sea Legs
Was happy with Xindi arc, frustrated with Trip-T'Pol romance last season.

Sep 18 - News Bullets
Shatner, Stewart, Hower, 'Batman', Klingon news, game, DVD, screen caps and more.

Sep 17 - Burton Augments Spiner Arc
Production report highlights TNG reunion, returning cast members. Spoilers inside!

Sep 17 - Archer And T'Pol Encounter Vulcan Insurgents
The captain of the Enterprise and his first officer will meet the legendary T'Pau in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Sep 16 - Berman Anticipates Break From Trek After 'Enteprise' Ends
Trek creator expects there will be no Trek on TV after the fifth series ends, but the proposed movie is in the early stages of development.

Sep 16 - Orion Slave Girl Actress Loved Getting Into Costume
Bobbie Sue Luther talks green foundation, Orion men and portraying a classic Trek alien!

Sep 15 - Perpetual Co-Founder Keene Talks Trek Gaming
Massive game will incorporate multiple Trek worlds, allow space and terrestrial combat.

Sep 15 - Site Columns
'Vanity Fair', Trek writers on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

Sep 14 - The Book Padd: Bitter Medicine
Dr. Lense grows overly attached to a patient in this SCE story.

Sep 14 - News Bullets
Bakula, Shatner x2, Koenig, Goodman, book and DVD reviews, screen caps, Sev Trek, overseas broadcast, gaming and more.

Sep 13 - 'Enterprise' Wins Two Emmy Awards
'Countdown' visual effects, 'Similitude' music earn television's highest honour.

Sep 13 - Shatner Wins Emmy For 'The Practice'
Guest role on ABC series nabs actor his first trophy from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Sep 12 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS topics, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

Sep 12 - The Book Padd: Stargazer: Enigma
Picard nearly loses his command in this novel of his early career.

Sep 11 - Blalock Unhappy With Vulcan Development
'Not everyone is like me, and that's okay,' T'Pol actress insists, protesting human-centric stories.

Sep 11 - Coto: Shatner Arc Might Not Involve Kirk
New executive producer discusses Trekkie staff, scripts he's written, potential end of 'Enterprise'.

Sep 10 - Enterprise Project Plans New Promotions
Fan-driven effort will place another ad, work to advertise the series on college campuses.

Sep 10 - News Bullets
Shatner on Stern tonight, UPN this fall, 'Generations', Piller, Blalock & Trinneer wallpapers, Mulgrew x2, screen caps, contests and more.

Sep 9 - 'Cold Station 12' Production Report Unfreezes Arc
Phlox's friend Lucas, young Dr. Soong appear in second Augments episode. Spoilers inside!

Sep 9 - Takei, de Lancie In Sci Fi Thriller
Several Star Trek alumni take part in independent 'Patient 14', a psychic conspiracy film.

Sep 9 - Site Columns
RenFaire, continuity chat, new poll, Trek two years ago and more!

Sep 9 - Perpetual Entertainment Plans To Consult Experts, Fans In Game Development
The company in charge of the massive 'Star Trek' RPG hopes to capture the 'action/adventure' of the Trek universe!

Sep 8 - Hart Steps Down As President Of Paramount Network Television
CBS COO Moonves promotes several execs, absorbs CBS Productions into Paramount.

Sep 8 - Bakula 'Feels Lucky' To Play Archer
Happy with fourth season storylines, 'Enterprise' actor claims his input is mostly positive feedback.

Sep 7 - Complete Box Sets For R2 Announced
Get the specs and info on the complete 'TNG' and 'DS9' series sets inside!

Sep 7 - UPN Broadcasts 'Storm Front' Promo
Download a preview for the 'Enterprise' season premiere. Transcript inside!

Sep 7 - Article: Happy Memories At Doohan's Farewell
Actors, astronaut, family and friends pay tribute to a Star Trek legend.

Sep 7 - Star Trek MMORPG Announced For 2007
Online game will allow hundreds of players to become characters in all areas of the Star Trek universe.

Sep 6 - Review: Trekkies 2
Jacqueline Bundy takes a look at the interesting personalities that make up Star Trek fandom worldwide.

Sep 5 - Coto Resurrects The Orions For Fans
Fans have always wanted appearance of oft-mentioned aliens, says 'Enterprise' exec. Spoilers inside!

Sep 5 - Site Columns
The Olympics come to a sickly-sweet end, BBS threads, classic TT news & 'Enterprise' poll.

Sep 4 - Rumours Of Vulcan Crisis Spark 'The Forge'
Three-story arc will reportedly address evolution from T'Pol to Spock. Contains spoilers!

Sep 4 - Sci-Fi Expo: Stewart Will Be Back
Captain Picard actor will make an autumn appearance in Toronto, say convention organisers.

Sep 3 - Hart, Sagan, Burton On Trek's Future
In a longer draft of 'NY Times' article, reporter expands on comments about franchise's direction.

Sep 3 - Coto Looks Forward To Founding the Federation
New 'Enterprise' exec says this season's arcs will lead up to the early formation of the UFP.

Sep 3 - Mulgrew's 'Tea At Five' Postponed In Seattle
Tickets to be reissued or refunded; no new dates scheduled yet.

Sep 2 - 'Generations' SE DVD Release Delayed
Incorrect packaging leads to recall; no new street date set by Paramount.

Sep 1 - Doohan Receives Star on Walk of Fame
Several days of tributes to Scotty actor culminate in ultimate Hollywood honour.

Sep 1 - News Bullets
Siddig, Shatner, Auberjonois, Russ, Belgian 'Enterprise', Barrett, DVDs, books, authors, contest and more.

Sep 1 - Site Columns
Back to school, TOS arrives on DVD, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

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