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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for October 2007

Oct 31 - Lucas May Not Be Pike; Spock's Parents To Be In Film
With the start of filming only a week away, there are still several major roles in the new 'Star Trek' film that haven't been cast.

Oct 31 - Fox To Remake Simon Pegg's 'Spaced'
Americans may get to see their own version of the sitcom that launched the career of Trek's new Scotty, but original 'Spaced' co-creator is angry he and Pegg were never contacted.

Oct 31 - Quinto Joins Ranks Of Big-Name Actors
Newfound stardom causes young Spock actor to leave his old talent agency for Hollywood powerhouse UTA. Plus: Abrams initally wasn't convinced Quinto was right for Spock role.

Oct 31 - Jerome Bixby's 'Man From Earth' Arrives On DVD
Last film written by 'Mirror, Mirror' scribe Bixby stars Enterprise's John Billingsley and frequent Trek guest star Tony Todd.

Oct 30 - Gerrold's 'Martian Child' Arrives on the Big Screen
Though gay protagonist modeled on the author has been changed into a straight widower, themes of feeling other-worldly remain.

Oct 29 - Cho Looks Forward To Learning From Fellow Performers
Though not ready to discuss being cast as Sulu, the actor is proud of 'Harold & Kumar' role.

Oct 28 - Nichols Wants Characters To Be 'Heroes' To Actresses
At a press conference with onscreen granddaughter Davis, Uhura actress says she hopes to meet her successor.

Oct 27 - Shatner: Still the Captain, But Still Not in 'Star Trek'
Kirk actor will be given an award by Patrick Stewart, has new DVD on the way, but remains disappointed in the new movie's producers.

Oct 27 - Captain Pike May Be A Big Name in 'Star Trek'
Actor Josh Lucas is reportedly in line to play Spock's first captain in a film said to be Spock-centric.

Oct 26 - Site Columns
A farewell, Shatner on the BBS, Takei comes out two years ago, new movie poll, birthdays.

Oct 26 - Retro Review: The Outrageous Okona
The Enterprise hosts a witty renegade captain, and Data tries to gain a sense of humor.

Oct 25 - 'The Menagerie' To Be Shown At Theatres In Europe
Two-part original series episode will be screened in high definition as part of celebration for DVD set release.

Oct 25 - Clark Says No 23rd Century In Upcoming Pocket Books
Novels will focus on the post-'Nemesis' era, Picard and the Borg; also, Kirk's Academy novel fails to impress one reviewer.

Oct 25 - Quinto Says Entire Original Series Cast Is Supportive
Pleased to be working with Cho and Pegg, he appreciates having Nimoy on the set. Also: No Keri Russell cameo.

Oct 24 - FedCon To Host US Convention in 2008
Dallas-Fort Worth area will be setting for the first convention from German organizer partnered with TrekUnited founder.

Oct 23 - Shatner, Takei, Cruise Speak About 'Star Trek'
On video, in London and at Scream Awards, past and present Trek actors and one major star comment on latest stories.

Oct 23 - Stewart To Bring Award-Winning 'Macbeth' To US
Chichester Festival Shakespeare production, now in London, will arrive in Brooklyn in early 2008.

Oct 22 - Nichols, Takei, Koenig Talk Trek at Scream Awards
Spike TV hosts ceremony at which original series members reflect on their successors and other projects.

Oct 22 - Nimoy Talks Photography, Return To Film
In his home state to display his latest artwork, the actor reflects on body image expectations and aging in character.

Oct 21 - Park's 'Women's Murder Club' Scores Big Its First Week
New series has received some mixed reviews but won its time slot against acclaimed NBC, new CBS shows.

Oct 21 - Takei Calls NASA 'The Real McCoy'
Celebrating spaceflight on National Coming Out Day, Sulu actor demands progress on gay rights as well as scientific exploration.

Oct 20 - Second Screening Night Added For 'The Menagerie'
Original series episode will be shown in high definition format at movie theatres in North America next month.

Oct 20 - Shatner: I Haven't Been Offered 'Star Trek' Role
The actor claims that he has not been approached, but would be happy to explain why he should have been.

Oct 19 - Retro Review: Elementary, Dear Data
When Data plays Sherlock Holmes, the holodeck creates a sentient Moriarty.

Oct 18 - Urban, Pine Sign for Trek XI; Shatner Not (Yet) On Board
Latest confirmations and rumours: illustrator Eaves is working on film, USS Enterprise will remain recognisable.

Oct 18 - Season Two Original Series HD-DVD Expected in Spring
With season one arriving next month, industry gossip predicts a March-April release date for the second set of TOS high-def.

Oct 17 - Shatner To Return As Kirk? Urban Signed as McCoy?
AICN claims the original Kirk actor will appear in upcoming movie; LOTR star said to be committed as the Enterprise's doctor.

Oct 16 - Nimoy Returned To Star Trek For Abrams
Spock actor considers himself a full-time photographer, says that Judaism informs both his photography and Vulcan hand gestures.

Oct 16 - Quinto Thought About Quitting Showbiz Before Sylar, Spock
Ready to begin filming 'Star Trek', the actor says he had been fitted for his Vulcan ears.

Oct 15 - Russ' And McNeill's 'Samantha Who' To Premiere Tonight
Tom Paris actor directs new ABC sitcom about a woman with amnesia who finds a friend in her doorman -- played by Voyager's Tuvok.

Oct 15 - Chris Pine Drops Out Of 'White Jazz' For Kirk Role
Director Joe Carnahan says his crime film lost its star today to the new 'Star Trek' film.

Oct 14 - Trek Actors and Hopefuls Congratulate Those Newly Cast
Quinto is hopeful that Pine will play Kirk; Takei is pleased with Cho as his successor; potential Scottys praise Pegg.

Oct 14 - Urban Reportedly In Talks To Play McCoy
At one time rumoured to be in line to appear as villain in 'Star Trek', Kiwi actor may have scheduling issues.

Oct 12 - 'Star Trek' To Have $150 Million Plus Price Tag
Source tells Moviehole that Abrams has convinced Paramount to allow him largest budget of any Star Trek film.

Oct 12 - Retro Review: Where Silence Has Lease
The ship is trapped by a being who wishes to understand death by observing the crew dying in as many ways as possible.

Oct 12 - Paramount Finds New Scotty & Sulu
British comedian Simon Pegg to play Montgomery Scott; Korean-born John Cho signs on for Hikaru Sulu role.

Oct 11 - Perpetual Shuts Down Rome Game In Favor of Star Trek
'Star Trek Online' developer plans to move artists over to science fiction project from fantasy game now on indefinite hold.

Oct 11 - Brooks Will Play 'Tamburlaine' in Washington
Sisko actor returns to the Shakespeare Theatre to appear in Marlowe's drama.

Oct 10 - Eric Bana Cast As Bad Guy Nero In New 'Trek' Film
Forget Russel Crowe, forget Karl Urban -- J.J. Abrams casts 'Hulk' and 'Troy' actor as his main villain.

Oct 10 - Chris Pine In Talks To Play James T. Kirk
27-year old actor is still relatively unknown, but 'Star Trek XI' and a rumored possible role opposite George Clooney may make him a star.

Oct 10 - Scott Bakula Finds 'Quality Of Life' On The Stage
Former 'Enterprise' actor says TV is much harder to get into these days, but is happy with new play, running through November in Los Angeles.

Oct 9 - Lifelong Trek Fan Orci Talks Respecting Canon
Trek XI screenwriter admits he's seen pretty much all Star Trek ever produced, hopes to incorporate a lot of the franchise's background details in the film.

Oct 9 - 'The Menagerie' To Screen In Theatres November 13
Remastered Original Series two-parter will be shown in nearly 300 cinemas around the country to promote the release of the Star Trek HD-DVD box set.

Oct 5 - Retro Review: The Child
Deanna Troi finds herself unexpectedly pregnant while the ship's storage compartments are carrying a deadly plague.

Oct 4 - Abrams, Kurtzman & Orci Have New Projects Underway
'Star Trek' writers will work on sequel to 'Transformers' smash hit; Abrams has had a TV show picked up by ABC.

Oct 4 - Stewart Can't Be Superstitious About 'Macbeth'
Having earned rave reviews in current production, the Picard actor is delighted to meet Trek fans coming to love Shakespeare.

Oct 3 - Takei Has Asteroid Named in His Honour
Following in the footsteps of Roddenberry and Nichols, actor states appreciation for the tribute.

Oct 2 - Quinto On Yelchin, Saldana, Nimoy and Abrams
New Spock actor has known Uhura actress for many years, compares Yelchin to 'Heroes' co-star.

Oct 2 - Nichols Offers A Hero's Advice To Saldana
Uhura actress would like to speak to her successor, but is busy with a new film and the secrets of her TV role.

Oct 1 - TNG Stars, Fans Enjoy DragonCon
Frakes, Spiner, McFadden talk Abrams, 'Nemesis', 'These Are the Voyages...' and more.

Oct 1 - Picardo Will Return To 'Stargate Atlantis'
Actor also has several movies in the works, will guest star on 'CSI: NY' and new ABC series.

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