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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2008

Mar 31 - 'Star Trek: Phase II' Actor To Appear In 'Star Trek XI'
Small role in 'Star Trek XI' for the former 'New Voyages' original Spock.

Mar 30 - Yelchin Finished Shooting His Part
Young Chekov found working on 'Star Trek XI' to be fun. Plus: Pegg on fan reactions to his being cast as Scotty.

Mar 29 - Star Trek XI News Bullets
Principal Photography Wrapped, Cruise on the Set, Teaser Trailer Rumor Debunked

Mar 28 - Retro Review: The Survivors
A kindly old man, the survivor of an alien attack, may be hiding a murderous secret.

Mar 28 - Nimoy On His Time As Spock
Spock is part of Leonard Nimoy and that is OK with him.

Mar 28 - Old and New Kirk Meet
Shatner on meeting 'Star Trek XI' actors. Plus: Lego-head Shatner.

Mar 27 - Yelchin Finds Chekov A 'Funny Little Guy'
Playing Chekov means much more than acquiring a Russian accent.

Mar 27 - New 'Star Trek XI' Photos Leaked
Shuttlecraft and uniform pictures from 'Star Trek XI' have appeared at half a dozen online sites.

Mar 27 - Nimoy Nails Nose
Mr. Spock finds out that walking around on dark sets can be hazardous to his health.

Mar 26 - 'Star Trek Odyssey' Captain Speaks
Brandon McConnell on playing Lieutenant Commander Ro Nevin.

Mar 26 - Trevino On 'Of Gods And Men'
Former 'Deep Space Nine' writer on working for the fan-produced 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men'.

Mar 26 - Star Trek - The Funeral Frontier
Funeral product designers are boldly going where they've never gone before.

Mar 26 - Pegg Goes For Originality With Scotty Character
New Scotty on how he decided to approach the role of the Chief Engineer. Plus: Fandom's reaction to Pegg getting the part.

Mar 24 - 'Star Trek: New Voyages' Production Garners Hugo Nomination
'World Enough and Time' up for prestigious science fiction award.

Mar 24 - Pegg Almost Said 'No' To 'Star Trek XI'
The new Scotty had to be persuaded by J.J. Abrams to sign on for 'Star Trek XI'.

Mar 24 - Cho On Playing Asian Characters
Playing a Japanese-American Sulu proves to be no problem for the Korean-American Cho.

Mar 22 - Season Two Original Series Remastered DVDs Are 'On' Again
Season Two Remastered DVDs to appear but not in hi-def.

Mar 19 - Arthur C. Clarke Dead
'2001: A Space Odyssey' author passes away at the age of ninety.

Mar 19 - Bead Me Up, Scotty
'Star Trek' art show to open March 20 in New York.

Mar 19 - Yelchin In talks For 'Terminator' Role
'Star Trek XI's' new Chekov aiming for part of post-apocalyptic warrior.

Mar 19 - 'Star Trek' Veteran Sheppard To Appear In 'Star Trek XI'
Former 'Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country' Klingon Commander claims role in Star Trek XI.

Mar 18 - New 'Star Trek XI' Spy Photos
Filming at California State University-Northridge yields more 'Star Trek XI' set pictures.

Mar 18 - Cho Slightly Injured Working On 'Star Trek XI'
Sprained wrist will not affect 'Star Trek XI' shooting schedule. Plus: More 'Star Trek' to come after 'Star Trek XI'?

Mar 18 - Moore Visits 'Star Trek XI' Set
New Blood will reinvigorate the 'Star Trek' franchise, according to Ronald D. Moore.

Mar 18 - O'Neill On Directing 'Star Trek: Hidden Frontier' And 'Odyssey'
Working on a fan-produced film presents storytelling opportunities not otherwise available through traditional routes according to the director of Star Trek: Odyssey: The Lotus Eaters.

Mar 18 - Bana Replaces Pitt in Sci-Fi Flick
'Star Trek XI's' Nero to appear in time-travel film.

Mar 15 - Pegg Is A Self-Described Sci-Fi Geek
Simon Pegg on Scotty and 'Star Trek'.

Mar 15 - Trevino on 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men Part Two'
Jack Trevino on writing 'Of Gods and Men' and working with director Tim Russ.

Mar 14 - Retro Review: The Ensigns of Command
Data struggles to save a colony that's been marked for death by aliens if the humans fail to evacuate.

Mar 14 - Perry On Accepting His Role In 'Star Trek XI
Possible head of Starfleet Academy on why he decided to be part of 'Star Trek XI'.

Mar 12 - Quinto Appearance on VH1 Comedy Show
Zachary Quinto banters with 'Free Radio's' Lance Krall. Plus: Yelchin excited about 'Star Trek XI'.

Mar 12 - Peter David On 'Star Trek: New Frontier'
Author of dozen and a half 'New Frontier' novels on the New Frontiers comic miniseries. Plus: Star Trek Manga.

Mar 12 - Pine Reveals Inspiration for Captain Kirk
Kirk modeled after 'Star Wars' character.

Mar 12 - Cho Finds 'Star Trek XI' A Bit Daunting
New Sulu gets ready for the baggage that comes with being associated with 'Star Trek'.

Mar 11 - Trek Stars at Creation Entertainment Convention
'Star Trek' actors from 'The Next Generation', 'Deep Space Nine' and 'Enterprise' appear in New Jersey convention.

Mar 11 - Pegg Finds 'Star Trek XI' Filming To Be Fun
Simon Pegg on filming 'Star Trek XI' and Scotty. Plus: McGillion on working in 'Star Trek XI'.

Mar 11 - Spiner And 'Dreamland'
Brent Spiner discusses the making of his newest CD, 'Dreamland'. Plus: Two songs from the CD and a review of the CD.

Mar 10 - TrekBBS Makes The Move To VBulletin
Move from UBB.threads to vBulletin completed and new amenities added for the 'Star Trek' messageboard.

Mar 9 - 'By Any Other Name' Images
Remastered Images from 'By Any Other Name' appear.

Mar 9 - 'Star Trek' Politician Fans
Democratic Presidential candidate admits to being a fan of 'Star Trek'.

Mar 9 - Frakes To Direct TNT Movie
Former Commander Riker to work on his second The Librarian movie. Plus: Spiner talks about his Dreamland CD.

Mar 8 - Nebula Award Ballot Entry Controversy Continues
'Star Trek: Phase II' creator denies the fan films are professional productions.

Mar 7 - 'Star Trek' A Positive Factor In Nimoy's Life
Returning from acting retirement, Leonard Nimoy and Spock are back.

Mar 7 - 'Star Trek XI' Actors Look To Their Predecessors
The actors taking on the challenge of redoing famous Star Trek characters find help and inspiration from those who have gone before.

Mar 7 - Retro Review: Evolution
A group of nanites unleashed by Wesley Crusher attacks the Enterprise's systems just as the ship arrives at a star about to nova.

Mar 7 - Interview: James Cawley
The 'Star Trek: Phase II' star and producer talks about the movie and the franchise's future.

Mar 6 - 'Lights of Zetar' Director Passes Away
TV director Herbert Kenwith dead at the age of ninety.

Mar 6 - Gerrold Interviewed For 'Star Trek' Documentary.
David Gerrold interviewed for documentary for re-release of 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture', and visits the 'Star Trek XI' set. Plus: Nimoy blogs again.

Mar 6 - Patrick Stewart Appearance On 'Regis And Kelly'
Former Captain Picard gives Regis and Kelly a lesson in Yorkshire dialect.

Mar 6 - SFWA Nebula Award Nomination Controversy
Fan produced film is deemed by contest to be professional and eligible for nomination for a Nebula award.

Mar 5 - D.C. Fontana To Co-Write 'Star Trek' Comic Series
'Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment' to chronicle the untold fourth year of the Enterprise of the original series.

Mar 5 - Leonard Rosenman Passes Away
Composer of 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home' dead at 83.

Mar 5 - Billingsley Cast In Episode Of 'Fear Itself'.
Former Dr. Phlox of 'Star Trek: Enterprise' to appear in new suspense/horror anthology show.

Mar 5 - Billingsley Cast In Episode Of 'Fear Itself'.
Former Dr. Phlox of 'Star Trek: Enterprise' to appear in new suspense/horror anthology show.

Mar 5 - 'Star Trek' Ebooks To Take Hiatus
Monthly line of 'Star Trek' in ebook form to be halted. Plus: 'Star Trek' authors to appear at 'Star Trek: The Experience'.

Mar 4 - Shatner To Direct Comedy Movie
Star of 'Star Trek' and 'Boston Legal' to direct film based upon his original story. Plus: Music documentary 'Gonzo Ballet'.

Mar 4 - It's A Girl For Ryan
Former Seven of Nine gave birth to a daughter yesterday.

Mar 4 - Nichols And Burton On Baird And Abrams
Two veteran 'Star Trek' actors praise Abrams. Plus: Uhura on 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men'.

Mar 2 - Lindelof On 'Star Trek XI' Date Change And Its Effects
Release date change for 'Star Trek XI' puts movie in position to be summer crowd-pleaser.

Mar 2 - Scott Bakula Takes On Former Fred Astaire Part
Former Captain Archer to play song-and-dance man in theatrical production of 'Dancing in the Dark'.

Mar 2 - Bana Found 'Star Trek XI' Role Irresistible
Why Eric Bana accepted 'Star Trek XI' role. Plus: Bana as Henry VIII in 'The Other Boleyn Girl'.

Mar 2 - Bruce Greenwood On The Defensive
Strict security has 'Star Trek XI's' Christopher Pike a bit on edge.

Mar 2 - New Federation Captain Cast for 'Star Trek XI'
Fahan Tahir to play heroic Federation Captain.

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