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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2008

Nov 30 - Shatner's Thanksgiving Mishaps And Memories
Turkey fryers, pumpkin pie and thankfulness.

Nov 30 - New 'Star Trek Online" Interview
More information and mages released for the 'Star Trek Online" MMOPG.

Nov 30 - 'Star Trek XI' Promotional Site Update
Updates on USS Kelvin and crew. Plus: Intel promotional contest.

Nov 25 - 'Star Trek XI' Trailer Updated
Familiar actor now appearing briefly in the 'Star Trek XI' trailer

Nov 25 - 'Star Trek: Countdown' Promotional Image Debuts
New Comic to appear in January

Nov 25 - IMAX 'Star Trek XI'
New 'Star Trek' movie to head to IMAX theaters next year.

Nov 23 - Star Trek News Bullets
New Cast Posters, Abrams And Pine Hope For Sequels, Frakes On Riker, Shatner On The New Enterprise

Nov 21 - Retro Review: Remember Me
After Beverly Crusher watches an experiment of Wesley's go wrong, crewmembers begin to disappear.

Nov 21 - Fan-Produced Film News
New Spock, British Klingon and technical issues for fan-produced productions.

Nov 20 - 'Star Trek' Toys For 2009
Action figures, playsets, 'Star Trek XI' ships, miscellaneous toys

Nov 20 - 'Star Trek XI' Los Angeles Clip Preview
Even more reviews of the recent 'Star Trek XI' Abrams preview are appearing online. Plus: Pine talks love scene, Shatner reacts to trailer.

Nov 19 - More 'Star Trek XI' Preview Reports
Several reviewers weigh in with opinions on the preview of 'Star Trek XI.'

Nov 19 - Abrams Describes Trailer Scenes
Several dozen photos from new "Star Trek XI' trailer explained by 'Star Trek XI' director.

Nov 19 - 'Star Trek XI' No Reboot Says Abrams
What "Star Trek XI" is, reaching out to new fans, optimism and hope.

Nov 19 - Star Trek News Bullets
Shatner on New Password, Takei Down Under, Burton and Saldana in New Movies, Forbes Joins "Durham County," New Daughter For Hicks.

Nov 17 - 'Star Trek XI' Teaser Official Release
Details of new 'Star Trek XI' trailer. See it here!

Nov 16 - Spanish Reaction To 'Star Trek XI' Preview
Abrams preview makes it to Spain. Plus: 'Star Trek XI' trailer buzz.

Nov 15 - Pegg And Pine On 'Star Trek XI' Plus New Spock Photo
Pegg describes seeing 'Star Trek XI' preview. Plus: Pine on 'Star Trek XI' and new photo of Quinto as Spock.

Nov 15 - Abrams On Cut 'Star Trek XI' Scene
Designs to have been seen in cut subplot will have to await a future film. Plus: Abrams on 'Star Trek XI's' intended audience.

Nov 15 - New 'Star Trek XI' Trailer Debuts
'Star Trek' fans flock to James Bond film to see latest 'Star Trek XI' trailer.

Nov 14 - Retro Review: Suddenly Human
Picard must decide whether to risk a war and violate a boy's wishes to reunite the long-lost human child with his family.

Nov 13 - Abrams Introduces 'Star Trek XI'
Details from various scenes seen and described by those in attendance at preview of 'Star Trek XI'

Nov 13 - Takei To Join Reality Show
Former Sulu to rough it in the Australian jungle. Plus: Takei on Prop. 8.

Nov 13 - Reactions To The New USS Enterprise
Critical reviews coming in on 'Star Trek XI' ship.

Nov 12 - Shatner-Takei Feud Again
Shatner responds to Takei's claim that Shatner was invited to Takei's wedding.

Nov 12 - More 'Star Trek XI' Details
Fourth scene described, other details updated.

Nov 11 - Major 'Star Trek XI' Details Emerge
Big spoilers about 'Star Trek XI' described after the movie is screened.

Nov 10 - Star Trek News Bullets
Teaser Posters, 'Star Trek' Blu-Ray Release Rumor, Cromwell Accident

Nov 10 - Stewart Makes Top Fifty List
Former Captain Picard joins list of sexy men over fifty.

Nov 10 - Shatner Talks 'Star Trek XI'
The former Captain Kirk on 'Star Trek XI,' latest 'Star Trek' novel and mixed martial arts. Plus: Shatner to sing?

Nov 9 - Detailed New 'Star Trek XI" Trailer Details Emerge
Young Kirk, baby Spock, firing space ships, surly McCoy in new trailer.

Nov 8 - MST3K 'Star Trek'
Several 'Star Trek' movies and a 'Star Trek: Voyager' episode get the

Nov 8 - Own Your Own Replica Tribble
Tribbles that move, purr and make trilling noises.

Nov 8 - Fuller To Return to 'Heroes?'
Former 'Star Trek' writer may be tapped for consultant role.

Nov 8 - 'Star Trek: The Experience' Update
New details emerge for popular 'Star Trek' attraction.

Nov 7 - Retro Review: Brothers
When a dying Dr. Soong summons Data and accidentally brings Lore home as well, the two androids struggle to understand the reasons their "father" created them.

Nov 7 - Yes On 'Prop. 8' Disappoints Takei
California voter rejection of gay marriage not the end of the road says 'Star Trek's' Mr. Sulu.

Nov 7 - Mulgrew On Janeway
The pressures of playing a female captain.

Nov 6 - Trek-like Hologram Makes TV Appearance
Performer, Capitol Hill correspondent interview via hologram.

Nov 4 - Pine On His Work And His Future
'Star Trek XI's' Kirk hopes that his future is bright.

Nov 4 - Blu-ray Star Trek In 2009?
'Star Trek' movies may soon appear in Blu-ray.

Nov 3 - Star Trek News Bullets
Pegg and Stewart receive awards, Stewart in 'Waiting for Godot,' Orci on 'Star Trek XI,' 'Unity' fan film debuts, high school student builds Enterprise bridge

Nov 3 - Quinto Talks More Spock And Star Trek
Preparing to play Spock and lessons learned for Zachary Quinto.

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