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September 5, 2004 - 11:47 AM

Hello World!

The Olympics may be over, but they're not fading into obscurity quite yet. This week we had the Australian competitors return home amid much fanfare and hooplah. On the morning of their arriving, two of our breakfast TV shows, Sunrise and Today covered the return of the Olympians to home soil. Their coverage was alternately exasperating and amusing, since it started a long while before the the atheletes actually disembarked from the planes.

Consequently, we were treated to images of the planes coming into land, then taxing down the runway, and then finally coming into the hangar. This interminably dull coverage was compounded by annoying banter between the anchors consisting of exchanges such as: "I think the plane's coming into land right now" and "They're still taxing, but it won't be long now".

The hype went into overdrive once the atheletes finally disembarked to the sickly-sweet sound of the Qantas children's choir singing "I still call Australia home". I think the TV ad the choir appears in is fantastic, but this was just a slight overkill.

Now that the Olympics are over, TV schedules are starting to return to normal. Still no sign of season five of my beloved West Wing though. Typical Channel 9.

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