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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2008

May 31 - Shatner Talks Trek And Marriage
The popularity of 'Star Trek' was unexpected for the former Captain Kirk.

May 30 - 'Star Trek XI' Spy Photos
More Starfleet Academy shots including possible reaction to a crash.

May 30 - More Mojo Magic
Renders created for 'Star Trek: The Magazine' uploaded to artist's blog.

May 30 - 'Star Trek' DVD Fan Collective Set
New 'Fan Collective' DVD set to be released in September.

May 30 - Wheaton On 'Star Trek'
Appearing in 'Star Trek XI' would have been good for Wheaton, as long as he could have played a new character.

May 30 - Retro Review: The High Ground
Crusher is abducted by a group of terrorists who are desperate for a cure for the side effects of their main weapon.

May 29 - 'Star Trek XI' Honors Original Star Trek Says Quinto
Quinto on 'Star Trek XI' and a behavioral change that is a result of playing Spock.

May 29 - Alexander Courage Passes
Emmy-winning composer dead at the age of eighty-eight.

May 29 - Shatner On His 1992 MTV Movie Awards Performance
The reason behind his odd performance at the 1992 MTV Movie Awards ceremony is explained.

May 29 - Meaney In British Football Film
Former Chief O'Brien to play football manager. Plus: Meaney on Trek.

May 28 - 'Star Trek XI' Ship Details
Four ships are described upon which much of the 'Star Trek XI' action will take place.

May 27 - Auberjonois In 'The Imaginary Invalid'
Former Odo of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' to star in MoliŤre play.

May 27 - More Shatner Stories
Shatner sets the record straight on some misconceptions, reveals a bit about his childhood and talks 'Star Trek'.

May 27 - Montgomery Finishes Debut Album
Enterprise's Travis Mayweather turns his talents to Hip-Hop

May 27 - Pevney Passes
Film and television director dead at the age of ninety-six.

May 25 - Byron in 'Star Trek XI'
Daytime drama star to appear in newest 'Star Trek' movie.

May 24 - Urban on McCoy and 'Star Trek XI'
Working on the 'Star Trek XI' set proves to be an enjoyable experience for the new Doctor McCoy.

May 24 - Stewart on MacBeth
MacBeth and how an evil person can negatively influence a weak one.

May 23 - Shatner on Shatner
Former Captain Kirk remembers the past and discusses his failings.

May 23 - Retro Review: The Hunted
A solder who has been medically altered to be the perfect killer threatens the Enterprise crew.

May 23 - 'Star Trek The Tour' To Tour Again
Tour held up for months due to a financial squabble is finally released.

May 23 - Star Trek: Of Gods And Men: Part III
Final installment of fan film to release in mid-June.

May 23 - Saldana On 'Star Trek XI'
Short skirts, Spock and 'Star Trek'

May 23 - Picardo on 'Stargate' and Richard Woolsey
Working on both 'Stargate' series has been enjoyable for the former 'Star Trek:Voyager' EMH.

May 23 - Ron Moore's 'Virtuality'
New Fox pilot deals with a crew coping with extended space travel.

May 21 - Original Series Season Two Remastered DVD Art
CBS/Paramount releases two new pictures of the packaging for 'Star Trek' Remastered Season Two DVD set.

May 21 - Picardo In 'Sensored'
Former EMH takes on a darker role in horror movie.

May 19 - 'Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes'
New Starship Farragut adventures to appear in animated format later this year.

May 18 - Stewart Appearance On 'The View'
'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'X-Men' and Sir Laurence Olivier.

May 18 - Meaney In 'Life On Mars'
American version of British time-travel cop show due to air in fall of 2008. Plus: Meaney in 'Ironclad'.

May 18 - Takei On Recent California Marriage Decision
Former Sulu overjoyed that barrier to full marriage rights has tumbled. Plus: Takei blogs his 'Secret Talents of the Stars' experience.

May 17 - Shatner On The Future
The former Captain Kirk talks world events, politics and his personal tragedy.

May 17 - Star Trek XI News Bullets
Yelchin on Romulans, Bald Romulans and drilling rigs, Orci on 'Star Trek XI', Abrams on Nimoy

May 16 - Retro Review: The Defector
A Romulan determined to bring about peace between his empire and the Federation leads the crew into a dangerous showdown.

May 16 - Shatner On The Past And Being Remembered
More show appearances and interviews from the former Captain Kirk.

May 15 - Bakula Filming 'The Informant'
Filming has the locals abuzz and eager for actor sightings.

May 14 - Pegg Says 'Star Trek XI' Should Not Be A Parody
Playing Scotty means doing his own take on the character, not trying to imitate James Doohan.

May 14 - Stewart Nominated For Tony Award
Former Captain Picard up for award for his role in MacBeth.

May 14 - Mojo on 'Starship Spotter'
'Starship Spotter' co-author shares new starship images and discusses reaction to 'Starship Spotter'.

May 14 - British Judicial Robes In A 'Star Trek' Makeover
New robes for British judges are reminiscent of 'Star Trek' costumes.

May 14 - Shatner on Conan
Dislike of his fellow cast members towards him is still a mystery to the former Captain Kirk.

May 12 - New 'Star Trek: Odyssey' Episode Released
A kidnapping, a traitor and a fragile alliance make for drama in the newest 'Odyssey" episode.

May 12 - Shatner And Nimoy Weren't Always Best Buddies
Shatner's new autobiography describes both his 'Star Trek' working life and details of his personal life.

May 12 - 'Star Trek XI' Not Just A Prequel
'Star Trek XI' covers more than the earliest days of Kirk and Spock.

May 9 - Retro Review: The Vengeance Factor
An assassin plagues the Enterprise crew's attempt to reconcile two factions of an alien race.

May 9 - Back To The Basics For Stewart
Former Captain Picard on 'Star Trek' and its influence on him. Plus: Stewart nominated for several awards.

May 9 - Wheaton On 'Reinventing Star Trek'
'Star Trek' actor and fan on expectations for 'Star Trek XI'

May 6 - Quinto On The Impact Of Playing Spock
In addition to his work on 'Heroes', Quinto is well-prepared for his role as the popular Vulcan.

May 6 - 'Star Trek: The Next Generation" To Appear On Sci-Fi Channel
The Sci-Fi channel is the third cable channel to acquire the rights to 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

May 5 - 'Star Trek' Technology On The Way - Part II
Instant communication device makes life easier for health professionals and patient families alike.

May 5 - 'Star Trek' Technology Is On The Way
Universal Translator of 'Star Trek' is under development today.

May 4 - 'Star Trek: The Experience' To End?
2008 may be the last year for the Las Vegas Hilton based 'Star Trek' attraction.

May 2 - Retro Review: The Price
When a group of delegates gathers to bid on the rights to a stable wormhole, Troi falls for one of the Federation's competitors.

May 2 - Shades Of A 'Star Trek' Tricorder
New handheld medical scanners similar to the tricorder of 'Star Trek'

May 2 - Takei On Casting Cho
Sulu character meant to represent Asia according to George Takei.

May 2 - 'Star Wars' Fan Abrams On Making New 'Star Trek'
Abrams on improving 'Star Trek'. Plus: Harrison Ford visits 'Star Trek XI' set.

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