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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2006

Nov 30 - Mulgrew on Women, War and What Comes Next
In New Jersey for a convention, the Janeway actress discussed her memoirs, an upcoming series and play, and how happy she was on election night.

Nov 30 - Bennett Reflects on Treks II-XI
The writer/producer of five original series films does not expect a Starfleet Academy film, because the concept was his first.

Nov 28 - Frakes Keeps Faith With Star Trek Fans
Riker actor calls conventions 'a blast', thinks a prequel is a fine idea for the next film so long as it's faithful to the original series.

Nov 28 - Abrams Happy To Have Shatner-Nimoy Input
Though still mum on the storyline of 'Star Trek XI', producer appreciates original stars' interest.

Nov 22 - Hower's '10 Items Or Less' To Premiere Next Week
Ensign Wildman actress has written and directed a new comedy for TBS.

Nov 22 - Behind the Scenes at CBS Digital, Where Trek Is Remastered
Production crew talks new Enterprise, opening credits, staff enthusiasm for original Star Trek.

Nov 21 - It's A Wrap! To Auction More Star Trek Costumes, Props
Using eBay and retail stores as well as own web site, the wardrobe sales business will make available outfits and weapons from all five Trek shows.

Nov 21 - Review: Star Trek: The Animated Series
The complete animated series comes to DVD, complete with commentaries, features, the first holodeck and the return of the Tribbles.

Nov 20 - Moore To Take On 'The Thing From Another World'
'Battlestar Galactica' reinventor will tackle another cult favourite based on a classic horror scenario.

Nov 20 - Interview: George Takei
The Sulu actor discusses the animated series, election night and his hopes for a part in 'Star Trek XI'.

Nov 18 - Takei To Join NBC's 'Heroes'
Sulu actor will play the father of Hiro Nakamura on the hit NBC sci-fi series.

Nov 17 - : Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches had bellies with stars, but the Plain-Belly Sneetches had none upon thars.

Nov 17 - Site Columns
Penguins, PS3 nightmare stories, two-year-old 'Enterprise' news, new poll, four birthdays and more.

Nov 16 - News Bullets
Shatner x2, Koenig, Nichols, Braga, Russ, Nimoy, Justice League alumni, 'Of Gods and Men', Mulgrew, de Lancie, comics, game shipments & news, Trek Life, 'DS9' celebrated, conservatives and SF, rare photos, auctions, pumpkins.

Nov 15 - Takei Has 'World Enough and Time' For Fan Films
Sulu actor, producers and writers talk about the future of Star Trek in Internet downloads.

Nov 15 - Visitor Gets Religion in 'Babysitter Wanted'
DS9's Kira has a new role as the deeply religious mother of a college student with a wacky part-time job.

Nov 14 - Mulgrew To Star in World Stage Premiere of New Play
'Voyager' actress will play the title role in 'Our Leading Lady', a Civil War-era drama about Ford's Theatre the night of Lincoln's shooting.

Nov 14 - Shatner Game Show To Debut Tonight
Kirk actor also confirms that he has spoken with Abrams about a 'Trek XI' appearance, discusses 'Boston Legal' sweeps plans.

Nov 14 - Seeks Fan Collective Suggestions
Vote in surveys for DVD sets on the captains, alternate realities, and enter to win the complete Animated Series!

Nov 14 - The Book Padd: Star Trek: Ships of the Line
The iconic starships and space stations of Star Trek from early warp vessels to the Enterprise-J.

Nov 12 - Bennett on Jewish Roots and Trek Transformation
The producer of 'A Woman Called Golda' found Star Trek on TV boring, but that admission left him in good stead to revamp the films.

Nov 12 - Keating To Take On 'Species'
Malcolm Reed actor will join popular horror franchise in a direct-to-DVD sequel due next year.

Nov 11 - The Book Padd: Mere Anarchy, Book 1: Things Fall Apart
The beginning of a story spanning 30 years, set in the original series era, reflects what happens when one's best isn't enough.

Nov 11 - Ryan Looks Forward to Wedding, Wants Another Child
Riding high on the success of 'Shark', the Seven of Nine actress also co-owns a successful restaurant with fiance.

Nov 10 - Site Columns
Long lovely autumn, explaining 'shipping on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll and birthdays.

Nov 10 - : Whom Gods Destroy
A shape-shifting former Starfleet captain plans to take Kirk's ship by impersonating him.

Nov 8 - Shatner Reflects on Jewish Youth, Hope for Peace in Israel
At a book fair that reminds him of his Bar Mitzvah, the actor talks about bringing his riding program to the children of the Middle East.

Nov 8 - Holodeck-Type Technology to Help Speech Therapists
Virtual reality is being used to allow patients to practice real-world interactions at Case Western.

Nov 8 - TV Land Streams Star Trek Episodes Online
To celebrate the arrival of the show on the nostalgic network, has new chats, interviews and popular episodes available for viewing.

Nov 6 - Shatner Still Thinks of Kirk as Part of Himself
Though the actor jokes that the role can't be recast, he says he no longer watches original series episodes.

Nov 6 - Abrams Talks Kirk/Spock. Hedges on Directing
'Trek XI' producer won't decide whether to helm the upcoming film until he sees a script, expects filming to start in spring.

Nov 3 - : Elaan of Troyius
While transporting a warrior leader to her wedding, Kirk comes into contact with her tears, which make men fall in love with her.

Nov 2 - Nichols Never Expected Resolution for Uhura
Philosophical about show business, the Uhura actress was surprised by Star Trek's success and looked for ways to move forward.

Nov 2 - Ryan Plans for More 'Shark', Upcoming Wedding
With her acting career and her restaurant thriving, Seven of Nine can laugh about American male shortcomings.

Nov 1 - Sirtis Hopes To Appear on BSG and Play Callas
The Deanna Troi actress is working on a screenplay with co-star Dorn but thinks Shatner should be friendlier to fans.

Nov 1 - Shatner Gambles on New Game Show, Charity Work
In addition to his regular role on 'Boston Legal', the actor is attending festivals, helping children and getting a new hosting gig.

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