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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2008

Sep 29 - D.C. Fontana's Favorite 'Star Trek'
Veteran original series writer on the best of 'Star Trek.'

Sep 29 - Quinto On Spock And Sylar
Playing Spock means not mimicking Nimoy. Plus: Quinto on Sylar's motivations.

Sep 28 - Pegg On Fame And 'Star Trek XI'
Dealing with fame, avoiding parody and playing Montgomery Scott.

Sep 27 - Pegg On Scotty and Secrecy
How Pegg portrayed Scotty, and the security measures taken to keep 'Star Trek XI' under wraps.

Sep 26 - Retro Review: Sarek
When the famed Vulcan ambassador comes on board the Enterprise for negotiations, outbreaks of violence afflict the crew.

Sep 26 - Orci And Kurtzman Talk Writing And 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek XI' writers on the collaborative process.

Sep 24 - Quinto And Burk On 'Reframed' 'Star Trek'
New Spock and Executive Producer Burk on 'Star Trek's' future. Plus: New 'Star Trek' trailer due by end of year.

Sep 22 - Charity Aims To Fulfill Boy's 'Star Trek' Dream
Family hopes to make boy's bedroom "out-of-this-world."

Sep 22 - Spiner To Sign 'Dreamland' CD In Los Angeles
Former Data to appear at Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention. Plus: Spiner's new documentary project.

Sep 22 - 'Star Trek XI' Casting News
Not all offered a part in 'Star Trek XI' were eager to accept.

Sep 20 - Kurtzman and Orci On 'Star Trek' Canon
'Star Trek XI' writers explain the process of bringing the 'Star Trek' characters to life.

Sep 20 - Braga's 'Flash Forward' Heads To ABC
New science fiction show soon to land at ABC.

Sep 20 - 'Star Trek XI' Mindful Of Canon
Abrams drops 'Star Trek XI' hints.

Sep 19 - Retro Review: The Most Toys
Data is held hostage by a trader who wants to add him to his collection of unique items.

Sep 19 - Abrams Never Offered Me Cameo Says Shatner
Shatner denies turning down 'Star Trek XI' role. Plus: the 'Shatner Project' debuts.

Sep 17 - Fuller: Bring 'Star Trek' Back To Television
Former 'Star Trek' writer feels that it's time for a return to small screen for 'Star Trek.'

Sep 17 - IMDB Offers Launches Free 'Star Trek' Viewing
'Star Trek' and other TV shows and movies available for online viewing.

Sep 17 - Orci: 'Star Trek XI' Almost Done
'Star Trek XI' is "two movies in one."

Sep 17 - Brooks In 'Death Of A Salesman'
Former Captain Sisko to play salesman Willy Loman in the Oberlin College production of 'Death of a Salesman.'

Sep 17 - Takei And Altman Wed
'Star Trek' actor weds partner of twenty-one years.

Sep 17 - Nimoy On Quinto And 'Star Trek XI'
Original Spock comfortable with passing the baton to his successor. Plus: Nimoy on Star Trek Online.

Sep 16 - Shatner On Comics And 'Star Trek XI'
The former Captain Kirk discusses his acting, creative products and his missed 'Star Trek XI' opportunity.

Sep 15 - Kurtzman And Orci Say 'Star Trek XI' Most Like 'The Wrath of Khan'
Co-writers of 'Star Trek XI' influenced by popular 'Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.'

Sep 14 - 'Star Trek XI' Henke Role
Actor describes playing James Kirk's uncle in 'Star Trek XI.'

Sep 14 - Shatner To Launch New Web Vlog
"The Shatner Project" to replace Shatnervision.

Sep 13 - Tennant As 'Hamlet'
Eager 'Doctor Who' fans snatch up 'Hamlet' tickets.

Sep 13 - Joan Winston Passes
Author and 'Star Trek' convention organizer dead at the age of seventy-seven.

Sep 13 - Burton Regarding Two 'Star Trek' Directors
Former Geordi La Forge has praise for one director, criticism for another. Plus: Stewart to appear at Fleming tribute.

Sep 13 - 'Star Trek' Trailer Tidbits
New details on the 'Star Trek XI' full trailer emerge from a London viewing.

Sep 12 - Retro Review: Hollow Pursuits
Lieutenant Barclay creates holographic versions of the ship's crew as an escape from having to deal with the real ones.

Sep 11 - Takei Nuptials Approach
Former Sulu to marry partner in Los Angeles this weekend.

Sep 11 - Reddick On Captain Kirk
'Fringe' actor drawn to acting because of 'Star Trek.'

Sep 10 - Smith Reviews 'Star Trek XI'
Pine and Saldana's performances stand out for 'Clerks' director.

Sep 9 - Meyer To Pen George Washington Screenplay
'Star Trek' veteran Meyer signs with Vulcan Productions. Plus: Echevarria to develop sci-fi project.

Sep 9 - Mel Harris Passes
Paramount executive loses battle with cancer.

Sep 9 - Quinto On Sylar And Spock
Quinto's approach to portraying complicated and rich characters.

Sep 8 - Abrams And Reviewers On 'Fringe'
Latest Abrams show to debut September 9th.

Sep 8 - Shatner Almost Had Part In 'Star Trek XI'
Actor's demands scuttle 'Star Trek XI' role.

Sep 8 - 'True Blood' For Forbes
'Star Trek: The Next Generation' actress lands role in new HBO series.

Sep 8 - Quinto On 'Heroes' And Sci-Fi
Sylar, 'Star Trek' and science fiction.

Sep 7 - 'Star Trek: Season Three: Remastered' Hi-Res Package Art
Classic 'Star Trek' Remastered DVD art released.

Sep 7 - De Boer On 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's' Ezri Dax finds sci-fi roles to be gratifying.

Sep 5 - Retro Review: Tin Man
A disturbed telepath attempts to help the crew protect a a lifeform resembling a biological starship.

Sep 3 - Cryptic Adds Future History for 'Star Trek: Online' MMOG
'Star Trek' future past 'Star Trek: Nemesis' mapped for players. Plus: More questions about the game answered.

Sep 3 - 'Star Trek XI' Not Just A Rehash Says Abrams
Abrams on 'Star Trek XI' and Internet fan postings.

Sep 2 - Mack On 'Destiny'
Crossover trilogy to deal with the Borg.

Sep 2 - 'Star Trek: Osiris'
New fan film to debut this autumn. Plus: 'Star Trek: Phase II's' Bobby Rice.

Sep 2 - 'Star Trek XI' Has Plenty Of Gadgets
All the usual technologies minus the replicator will be seen in new 'Star Trek' movie.

Sep 1 - 'Star Trek' Needed A Reboot
Lindelof on 'Star Trek XI', Shatner.

Sep 1 - Nichols Keeping Busy
Movies and a marriage fill the time for 'Star Trek XI' actress.

Sep 1 - Fans Say Goodbye To 'Star Trek: The Experience'
From final drinks to last rides, 'Star Trek' fans enjoy 'Star Trek: The Experience' for the last time.

Sep 1 - Pegg Says 'Star Trek XI' To Be Irony-Free
No exaggerated references to 'Star Trek's' past in new film.

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