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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2005

Mar 31 - TV Guide Publishes First 'Demon' Photo
Magazine reveals Archer's final foe: Peter Weller, as John Paxton. Brannon Braga: 'It's big. It's what Star Trek is all about.'

Mar 30 - News Bullets
Alaimo interview, book reviews, 'Threshold' casting, UPN in Tallahassee, Nimoy attacks Alley, new Tony Todd/Tom Hardy film, and a 'Wonderfalls' movie?

Mar 30 - Pocket Releases Full 2005 Novel Schedule
Find out what you can expect from Trek fiction between June 2005 and February 2006. Plus: 'Star Trek: Titan' design contest opens.

Mar 30 - Shatner Talks Friendship With Trek Actors
James T. Kirk actor says Patrick Stewart and René Auberjonois have gotten good friends of his, offers advice to Scott Bakula. Plus: 'Invasion Iowa' reviews.

Mar 29 - Grodénchik Talks TNG, DS9, 'Insurrection' & 'Enterprise'
Rom actor reveals TNG is his favorite Trek, but praises DS9's strong group of characters. Plus: why Rom wasn't in ''The Jem'Hadar,' and Grodénchik on Enterprise's cancellation.

Mar 28 - Interview: Star Trek: Titan
Jacqueline Bundy discusses the upcoming Riker novels with authors Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin.

Mar 28 - Nana Visitor To Star In New Michael Piller Series
ABC Family gives full 13-episode order to 'Wildfire,' new drama series set to premiere with two-hour movie on the 20th of June.

Mar 28 - Shatner Pitched 'Academy' Show To Paramount
Original Series actor wanted studio to do a series based on adolescent Kirk, Spock and McCoy; is now turning 'The Academy' into two-book novel series.

Mar 27 - News Bullets
Trinneer on fan campaigns, 'Flaming Lips,' 'Invasion Iowa,' new Picardo/Spiner posters, Billingsley interview, 'Mirror' images & more!

Mar 25 - Official 'Bound' Plot Info, Guest Cast Details
Find out what you can expect from the first of the final six 'Enterprise' episodes, scheduled to air on the 15th of April.

Mar 25 - Braga Talks Science Fiction Television
'Star Trek: Enterprise' co-creator says sci-fi isn't going anywhere, praises 'Battlestar Galactica.' Plus: Braga on cancellation.

Mar 24 - UPN Releases 'Terra Prime,' Finale Plot Details
Network confirms previous spoilers and appearance by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis.

Mar 23 - The Book Padd: I.K.S. Gorkon, Book Three: Enemy Territory
Jacqueline Bundy gives the thumbs-up to the third novel in Keith R.A. DeCandido's Klingon-centered novel series.

Mar 22 - Spiner To Have Speaking, Off-Screen Role In Finale
Will the Data actor be reprising his TNG role one last time? Plus: Spiner to be a doctor in 'Treshold.'

Mar 22 - Gail Berman To Become Creative Head Of Paramount
Former co-developer of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' makes surprise departure from Fox network, will presumably oversee Trek.

Mar 22 - UK Star Trek Mag Features Berman & Burton
Geordi LaForge actor: 'I wish TNG had the opportunity to go out consciously.' Rick Berman: Trek XI to be 'huge, sweeping story.'

Mar 21 - UPN Releases First 'Bound,' 'Mirror' Footage
Network claims response to Favorite Episode poll is overwhelming, provides first view of Archer's new costume. Full trailer transcript inside!

Mar 20 - Fatjo, Moore Believe 'Enterprise' Won't Be Back
Longtime pre-production coordinator and special effects wizard say the series is gone for now.

Mar 19 - Ron Moore: 'Enterprise' Changes Came Too Late
'Battlestar Galactica' showrunner praises season-long arc, but says changing pitch in mid-stride is difficult. Plus: Paramount executive on three-year Trek hiatus.

Mar 18 - Berman Discusses 'These Are the Voyages...'
Executive producer admits that he and Braga drafted the script long before 'Enterprise' cancellation, says UPN's decision did not alter the script.

Mar 18 - Site Columns
Farewell for awhile, BBS discussions, two-year-old changes, many birthdays, new poll and more!

Mar 17 - Actors Team Up At Grand Slam
Two Roddenberrys, three 'Enterprise' stars, several original series guests and others appear at Pasadena convention.

Mar 17 - Coto, Writers Reveal Mirror Universe Backstory
Writing staff originally planned alternate universe storyline for planned Shatner appearance. Potential spoilers inside!

Mar 17 - Viacom May Split In Two
'Enterprise' studio Paramount, Star Trek novel publisher Simon & Schuster and Trek repeat network would end up with MTV arm, CBS and UPN would form separate company.

Mar 16 - Bakula and Trinneer Discuss Their Evil Twins
Archer and Tucker actors admit that it was a bit difficult but a lot of fun to play Mirror characters for upcoming duology.

Mar 16 - News Bullets
Ryan, Stewart, rallies, TrekUnited news, Sci Fi request, Mulgrew, Nimoy, gaming news, Jewish-Klingon wedding, review, caps, UPN news and more.

Mar 16 - Link: 'Desperate Housewives' Fan? Then Visit!
We launch a new fan site dedicated to the ABC hit show 'Desperate Housewives,' including daily updated news, Talk Desperate! discussion boards, and full episode and people guides!

Mar 15 - First Images of 'In a Mirror Darkly'
Cast appears in original series uniforms in published photos. Spoilers inside!

Mar 15 - Trek Actors Hit Grand Slam XIII
Nichols, Takei, McFadden, Darren and others take the stage at large fan gathering.

Mar 14 - 'First Contact' With Collector Edition of Eighth Movie
Critics praise the quality and extras of the last blockbuster Star Trek feature film.

Mar 14 - Park Thinks It's Time To Move On
Sato actress says that, like Hoshi, she is ready for challenges she wasn't getting on 'Enterprise.'

Mar 14 - Braga To Become 'Threshold' Showrunner
Former Star Trek exec is now producing an Earth-based genre series for CBS.

Mar 14 - Crew Farewells Reflect Regrets
Actors felt fourth season was very strong, but 'Enterprise' fate might have been sealed a year earlier.

Mar 13 - Enterprise Sets Might Be Shipped To Vancouver
Longtime set spy tells 'SFX' that there might be another season or another film, and comments on finale speculation. Potential spoilers!

Mar 13 - Meaney and Dorn To Return To Television
O'Brien actor to be supporting player in 'Briar & Graves'; Dorn is starring in a Sci Fi movie.

Mar 12 - News Bullets
Shatner from the 80s, 'Ex Machina' review, Siddig interview, Activision lawsuit dropped, cancellation cartoons and the singing production assistant.

Mar 12 - Bakula Says He Feels The Fans' Presence
Scott Bakula actor on how fans raised the bar for Enterprise's storytelling, Star Trek's positive outlook, and his own future.

Mar 11 - 'Vanguard' Station Crew Announced
Book series set on space station to feature a Vulcan, a Rigellian and an Orion as well as several humans.

Mar 11 - 'Voyages' Ending for 'Enterprise'
Production report confirms some details of Enterprise's final episode, keeps mum on others. Spoilers inside!

Mar 11 - Site Columns
Veronica Mars, Kirk vs. Hornblower, when Ostroff loved Enterprise, new poll and more.

Mar 10 - Billingsley Leaves With Happy Memories
Phlox actor recalls his audition process and fun with cast, but does not expect the series to return.

Mar 10 - Koenig To Play Chekov in 'Star Trek: New Voyages'
Original series actor says he's thrilled to reprise his most famous role with Fontana script.

Mar 10 - Screenwriter Jendresen Wants Less Sterile Star Trek
'Band of Brothers' scribe is working on an eleventh Trek feature film, set prior to original series.

Mar 9 - Smallwood Reflects On Trek Experiences
Xindi primate actor appears in 'Spectres' with Park and Sirtis, on DVD next month.

Mar 9 - 'Enterprise' Sets To Remain Intact For Now
One day after principal photography ends, the status of longtime Star Trek soundstages is in limbo.

Mar 8 - Titan Design Contest Details Revealed
Editor Palmieri announces contest opening on March 29th, details to be published in 'Taking Wing.'

Mar 8 - Spiner To Star In Braga's 'Threshold'
TNG actor will appear in new CBS series pilot co-produced by Trek exec.

Mar 8 - Paramount Not Shopping 'Enterprise' To Spike
A spokesperson for Spike TV has said that while the network might be interested, no discussions have begun for another season of the fifth series.

Mar 7 - 'New Voyages' Scripts To Be Penned By Trek Pros
Fan-produced web series will feature episodes by Fontana, Trevino and Calk.

Mar 7 - Blalock Calls 'Enterprise' Finale Appalling
T'Pol actress says she's happy to be auditioning, grateful to fans for rallies but ready to move on.

Mar 6 - News Bullets
Nimoy, Shatner, Mulgrew x4, Siddig, Stewart x3, Goldsmith, Fernandez, 'The 4400', Roddenberry, 'Bound', 'Trekkies 2', Sev Trek, cynicism and more.

Mar 5 - Star Trek MMORPG To Focus On Teamwork
Players may choose to be human, Vulcan or Klingon in online game expected to go live for testing next year.

Mar 4 - 'Divergence' Among Critics Of Last Week's Episode
Phlox, Klingons praised, but many reviewers find holes left in Reed plot and Archer's struggle.

Mar 4 - 'Insurrection' To Be Released In Special Edition
Ninth Star Trek feature film will include deleted scenes and many features in June DVD release.

Mar 4 - Site Columns
Bride and Prejudice, Braga on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, no rerun tonight and more!

Mar 3 - Keating, Montgomery Talk Cancellation Regrets
'Enterprise' actors and friends share jokes and anecdotes with Masterson, cite Bakula as hero.

Mar 3 - DVD News
'Enterprise' first season extra in Region 2, 'First Contact' SE features revealed.

Mar 2 - Rumours Surface Regarding 'Enterprise' Finale
Explanation for guest stars, storyline mentioned by two sources. Potential spoilers and unconfirmed allegations inside!

Mar 2 - Braga Believes Too Much Star Trek Killed 'Enterprise'
Exec producer doesn't feel there was a drop in quality, just too many episodes of the franchise in circulation.

Mar 2 - Troubled Earth Faces 'Terra Prime'
Production report details Enterprise's penultimate episode, wrapping up storyline from 'Demons'. Spoilers inside!

Mar 1 - Anonymous Donors Pledge Millions To Save Enterprise
Investors in commercial space flight cite Star Trek as inspiration for their careers.

Mar 1 - Dan Curry Speaks on 'Enterprise' Ending
18-year franchise veteran calls latest series his favourite, explains how visual and special effects differ.

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