News Headlines for August 2008

Aug 30 - 'Star Trek: Phase II' Releases New Teaser
'Star Trek: Phase II: Blood and Fire: Part I' episode opening teaser available for fan viewing. Plus: First look at Phase II refitted Enterprise.

Aug 29 - Retro Review: Captain's Holiday
Picard goes to Risa for vacation and meets an archaeologist named Vash who is searching for an artifact from the future.

Aug 29 - 'Star Trek: The Experience' To Close With Ceremony
'Decommissioning ceremony,' VIP party to mark end of eleven-year-old attraction.

Aug 29 - 'Coming Out' Proves Beneficial To Takei's Career
Job opportunities have opened up for 'Star Trek's' former Sulu since going public about his homosexuality in 2005.

Aug 29 - Orci And Kurtzman On Being Offered 'Star Trek'
A chance to explore the origins of Kirk and his crew proved irresistible for 'Star Trek XI' writers.

Aug 27 - Yelchin On 'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins'
New Chekov to play young Kyle Reese in fourth 'Terminator' movie.

Aug 27 - Pegg Talks More 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek XI' will please fans of the show, including long-term fans.

Aug 26 - 'Star Trek XI' Isn't A Remake, Says Pegg.
Pegg's opinion of 'Star Trek XI' in the 'Star Trek' world. Plus: Shatner still out.

Aug 26 - My Injury Made Shatner A Star
Unplanned "romp" caused actor to miss role fifty-two years ago.

Aug 26 - Star Trek Online MMOG Questions Answered
Information about various aspects of 'Star Trek Online' MMOG answered by developers of the game.

Aug 26 - Saldana Persuaded To Take On Uhura Role
Accepting the role of Uhura, Saldana gains respect for 'Star Trek'. Plus: Saldana on Uhura.

Aug 26 - Quinto On Dealing With Secrecy And High-Profile Films
Working under a shroud of secrecy becoming normal for the new Spock. Plus: 'Star Trek XI' old Spock spoiler?

Aug 24 - Pegg On 'Star Trek XI' and Chris Doohan
Abrams "sensible" to have withheld 'Star Trek' from Comic-Con, claims Pegg.

Aug 24 - 'Star Trek: The Experience's' Last Days
Popular Vegas fan attraction to close its doors in little more than a week.

Aug 24 - Jud Taylor Passes
Director of television movies and shows dead at age seventy-six.

Aug 23 - Abrams Says 'Star Trek' Worth The Wait
'Star Trek XI' director on Nimoy and 'Star Trek XI's' visual effects.

Aug 23 - Kevin Smith on 'Star Trek XI'
Director of 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' gets ''Star Trek XI' sneak peek.

Aug 22 - Retro Review: Allegiance
Captain Picard is abducted by aliens and replaced with a wild and crazy double.

Aug 22 - New 'Star Trek' Toys
More 'Star Trek' toy ships to appear this holiday season.

Aug 22 - Brooks To Play Loman
Former Captain Sisko to appear in 'Death of a Salesman."

Aug 20 - Pegg On Hollywood Celebrity
New Scotty on the pros and cons of celebrity. Plus: Clifton Collins Jr. on alien makeup.

Aug 20 - Star Trek News Bullets
'Star Trek' Myspace, Kirk Replica Chair, Wheaton Breaks Ribs, 'Star Trek: Helena Chronicles' Captain Theresa Faisal, Shatner Video Autographing

Aug 18 - Old Shatner Unrecognizable To Current Shatner
Years after his famous role as James T. Kirk, Shatner reflects upon change and fame.

Aug 17 - Picardo On 'Star Trek: Voyager' and EMH
Working on Voyager meant taking occasional grief from guest stars.

Aug 16 - Star Trek News Bullets
Toy Enterprise, Playing a Romulan, Retro 'Star Trek' Toys, Warp Drive

Aug 16 - Fontana On 'Star Trek: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment'
Original series writer and story editor on IDW's 'Star Trek' comic and working on the original series.

Aug 12 - Pine On 'Star Trek XI's' Character Focus
'Star Trek XI' to pay tribute to what went before.

Aug 11 - Star Trek News Bullets
Kirk's Stepfather?, Two Spocks, New 'Star Trek XI' Posters, 'Star Trek Online MMO'

Aug 8 - Retro Review: Sins of the Father
Worf's long-lost brother Kurn arrives to draw Worf into a battle for his family's honor with the unscrupulous Duras.

Aug 5 - Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection
Full collection of 'Star Trek' comic books to debut in September.

Aug 4 - First Cut of 'Star Trek XI' Finished
'Star Trek XI' gets the thumbs up from the brass.

Aug 3 - Urban Would Love To Play McCoy Again
The time is right for the return of the original series 'Star Trek' characters.

Aug 3 - No Outer Space For Doohan's Ashes
Second attempt to launch ashes into space fails.

Aug 3 - Star Trek News Bullets
Pegg and 'Star Wars', 'Star Trek: Intrepid' release, Pine ready for fame, Byrne posts starship designs, 'Star Trek S2 Remastered DVD set.

Aug 1 - Retro Review: The Offspring
When Data creates an android daughter using his own neural network, an admiral wants to place her in Starfleet custody.

Aug 1 - Adam Nimoy - Like Father, Like Son?
Son of the actor famous for playing Spock has had his own trials in life.

Aug 1 - Spiner On 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' And 'Dreamland'
Former Lieutenant Commander Data on how he got the part of the android who wanted to be human, and on his most recent music project.