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TrekToday - Felicity the Klingon?

Felicity the Klingon?

By Michelle
May 10, 2007 - 9:38 PM

J.J. Abrams thinks the idea of casting longtime favourite Keri Russell in Star Trek XI would be a fine idea.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly (quoted at, Abrams is interviewed in a feature on Russell's new film Waitress. Because Abrams gave the Felicity actress her first big break and also put her in Mission: Impossible 3, he was asked about working with her in the future.

"I love working with Keri...there’s hardly any project that comes around that I don’t wonder if she would do it," said Abrams. Asked whether he would think about casting her as a Klingon, he laughed, "That’d be awesome!"

Russell, however, expressed disdain for the idea of appearing in the upcoming Star Trek film, saying, "I'm not that nerdy!"

The quotes can be found here. Another article quotes William Shatner (Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) as saying that they remain interested in Star Trek XI but are out of the loop, with no information about whether they might appear in the film.

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