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March 11, 2005 - 6:57 PM

Hello World!

I'm hesitant to say anything nice about UPN, given my current state of disgust with the people in charge of programming there, but I must admit that I've really been enjoying Veronica Mars. I didn't watch it at first: I'm a little past high school, which is the age of many of the protagonists, and the whole girl detective plot sounded unnervingly Nancy Drew-ish to me.

But I have to admit that the show is exceptionally well done. It's one of the few series I've ever seen that manages to balance both a season-long arc - in this case a mystery that relates to Veronica's own family and that of her best friend, whose death set in motion a chain of events that led to her father losing his job in law enforcement, her mother leaving town, and her boyfriend leaving her - with weekly serial episodes that are entertaining and easy to follow even for someone like me who wasn't around for the first many episodes and is only now catching up with the reruns.

It also has teenagers who talk more like teenagers than those on the WB, where everyone announces everything they're thinking and feeling in a way that most teenagers can't articulate so clearly, even putting aside the question of whether they'd be so honest in discussions. And the adults on the show are more well-rounded than those on a lot of shows for teens, with their own lives and secrets, even though viewers see them primarily through Veronica's eyes.

Veronica Mars is getting even lower ratings than Enterprise, so I'm worried about whether it will be back next season even though it would seem to fit in perfectly with UPN's new target demographic: young women. UPN has tried to reinvent itself so many times in the years I've been following it, and then only because it was the Star Trek network, that I shudder to think what the next incarnation of the network might be. But I really hope that if the executives decide to clean house and get rid of this season's well-reviewed but low-rated series, this one finds a new home at the WB or even CBS.

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