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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for December 2008

Dec 29 - Barrett-Roddenberry Memorial Details
Memorial service for "First Lady of Star Trek" planned for January 4th.

Dec 29 - 'Star Trek: Voyager' Actors To Appear In Russ Film
Voyager castmate and guest star accept roles in "A Night at the Bijou."

Dec 23 - 'Star Trek XI' Update From Abrams
Progress report on newest 'Star Trek' movie.

Dec 22 - 'Star Trek' Collectibles Auction For Charity
'Star Trek' Items for sale to benefit animal sanctuary.

Dec 21 - Star Trek News Bullets
'Star Trek Online' History Update, Shatner On Barrett-Roddenberry, IDW Announces Reprints, 'Fire And Blood: Part 1" Releases, Shatner's Whale Song

Dec 19 - Retro Review: Future Imperfect
Riker awakens in sickbay after a disastrous away mission to discover that he now commands the Enterprise.

Dec 18 - Quinto, Abrams, Saldana On 'Star Trek XI'
Working on 'Star Trek XI' emotional for actors, director.

Dec 18 - The 'Star Trek XI' Widget
New 'Star Trek XI' tool available for blogs and social networks.

Dec 18 - Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Passes
Wife of 'Star Trek' Creator dead at seventy-six.

Dec 16 - Abrams On Connections & Differences With Other 'Trek'
Film director says the film is strongly rooted in what has come before, but also says the franchise has never been able to look so big before.

Dec 14 - Star Trek News Bullets
Bana And Cars, Nimoy Anticipates 'Star Trek XI,

Dec 13 - Orci On Canon And Timelines
Relationship between 'Star Trek XI's' alternate timeline and original timeline explained.

Dec 12 - Retro Review: Reunion
Picard is asked by the Klingons to mediate a struggle for succession.

Dec 12 - Shatner Appears On Stern
Former Captain Kirk talks career, Takei feud.

Dec 12 - Johnson, Jones Talk 'Star Trek: Countdown'
Writers discuss comic series which bridges the gap between 'Star Trek: Nemesis' and 'Star Trek XI.'

Dec 12 - Barrett-Roddenberry Part of 'Star Trek XI'
'First Lady' of 'Star Trek' part of 'Star Trek XI'

Dec 10 - Spiner Defends Berman
'Star Trek: The Next Generation's' Data says Berman deserves better.

Dec 10 - Shatner On 'Boston Legal'
'Boston Legal's' Denny Crane reminisces. Plus: Shatner on 'Raw Nerve.'

Dec 10 - Orci Answers 'Star Trek XI' Questions
Abrams, Robau, Robot Cop, Aliens and canon.

Dec 9 - 'Star Trek: Online' Changes And Story Update
Infogrames acquires Cryptic Studios. Plus: 'Star Trek: Online' history updated.

Dec 8 - Shatner's 'Boston Legal' Ends
Five year run of 'Boston Legal' ends in two-hour finale tonight. Plus: 'Raw Nerve' garners positive review.

Dec 8 - Klingon 'Hamlet' Filming
Two 'Hamlet' scenes to be offered on Trek DVD

Dec 8 - Quinto On Trying For Spock
'Heroes' actor went after role of Spock and got guidance from Nimoy after he got it.

Dec 7 - Cho To Work With Braga?
'Star Trek XI's' new Sulu in talks to co-star in new Braga ABC project.

Dec 7 - 'Star Trek' Authors React To Simon & Schuster Layoffs
Familiar 'Star Trek' editor one of thirty-five employees axed by Simon & Schuster.

Dec 6 - Review: Star Trek : Destiny -- Book 3: Lost Souls
The first Trek book review by new reviewer Bill Williams.

Dec 6 - Shatner, Moore, Abrams, Orci On Remaking Science Fiction
What's old is new again when it comes to science fiction.

Dec 6 - Frakes On 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek: The Next Generation's' Riker upbeat about new 'Star Trek' movie.

Dec 5 - Retro Review: Legacy
Tasha Yar's mysterious sister becomes close with Data when the crew is sent on a rescue mission to her home planet.

Dec 5 - Star Trek News Bullets
Pegg Receives Honor, 'Star Trek' Editor Gets the Ax, Takei Makes Jungle Finals, New 'Star Trek' Toys, Shatner on Bertinelli, Nimoy Reassures fans

Dec 4 - Frakes On 'The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice'
Former Riker on directing his second 'Librarian' film.

Dec 4 - Rod Roddenberry Reaches Out to Disappointed Convention Fans
Son of 'Star Trek' founder does good deed for fans of cancelled convention.

Dec 1 - Shatner And 'Raw Nerve'
New talk show to debut December 2.

Dec 1 - Abrams - The Actors Make 'Star Trek XI' Work
'Star Trek XI' director on the importance of casting the right actors for 'Star Trek XI.'

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