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An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2008

Apr 30 - Interview: Keith R. A. DeCandido
The longtime 'Trek' author discusses his latest projects, his start in the business, the end of the S.C.E. line of novels and his thoughts on 'Star Trek XI' with TrekToday.

Apr 29 - Two Uhuras And Star Trek XI
Saldana on meeting the original Uhura and the original Uhura on visiting the 'Star Trek XI' set.

Apr 29 - Tahir On Playing Captain Robau
Acting in 'Star Trek' is like a return to childhood days for Faran Tahir.

Apr 29 - Porco 'Planetary Police Woman' For 'Star Trek XI'
Leader of the Imaging Science team on NASA'S Cassini mission to Saturn is ready for her consultant role on 'Star Trek XI'

Apr 28 - Nimoy 'Bugs' Out
New advertising campaign for Volkswagen features a familiar face.

Apr 28 - Takei Upbeat
Early experiences helped shape the man who became 'Star Trek's' Sulu. Plus: Sulu on Cho.

Apr 28 - Pegg on Doohan
'Star Trek XI' is more than just a nostalgia film, according to the man playing the new Scotty.

Apr 26 - Abrams Moves On To Next Project
After 'Star Trek XI', comedy is next on the slate for J.J. Abrams.

Apr 26 - Nana Visitor On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine And Beyond
'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' movie could have been really good. Plus: Visitor on 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'Friday The Thirteenth'

Apr 25 - Retro Review: The Enemy
While Geordi is stranded with a hostile Romulan on a planet plagued by storms, the crew contends with a warship seeking its missing crew.

Apr 25 - Star Trek XI Visual Effects 'Mind blowing' Says Abrams
Abrams on Cloverfield Sequel and 'Star Trek XI'. Plus: Morrison and Nichols on 'Star Trek XI'.

Apr 25 - Star Trek Remastered Original Series Completed.
Star Trek original series now ready for the digital age. Plus: Season Two Remastered DVD set artwork.

Apr 25 - Cho Fortunate To Land Sulu Role
After playing a pot smoking accountant, it's off to the stars for John Cho.

Apr 24 - 'InAlienable' Public Debut Marred By Technical Glitch
Public premiere of Koenig's sci-fi film postponed.

Apr 24 - Quinto On Abrams and Nimoy
New Spock finds working with old Spock to be a good experience.

Apr 24 - Meaney On 'Deep Space Nine'
Working on 'Deep Space Nine' was a positive experience for the man who played Miles O'Brien.

Apr 23 - Meaney In Controversial 'Black Comedy' Film
Former Chief O'Brien plays suicidal alcoholic in 'Three and Out'.

Apr 23 - Dochterman From Voyager To New Voyages
'Star Trek: New Voyages' (Phase II) Visual Effects Advisor on his lifelong attraction to 'Star Trek' and his work with 'Star Trek: Phase II'.

Apr 23 - Visitor To Appear In 'Friday The 13th' Remake
Former Kira Nerys to play mother of Jason. Plus: Visitor on 'Deep Space Nine'.

Apr 22 - 'Star Trek XI' Made For Movie Lovers
J.J. Abrams shared insight into his thought processes on making a movie.

Apr 22 - Viacom And Studios To Offer New Premium Channel
The new 'Star Trek' movie and other 'Star Trek' franchises to appear beginning in fall of 2009.

Apr 22 - Cho Meets Jonathan Frakes
Working on the new 'Star Trek' means occasionally bumping into veterans from other 'Star Trek' incarnations.

Apr 20 - 'Star Trek' 2008-2009 Book Projects Announced
Plenty of 'Star Trek' book goodies are scheduled for the rest of 2008 and into the first half of 2009.

Apr 19 - 'Star Trek XI' Different Than Any Other 'Star Trek'
Look for more action and a different feel in Star Trek XI.

Apr 18 - Retro Review: Booby Trap
When the ship is caught in an ancient snare that transforms energy into radiation, LaForge creates a holographic assistant in Leah Brahms.

Apr 18 - Shatner Reads Exodus
Passages from the Bible and Haggadah make up a dramatic biblical reading performed by William Shatner. Plus: Shatner on "The Shiva Club".

Apr 18 - Nimoy And Quinto On Spock
Playing Spock means understanding what drives the character. Plus: Tom Cruise in 'Star Trek XI"?

Apr 16 - Son Of Late 'Star Trek' Creator A Fan of Abrams
Eugene W. Roddenberry Jr. counts himself amongst the Abrams admirers. Plus: Roddenberry's 'Trek Nation'.

Apr 16 - Picardo on 'Stargate: Atlantis'
Robert Picardo on playing Richard Woolsey

Apr 16 - More On 'Star Trek' Season Two Remastered DVDs
Pricing, bonus material and package art details released

Apr 15 - Nimoy Found 'Star Trek XI' Irresistible
Original Spock donned the ears again due to his respect for J.J. Abrams. Plus: Quinto on 'Star Trek XI'

Apr 15 - Tahir On 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek XI's' Federation Captain Rabu to be a good guy.

Apr 14 - Shatner - A Lesson Not Learned
Once road burned, not twice shy for William Shatner.

Apr 14 - 'Star Trek' Season Two DVD Release Date Now Official
Remastered 'Star Trek' Season Two to release in DVD format only.

Apr 14 - Cho To Be A Father
'Star Trek XI's' Sulu to become a father for the first time.

Apr 14 - 'Star Trek XI' Tidbits From 'Grand Slam XVI'
Paramount Panel at Grand Slam XVI releases facts about 'Star Trek XI'.

Apr 14 - Spiner At Grand Slam XVI
Former Data answers fan questions and discusses typecasting and 'Star Trek: Nemesis'.

Apr 14 - Urban Felt Privileged To Meet Leonard Nimoy
Meeting the original Spock puts chills up Urban's spine.

Apr 14 - Caves On 'Star Trek: Odyssey: Vile Gods
'Star Trek: Odyssey' Executive Producer on new fan-film episode.

Apr 12 - John Cho Finds 'Star Trek' More Mature Than 'Star Wars'
'Star Trek' is more than lightsaber fights, according to the new Sulu. Plus: Cho on Abrams and Takei.

Apr 11 - Retro Review: The Bonding
When an archaeologist dies on an away mission, an alien tries to take custody of her orphaned son.

Apr 11 - 'Star Trek XI' To Go to Post-Production
Kern County filming to end this week.

Apr 9 - 'Star Trek XI' Bakersfield Filming
Vintage red corvette to appear in 'Star Trek XI'?

Apr 8 - Car Accident Near 'Star Trek XI' Shooting Site
'Star Trek XI' employee injured in crash in Bakersfield, California. Plus: Kate Mulgrew replaces Judith Ivey in play.

Apr 8 - Shatner On 'Star Trek' And Retirement
Former Captain Kirk sees no point in retiring when there is so much to do.

Apr 7 - News Bullets
Sulu Sings Country, Stewart on Picard's Influence, Phillips Plays Turkey Guy

Apr 7 - Set Phasers to Fun!
New 'Star Trek' toys to make their debut later this year.

Apr 6 - News Bullets
Shatner on Aging, 'The Enterprise Experiment' Comic to Debut

Apr 4 - Retro Review: Who Watches the Watchers?
A primitive culture begins to venerate Picard as a god and plans to sacrifice Troi to him.

Apr 3 - Koenig On Chekov And Fandom
Handing over the baton to a new actor is not difficult, Walter Koenig finds.

Apr 3 - News Bullets
Shatner Rides Again, Takei on Shatner, Rob Caves on 'Star Trek Federation One'

Apr 2 - Stewart Defends Trek Fans
Former Captain Picard on 'Star Trek' fans and Lycra jumpsuits.

Apr 2 - News Bullets
Shatner Lego Bust Clarification, Blalock to Speak, Shatner on New Autobiography

Apr 2 - Scribe Award Nominees Announced
Several familiar 'Star Trek' authors make nomination list.

Apr 1 - Pegg Finishes Filming
'Star Trek XI's' Scotty found working on 'Star Trek XI' to be a privilege.

Mar 31 - 'Star Trek: Phase II' Actor To Appear In 'Star Trek XI'
Small role in 'Star Trek XI' for the former 'New Voyages' original Spock.

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