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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2007

May 31 - Behr Thinks Star Trek Played Things Too Safe
DS9 writer-producer, now working on 'The 4400', thinks 'Star Trek XI' prequel idea may be more of the same.

May 31 - 'Communicator Badges' Improve Hospital Care
Devices that resemble Next Generation comm props allow medical staff to speak securely and quickly hands-free.

May 30 - Dorn, Sirtis Pursue 'The Deep Below'
TNG actors play a criminal and companion of one of his victims in new DVD release.

May 29 - Arenberg Follows Ferengi Profits With 'Pirates'
An alumni of all four second-generation Star Trek series, the actor now has action figures with cutlasses.

May 29 - Siddig Finds Himself in 'Un Homme Perdu'
At Cannes, the actor speaks about his role and relationship with fellow actors in terms of East-West relations.

May 29 - Blalock's 'Shadow Puppets' To Get California Release
Though scheduled for DVD release in two months, horror film with genre stars will play in Beverly Hills theatre.

May 25 - Retro Review: Datalore
When the crew discovers a prototype for Data, the lookalike android first attempts to take over the ship.

May 24 - Trek Stuntwoman Makes Jump To 'New Voyages'
After years of being bumped around on television, she is stunt coordinator for the internet series.

May 24 - NASA To Search For Spock
Jet Propulsion Laboratory plans to investigate the 40 Eridani system for a possible Earth-mass planet.

May 23 - Coming Soon, A Medical Tricorder?
University of California doctors are experimenting with devices that will allow cancer scans without invasive biopsies.

May 23 - New Trek Movie Expected To Rejuvenate 'Bankable Brand'
Studio hopes to turn put a new spin on franchise considered 'a tad tired'; Gosling, Oka among latest names dropped on casting wish lists.

May 23 - Trek Alumni Get Fall TV Slots
In addition to current regulars, Star Trek actors and producers join the network lineups for the next season.

May 21 - Data Inducted into Robot Hall of Fame
Star Trek android joins real and fictional robotic breakthroughs at Carnegie Mellon.

May 21 - Russ: 'Of Gods and Men' Is Not a Fan Film
Tuvok actor and movie director says that the film will be licensed through CBS and sold on DVD or via download.

May 21 - Stewart Doesn't Fear Starring In The Scottish Play
However, the Picard actor was terrified of dying in an accident on American soil and dying outside of England, which he always considered home.

May 18 - Site Columns
Fall TV conflicts, DVD woes on the BBS, Trek two years ago, 'Heroes' poll, lots of birthdays.

May 18 - Retro Review: The Big Goodbye
The holodeck malfunctions, trapping Picard and other crewmembers in 1940's San Francisco.

May 17 - Tim Russ Series 'Sam I Am' Picked Up By ABC
Tuvok actor appears in comedy pilot directed by 'Voyager' actor McNeill; also, Shatner's 'Boston Legal' may switch slots.

May 17 - 'Voyager' Flat Sells For £425,000
The fan who converted his living space into a replica of the Star Trek ship has sold it on eBay for five times its expected value.

May 16 - Takei Is Fascinated By 'Heroes' and Villains
Sulu actor has enjoyed watching the Star Trek franchise continue to grow, but is glad to be on a show successful in first-run TV.

May 15 - Doohan's Ashes Will Be Recovered This Week, Weather Permitting
Scotty actor's widow has issued a statement saying that he would approve of the adventure and be happy to contribute to spaceflight development.

May 15 - Nicholas Worth, Chaotica's Henchman, Dies At 69
Beefy actor often appeared in genre and horror roles and as villains in mainstream films.

May 15 - Singer Thinks Abrams Is a Great Choice for Trek Franchise
Though a fan himself, the 'X-Men' and 'Superman Returns' director has never been able to commit to Star Trek.

May 11 - Site Columns
Fannish hopes, impending war on the BBS, 'Enterprise' farewell three years ago, new Klingon poll.

May 11 - Retro Review: Haven
When Deanna Troi's mother arrives to fulfill the terms of an arranged marriage, the bride and groom must decide where their true destinies lie.

May 10 - Felicity the Klingon?
Abrams says he'd love to see Keri Russell in 'Star Trek XI', though the actress is less enthusiastic. Also: no developments on possible Shatner/Nimoy appearances.

May 9 - Rudimentary Replicators Coming Home Soon
3-D printers, previously available only for large sums of money, are being designed for the private consumer market.

May 9 - Bakula Happy To Have 'No Strings' in Theatre Career
Though interested in a return to New York, the 'Enterprise' star doesn't want to uproot his family from L.A.

May 8 - Mulgrew On 'Leading Lady', Alzheimer's Awareness
Janeway actress finds Keene's journey a parallel to other performers.

May 8 - Roy Jenson Dies at 80
Actor played Cloud William, Speaker of the Holy Words of the E Plebnista.

May 8 - Koenig Hopes Future Chekov Will Play Larger Role
Acknowledging that he owes his role as much to Davy Jones as US-Soviet ties, the actor says Star Trek aimed primarily to entertain.

May 7 - Doohan's Remains Returned, But Not Recovered
The payload of the rocket that took ashes into space remains missing in New Mexico mountains.

May 7 - Shatner Prepares For Life as a Young Gun
Actor will participate in ABC show's reality race series, competing against other celebrities.

May 7 - Okudas, Rossi Reveal Remastered Trek Effects
Team has had to make tough decisions about which shots need updating, based on time and budget constraints.

May 4 - Site Columns
Tra-la it's May, BBS chatter, 'Enterprise' controversy two years ago, summer sequel poll, three birthdays.

May 4 - Retro Review: Hide and Q
When Q offers Riker powers equivalent to his own. Riker grants everyone what he thinks are their dearest wishes.

May 3 - Takei Thinks 'New Voyages' Actor Could Play Sulu Professionally
Now appearing on 'Heroes', the actor reflects on his Japanese heritage and roasting Shatner.

May 3 - Siddig Believes Arab Stereotypes Are Diminishing
'Deep Space Nine' actor believes his last several roles are proof that Hollywood is moving away from Middle Eastern stereotypes.

May 2 - Rossi Wonders How Kirk Can Be Replaced
Now working on the remastered original Star Trek, former associate producer thinks new film crew has a tall order ahead.

May 1 - Shimerman on 'Star Trek', 'Buffy' and Being an Actor
DS9's Quark, a longtime Star Trek fan, reflects on quality science fiction and avoiding typecasting.

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