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An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for October 2006

Oct 31 - Abrams Is Gearing Up For 'Star Trek XI'
Still a fan of 'M:I' despite Paramount's reported disappointment with box office receipts, the producer has not yet decided whether to direct the next Trek film.

Oct 31 - Fuller On Trekking and 'Heroes'
Former writer-producer on 'Deep Space Nine' admits he'd rather see Janeway-Seven than Kirk-Spock on the big screen, looks forward to Abrams film.

Oct 30 - Original Series Remastered in HD, Widescreen May Be Next
CBS exec reveals that the original episodes currently airing in syndication are only one step in massive overhaul for Star Trek.

Oct 30 - Todd Returns To Horror In Cult Movie
Based on a true story, 'Bryan Loves You' features Kurn actor in a return to scary genre film.

Oct 29 - The Book Padd: Voyages of Imagination
This new companion to Star Trek fiction for the first time discusses the Bantam, Ballantine and Pocket Books contributions in a single volume.

Oct 29 - Picardo Weighs In On Trek Future
'Voyager' actor has stayed busy in SF, thinks Abrams is a good choice to reinvigorate the franchise.

Oct 27 - : The Empath
Aliens capture Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to use as test subjects in an experiment to save a species.

Oct 26 - Good and Bad News For Trek Gaming Fans
'Legacy' release delayed two weeks; 'Tactical Assault' receives rave review, 'Encounters' not so much; games to be released overseas.

Oct 25 - Moore Thinks Abrams Could Cruise To Success
Rumours that a major movie star might be interested in appearing in 'Star Trek XI' plus BSG producer's faith in choice of new Star Trek franchise head.

Oct 25 - Stewart Keeps Busy With Shakespeare and Sports
When not performing Antony or Prospero in Ann Arbor, the Picard actor avidly follows baseball and will conduct the Michigan band.

Oct 23 - Jane Wyatt Dies at 96
Beloved by Trek fans as Spock's mother Amanda, the actress was best known as another mother from TV classic 'Father Knows Best'.

Oct 23 - Nichols Loved Returning to Enterprise Bridge
Uhura actress is reprising her role for 'Of Gods and Men', remains close with most Trek co-stars.

Oct 22 - Kirk is Getting a New Enterprise
Trek remastered producer Dave Rossi announces that future episodes will feature a new NCC-1701 model.

Oct 21 - Real-life Cloaking Device Developed in US
Though it currently works only with microwave radiation, researchers say larger objects hidden in visible light will be next.

Oct 21 - G4 to Open 'Spock Market' to Episode-Specific Stocks
Hot babes, background music will be tradeable as well in cable network's 'Star Trek 2.0' virtual stock market.

Oct 20 - : Wink of an Eye
Kirk finds himself accelerated in time so that his crewmates cannot see him and takes his boots off with the enemy.

Oct 19 - News Bullets
Nimoy x2, Mulgrew, Rossi, remastered music, Warp 11, Star Trek XI, Trek in school, Soul of Star Trek, Science Fiction Corner, Star Trek Legacy, Trek books, Trek Life.

Oct 19 - Dorn Doesn't Like Prequel Proposal
Though the Worf actor is not ready to believe gossip about the next Trek movie, he doesn't want the original series tampered with either with a prequel or remastered episodes.

Oct 18 - 'Star Trek: Legacy' Writer Talks Trek Gaming Past and Present
Longtime gaming fan Derek Chester worked with original series scriptwriter D.C. Fontana on 'Legacy' and 'Tactical Assault'.

Oct 18 - Whitney Reflects on Trek, Returns in Fan Films
The actress expects to play the mother of Janice Rand in 'New Voyages' and appears with former Trek crewmates in 'Of Gods and Men'.

Oct 16 - Nicholas Meyer Wanted 'Hornblower'-like Trek
'Wrath of Khan' writer/director had never seen an episode before a Paramount connection brought him to Bennett, remains proud of movie.

Oct 16 - Koenig Ponders Life Without Kirk
Appearing in 'Of Gods and Men' with other Trek alumni let the actor contemplate a Star Trek universe unfamiliar to him.

Oct 16 - 'Star Wreck' Receives Star Treatment for DVD Release
Two-disc special edition of popular parody will have all-new special effects and spaceship designs.

Oct 14 - Berman Has No Regrets, But Is Sad To Leave Trek
Longtime executive producer is working on new shows for Paramount, does not expect to work with Abrams on future shows.

Oct 14 - Mulgrew Talks Personal Philosophy
Still reeling from the death of her mother, the Janeway actress offers advice to women as they age.

Oct 13 - Site Columns
Fall in the northeast, revisionist history on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, birthdays.

Oct 13 - : Plato's Stepchildren
The Enterprise arrives on a mercy mission to help a race with telekinetic abilities, which they use to manipulate the crew.

Oct 12 - Abrams Is a Fan Of 'The Twilight Zone'
Future Star Trek producer liked epic storytelling, always enjoyed science fiction.

Oct 12 - The Book Padd: What's Past Book Six: Many Splendors
This final book in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers series wraps up previous storylines about Sonya Gomez.

Oct 12 - News Bullets
Shatner & Nimoy, anniversary cast interviews, '24' Trek connections, McCarthy musical, Mulgrew, Stewart, Albert, Spiner, Watson, Weisman, fan films, games, books, science, parody and collectibles.

Oct 10 - 'Enterprise' Represents Best Four Years of Trinneer's Career
Tucker actor says he has no information about the upcoming film and is unlikely to appear in a fan production, but he has good memories of his time on Trek.

Oct 10 - Shatner Wonders Where the Time Goes
Septegenarian actor thinks Abrams is a good choice to produce future Treks, wonders how forty years could have passed so quickly.

Oct 9 - Shatner Plays Kirk For DirecTV
Nimoy and Koenig appear in old footage in new advertisement, which touts the virtues of HD over traditional cable.

Oct 9 - Griffith Observatory To Unveil Nimoy Theater
L.A. landmark will have new planetarium show co-written by Andre Bormanis, stage funded by Nimoy for demonstrations and lectures.

Oct 9 - Trek Auction Boldly Goes Into Stratospheric Prices
Christie's and Paramount bring in over $7 million, many items more than quadrupling expected prices.

Oct 7 - IDW To Release 'Next Generation' Comics Next Year
Six-part miniseries will kick off new Star Trek comics, which will ultimately include original series stories as well.

Oct 7 - The Book Padd: What's Past Book Five: 10 is Better than 01
The mysteries of the Federation world Bynaus are explored in this new S.C.E. novel.

Oct 6 - : The Tholian Web
When an away team beams aboard a drifting starship with a dead crew, Kirk becomes trapped between dimensions.

Oct 6 - Shatner To Host Game Show
Multi-million dollar prizes will be at stake in Captain Kirk actor's latest venture for ABC.

Oct 5 - Memory Alpha Surpasses 20,000 Articles
Fan-driven wiki offers assistance for potential auction bidders, seeks new contributors.

Oct 5 - Christie's Auction Begins To Sell Hundreds of Star Trek Items
Live coverage at, taped video at CBS News help promote a massive unloading of Paramount props, costumes and collectibles.

Oct 4 - The Book Padd: A Brief History of 'Ships of the Line'
Pocket Books executive editor Margaret Clark explains how the calendars and upcoming volume came about.

Oct 4 - 'The Nine' With Billingsley Receives Mixed Marks
Several critics call the series the best new show on TV, but a few remain uncertain about the format and presentation.

Oct 3 - Bethesda Softworks Ships 'Star Trek: Encounters'
'Legacy' and 'Tactical Assault' will both hit shelves before mid-November; also, news about game music, gaming web sites.

Oct 3 - 'Of Gods and Men' Wraps Production
Web miniseries starring many Trek alumni, directed by Tim Russ is expected to be released in December.

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