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September 9, 2004 - 8:42 PM

Hello World!

We spent last weekend in Pennsylvania visiting my in-laws again, which is particularly lovely at this time of year...when no hurricane is making its way up from Florida, that is, causing tornados like the one that caused my kids' schools to delay dismissal yesterday by half an hour! We spent a day in perfect overcast weather at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, where they had the best jousting I've seen live and a number of hilarious stage shows. They did not have macaroni-on-a-stick like the Maryland Renaissance Festival - at least, we didn't manage to find it if they did - but they did have crab cakes, which you'd think we should be able to get nearer the Chesapeake Bay. And of course we ate other healthy low-fat things like fried Oreos, frozen pina coladas and chocolate fondue.

It's hard to follow the jousting competition without attending for several weekends, since the actors seem to have a script that runs the length of the Faire. This year the theme is a competition between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I of England, and we all know how that ended (not at all well for Mary). My children wanted to know whether there would be a public beheading on the last day; they've been inside the Tower of London and seen where the scaffold was erected, so reenactments are of great interest to them

In the joust, Scotland defeated England in early competition and Her Majesty was not amused. But my kids were most amused by one of the acrobats, who stood on one of those large exercise balls (claiming for the people in the back row that it was aflame and covered with spikes) and juggled flaming torches which he had members of the audience toss to him. One woman tossed hers early and the performer said he could just imagine what it would be like that evening when she would be talking to her friends. "'What did you do at the fair?' 'Oh, I had a beer and watched some jousting. What did you do?' 'I killed a juggler! Hah!'"

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Tomorrow is the 40th birthday of actor-director Roxann Dawson, Voyager's B'Elanna Torres.

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