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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2005

Sep 30 - Site Columns
Fall TV, BBS on SNW & BSG, remembering 'Enterprise' season three, new poll, birthdays and more.

Sep 30 - : Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Captain Kirk has to figure out how to go back to the future without changing the past.

Sep 29 - CGI Artists Create Original Series Calendar Art
Many former Star Trek graphic artists and designers have contributed the images for the 2006 'Ships of the Line' calendar.

Sep 29 - News Bullets
Blalock 'Lost', Stewart tonight and upcoming, Brooks this weekend, Russ, Burton, Park, Shatner, Takei, Mulgrew, fan series, screen caps, phones, DVDs, UPN, Vegas, Elite Force, fan charity.

Sep 28 - After 'Firefly' Cancellation, Whedon Seeks 'Serenity'
Big-screen version of cult series arrives in theatres this weekend; director, actors compare it to Star Trek.

Sep 28 - 'Enterprise' Third Season Arrives With a Bang
Xindi arc receives largely positive reviews, though some critics find the images less than sharp on new DVD set.

Sep 28 - 'Hidden Frontier' Has 'Vigil' With 'New Voyages' Star
New episode of fan-produced series featuring actor crossover is now available for download.

Sep 27 - Sirtis, Burton Reflect On Trek Experience
TNG actors criticise Baird's direction of 'Nemesis', fantasise about 'Rikers In Space.'

Sep 25 - News Bullets
Masterson & Whedon, Shatner x3, Nimoy, Siddig's 'Kingdom', astronauts, Norman, karaoke, 'Insurrection' and 'Nemesis', screen caps, AUs, Elite Force, 'Threshold', new cartoon.

Sep 25 - Trek Stars Speak at SFX
Park, Russ, Todd explain that conventions make them grateful to fans; also, Shatner clip on 'Tonight Show' online.

Sep 24 - UPN Sees Overall Ratings Rise; 'Threshold' Improves Numbers
'Everybody Hates Chris' scores big for former 'Enterprise' network, as does 'Top Model'; UPN's Friday night weakness may be CBS' gain.

Sep 24 - Bakula To Star in 'Shenandoah' at Historic Theatre
Civil War musical revival will open in 2006 at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC with Archer actor.

Sep 23 - Site Columns
Threshold, TWOK, third season ratings, birthday, new poll and more.

Sep 23 - : Arena
To stop a space battle, powerful aliens put Kirk into single combat against an alien captain.

Sep 22 - Sirtis Talks Last 'Voyages'
Troi actress recalls her surprise at being involved in final shots of 'Enterprise'.

Sep 22 - Aliens To Invade Las Vegas Monorail Today
Figures from Star Trek: The Experience will ride the trains and interact with riders on Strip public transportation system.

Sep 21 - Paramount Gears Up For Star Trek 40th Anniversary
2006 will see new merchandise, big convention in Las Vegas; Creation has unveiled logo.

Sep 21 - News Bullets
Shatner x4, Stewart x2, Mulgrew, Bakula, Auberjonois and all-stars, Siddig, Nimoy, Ryan, Hardy, Kline, 'Omega Glory', Sev Trek, Smackdown, complete 'Voyager', 'The Cage', 'New Voyages' and more.

Sep 20 - Will Offer Podcast For New 'Enterprise' Set
Season three arrives in Region 1 on DVD next week; advance reviews praise look and sound, are mixed on extras.

Sep 20 - 'Star Trek: S.C.E.' Book Line To Be Relaunched
eBook series title will become 'Corps of Engineers', collected print editions will be trade paperbacks beginning in fall 2006.

Sep 19 - The Book Padd: S.C.E. #54: Security
In the midst of a current crisis, Domenica Corsi must reveal her past.

Sep 19 - Blalock Comes To 'Slow Burn' In Toronto
T'Pol actress, discussing new movie for Canadian film festival, says it's a relief to play a new character.

Sep 19 - Shatner Wins Emmy Award For 'Boston Legal'
Kirk actor's triumph is his second in consecutive years; co-star Spader wins as well, Shatner performs on awards telecast.

Sep 19 - Braga Thinks Viewer Fatigue Doomed 'Enterprise'
Former executive producer is excited about the start of 'Threshold' but has no definitive conclusions about cancellation.

Sep 18 - Shatner Says Life Has Only Improved In 70s
Kirk actor is nominated for Emmy Award tonight, begins second season of 'Boston Legal' this month.

Sep 18 - Berman: No News Yet On Star Trek XI
Exec expresses regret that Coto and others were not given a fifth season of 'Enterprise', refuses to comment on Trek movie plans.

Sep 18 - Auberjonois To Return To 'The Last Unicorn'
Odo actor, a regular on 'Boston Legal', will also appear in 'Love Letters' this weekend.

Sep 18 - 'Threshold' Opens To Good Reviews, So-So Numbers
New Braga-Spiner series is called 'genuinely scary' by critics but fails to beat NBC's 'Nightline' in fast national ratings.

Sep 16 - Site Columns
'Threshold' tonight, rewatching episodes, 'Enterprise' third season, new poll and more.

Sep 16 - : The Squire of Gothos
Kirk and his crew must play 18th century games for the amusement of proto-Q Trelane.

Sep 15 - CBS To Cross 'Threshold' Tomorrow Night
New Braga-Spiner collaboration begins with mysterious naval incident, threat of alien invasion.

Sep 15 - Director Robert Wise Dies at 91
A former president of the DGA and MPAA, 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' helmer was best known for blockbuster musicals.

Sep 14 - Pocket Books To Expore Alternate Realities
Star Trek books set in Mirror Universe, divergent timelines, Rihannsu universe are on the way.

Sep 14 - News Bullets
Takei and Katrina, Stewart, Dawson, Alley, Blalock, Todd, Daniels on Shatner, Masterson, Siddig, Sev Trek, New Voyages, Stranded on Sky, books, t-shirts, convention, communicators, Christianity.

Sep 13 - Meyer To Adapt Roosevelt Book For Scorsese, DiCaprio
Star Trek director-screenwriter follows Logan in scripting a biopic for 'The Aviator' star and director.

Sep 13 - TNG Actors Appear On 'Family Guy'
Stewart, Frakes and Dorn parody their Next Gen characters; Wheaton calls episode hilarious.

Sep 12 - Braga, Spiner Talk 'Threshold' At Screening
Exec talks innovative storylines, locations; both expect no further involvement with Star Trek.

Sep 12 - Blalock To Appear on ABC's 'Lost'
T'Pol actress could be reunited with MACO actor in flashback episode.

Sep 12 - Mulgrew Draws Parallels With Hepburn
Janeway actress, who once shunned comparisons with the famous New England actress, now finds much to love in her story.

Sep 10 - 40th Anniversary Las Vegas Convention Announced
Creation will fete Star Trek at the home of the Experience in August 2006; photos posted of 2005 Vegas convention.

Sep 10 - Chris Doohan & Band To Appear On VH1 Show
Group that performed at James Doohan's farewell convention will be on 'Breaking Bonaduce' tomorrow night.

Sep 10 - Stewart To Voice Bullock in 'American Dad' Season Premiere
Picard actor plays recurring character on raunchy animated FOX series with season premiere Sunday.

Sep 9 - Site Columns
RenFaire, BBS chat, 'Enterprise' season three premiere, lots of birthdays and more.

Sep 9 - : The Galileo Seven
Spock's first command finds an away team stranded with little hope of returning to the Enterprise.

Sep 8 - TNG Producer and Ferengi Writer Herb Wright Dies
Longtime associate of Gene Roddenberry was planning to revive 'Questor' for television.

Sep 8 - News Bullets
Shatner, Siddig, Doohan, Stewart, Nimoy, Manley, Brooks, Forbes, Peters, Ryan, Braga, Moore, polls, Hurricane Katrina, DVD and book reviews, Trek anniversary and more.

Sep 7 - Orion Actress Says Makeup Helped Build Character
Dancer Fortunato was happy to be 'Bound' to other actresses, Star Trek crew.

Sep 7 - 'Enterprise' Actors Line Up Roles
Keating to play animated character, Park has a film and then a play, Billingsley will be on TV episode.

Sep 7 - The Book Padd: Death In Winter
Picard and Crusher attempt to find resolution to their lengthy, rocky relationship.

Sep 6 - DS9 Actors, Clubs Unite For Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser
Group of performers and their web sites host charity auction; meanwhile DS9 writers' new pilot may be delayed.

Sep 6 - Shatner To Sing At Emmy Awards
A recent grandfather for the fifth time, the actor also remembers TOS singer on his web site.

Sep 6 - Mulgrew Speaks On Children, Theatre and Plans
Janeway actress says she would like to slow down her career a bit and focus more on charity, writing, loved ones.

Sep 5 - Braga Feels Funny To Be Back At Paramount
Says 'Threshold' filming is familiar territory but writing scary show is something new.

Sep 5 - Vegas Convention Saw Comedy, Fan Club Revival
Nemecek promises return of 'Communicator' in a month or so; guests discuss legacy, hope for Trek future.

Sep 5 - Billingsley Says He's In an Uncertain Business
Phlox actor was glad to be cast on 'Enterprise' after pilot season, relieved not to be cancelled after third season.

Sep 3 - Linlithgow Goes Forward With Scotty Tribute
Scottish town has hired a consultant to plan memorial, but not all councillors are thrilled with the idea.

Sep 3 - The Book Padd: Fables of the Prime Directive
A new novel takes a hard look at the ideology of the Federation's most sacred law.

Sep 2 - Site Columns
New Orleans, sad days as science fiction fans, gearing up for Season Three, new poll.

Sep 2 - : Shore Leave
The planet looks too good to be true...and it turns out that it is!

Sep 1 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' in syndication, actor birthdays, Beltran's 'Comet', Fletcher's 'Image', Mulgrew's 'Tea', Braga's 'Threshold', book interviews, Stewart, Risa, Sev Trek, CCG, spoof, literary Trek and more.

Sep 1 - Ordover To Launch New SF Imprint For Phobos
Former Pocket Books editor has several familiar names from Star Trek fiction in his upcoming releases.

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