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An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for October 2008

Oct 31 - Retro Review: Family
While the Enterprise is repaired at Earth's spacedock, Picard stays with his older brother and Worf's parents arrive to visit him.

Oct 31 - More 'Star Trek Online' Answers
Player questions are answered by "Star Trek Online" development team.

Oct 31 - Vulcan-like Planet May Really Exist
Epsilon Eridani appears to be home to several planets.

Oct 31 - Pine On Kirk And 'Star Trek XI'
Kirk the "Everyman," "Star Trek XI," fan reaction.

Oct 28 - New 'Star Trek XI' Pictures
More Spock, Kirk and other crewmember pictures released today.

Oct 28 - Carnegie-Mellon Helped Shape Quinto
Class of 1999 graduate co-hosts Homecoming, shares memories of his college days.

Oct 28 - Shatner-Takei Grudge Match Take Whatever
Shatner takes another jab, and "faux Nimoy" tells it like it is.

Oct 26 - Smith: 'Star Trek XI' Highlight Of Trek Film Series
Sneak preview garners positive reaction from 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' writer/director.

Oct 26 - Goldberg To Be Guest Speaker At Awards Luncheon
Former Guinan to speak at luncheon honoring community volunteers.

Oct 26 - More 'Star Trek Online" MMORPG Details
Money, Ship classes, Combat, Time Travel.

Oct 25 - Pine On Prepping To Be Kirk
The burden of taking on a famous science-fiction character.

Oct 24 - Retro Review: The Best of Both Worlds, Part Two
Riker tries to find a way to save both the ship and the human race when the Borg try use the captain to assimilate Earth.

Oct 24 - Greenwood On Pike And 'Star Trek XI'
Secrecy, work with Pine and preparing to play Pike.

Oct 24 - And Takei Fires Back!
Former Sulu's response to Shatner's recent video attack.

Oct 24 - Fuller Wants To Create 'Star Trek' Television Series
Former 'Star Trek: Voyager' producer on bringing the fun back to 'Star Trek.'

Oct 22 - Shatner Calls Takei 'Sick'
Shatner's response to Takei wedding snub.

Oct 22 - Gerrold on 'Blood And Fire'
'The Trouble With Tribbles' author discusses working on the 'Star Trek Phase II: Blood and Fire' episode.

Oct 20 - 'Star Trek XI' Prequel Comics
First details on 'Star Trek XI' prequel comic books series announced.

Oct 20 - Smith And Grunberg On 'Star Trek XI'
Word from some who have seen or may have appeared in 'Star Trek XI.' Plus: 'Star Trek XI' set photos.

Oct 18 - Retro Review: The Best of Both Worlds, Part One
When the Borg set course for Earth, Riker must work with ambitious Commander Shelby to come up with a plan to combat them.

Oct 17 - Quinto On Nimoy And Spock
Friendship with Nimoy and how Quinto approached playing Spock.

Oct 17 - More 'Star Trek XI' Photos
Crew, Romulan baddie and the USS Kelvin

Oct 17 - Kurtzman And Orci On 'Star Trek XI'
Spock's background and 'Star Trek' canon.

Oct 16 - Star Trek: The Experience Finds A New Home?
Talks under way to revive Star Trek: The Experience

Oct 16 - More 'Star Trek XI' Plot Details
Nero, USS Kelvin, Kirk and Spock, Nimoy and trailer release date.

Oct 16 - Nichols In 'Tru Loved'
Former Uhura to play grandmother of athlete.

Oct 16 - 'Star Trek XI' Promotion Revving Up
Movie length, marketing and possible 'Star Trek XI' sneak peak by Pegg friend.

Oct 16 - New 'Star Trek XI' Pictures!
Bridge crew, Romulan Nero, USS Kelvin and several other 'Star Trek XI' photos.

Oct 15 - Abrams On Shatner And 'Star Trek XI'
Setting the story straight on Shatner's participation in 'Star Trek XI.'

Oct 14 - Quinto On Playing Spock
Taking on a character with a long backstory. Plus: Abrams on why he selected 'Star Trek XI' as a project.

Oct 12 - Rossi On Remastered 'Star Trek'
Remastered Trek, fan reaction, future Remastered Trek projects.

Oct 11 - New 'Star Trek XI' Trailer Coming Soon
Trailer with film footage to appear next month.

Oct 11 - Kurtzman On 'Star Trek' For Modern Audiences
Care and talent should make 'Star Trek XI' appealing to today's fans.

Oct 11 - Star Trek News Bullets
Pegg Book Deal, 'Star Trek Online,' Bana in Movie Talks, Spanish 'Star Trek' screening rumor, Final Hallmark Ornament Released.

Oct 10 - Retro Review: Transfigurations
The Enterprise rescues a mysterious amnesiac alien who has a seemingly miraculous ability to heal.

Oct 9 - Quinto Grateful For Spock Role
From Spock to Sylar, Quinto enjoys playing rich, complex characters.

Oct 5 - Stewart 'Doctor Who' Role?
Former Captain Picard to turn Time Lord?

Oct 5 - Tim Russ On Tuvok And 'Star Trek: Voyager'
Russ's time on 'Star Trek: Voyager,' love of music.

Oct 5 - Pegg On Visiting the U.S. And 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek XI's' young Scotty on being a foreigner in the U.S., Scotty and J.J. Abrams

Oct 3 - Retro Review: Menage a Troi
When Deanna and Lwaxana Troi are kidnapped by a Ferengi, only Picard's love can save them!

Oct 3 - Boy's 'Star Trek' Dream To Come True
Generous people to give time and money to fulfill handicapped boy's dream.

Oct 3 - Kurtzman And Orci Drop New 'Star Trek XI' Hints
'Star Trek XI' is about beginnings and filling in the blank spaces.

Oct 1 - Picardo Answers Fan Questions
The former EMH on working with Andy Dick, 'Star Trek: The Experience,' The EMH, Woolsey and his most difficult character.

Oct 1 - Star Trek Writer Oliver Crawford Passes
Writer of several 'Star Trek' episodes dead at 91.

Oct 1 - Why Pegg Took On The Role Of Scotty
Motive for accepting the role and how Pegg approached playing Scotty.

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