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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2008

June 30 - Winter On Religion And Hollywood
Former 'Star Trek' movie producer on maintaining faith in spite of money, power and stress.

June 30 - Life Holds No Regrets For Shatner
Retirement is not in the picture for the former Captain Kirk.

June 27 - 'Star Trek XI' Spoilers From AICN
'Star Trek XI' details emerge from the editing room.

June 25 - Mojo 'Star Trek: Voyager' Images
New high-res images from 'Star Trek: Voyager' by Mojo. Plus: Mulgrew in 'Equus'.

June 25 - Precursor To 'Star Trek' Scanner Identifies Organic Matter
Ultraviolet scanner may be Mars-bound if several challenges can be solved.

June 25 - Tolpin On Playing Spock
L.A.-based actor and director acts and directs in latest 'Star Trek Phase II' film.

June 25 - Moore On 'Star Trek' Films
Co-writer of 'Star Trek: Generations' and 'Star Trek: First Contact' looks back on the movies. Plus: Moore on 'Star Trek XI'.

June 24 - Siddig To Star In 'Cairo Time'
A new movie and convention appearances are on the slate for the former Dr. Bashir.

June 24 - Spiner On The End Of 'The Next Generation' Era
Saying goodbye was difficult for those involved with 'Star Trek: The Next Generation.'

June 23 - Paramount Profits Soar
First half of the year proves to be a good one for the studio responsible for 'Star Trek XI'.

June 23 - Burton: Fans Want More 'Next Generation'
Former Geordi LaForge on 'Star Trek XI' and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

June 22 - Moore On 'Star Trek' Clichés And 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'
Finding a different type story for 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' was always a challenge.

June 22 - Luna On Return To World Of 'Star Trek'
Former Marlena Moreau on appearing in 'Star Trek Phase II' production and on working with Shatner in 'Star Trek'.

June 21 - Retro Review: Yesterday's Enterprise
A time rift causes a dramatic shift in history, creating a universe where Tasha Yar is alive.

June 21 - 'Star Trek: The Music'
Toronto Symphony Orchestra presenting music from the original series through the 'Star Trek' movies.

June 21 - Star Trek News Bullets
'Star Trek: The Exhibition', 'Operation: Beta Shield', 'Star Trek: The Experience', Star Trek action figures, Robert Picardo, Remastered 'Requiem for Methuselah', Kim Cattrall.

June 18 - Picardo on 'Stargate: Atlantis'
Playing strange and quirky characters is fun for the former EMH. Plus: Differences between 'Stargate: Atlantis' and 'Star Trek'.

June 18 - Takei Obtains Wedding License
Star Trek's original Sulu will marry partner in September.

June 18 - Play 'Star Trek' 20Q
'Star Trek' version of Radica Games 20Q premieres online.

June 18 - Biller Joins 'Wizard's First Rule'
Biller and Sussman to work together again?

June 17 - Orci And Kurtzman On Why A Prequel To Original Series
'Star Trek XI' co-writers and executive producers on choosing what film to make.

June 16 - 'Star Trek: Of Gods And Men' Part Three Releases
Final installment of fan film trilogy filled with 'Star Trek' actors now available for viewing.

June 16 - Fontana On Writing For 'Star Trek'
Writing for the origina series meant knowing the characters and correcting the mistakes of other writers who didn't quite get 'Star Trek'.

June 15 - 'Star Trek The Tour' Is Now 'Star Trek The Exhibition'
Streamlined and renamed, the Star Trek exhibition is on the move again.

June 15 - FedCon USA Closes Abruptly
First ever FedCon USA cancelled during the second day.

June 15 - Rod Roddenberry Unveils Plaque At Vulcan
Son of Gene Roddenberry makes appearance at 'Spock Days and Galaxyfest'.

June 15 - No Slowing Down For Shatner
Getting older means hurrying up to get things done. Plus: Nerine's family on Shatner's new autobiography

June 13 - Moore On Escaping 'The Box'
Jealousy, greed, conflict and other negative traits are necessary for good storytelling.

June 13 - Retro Review: A Matter of Perspective
Riker is accused of murdering a scientist who claimed the first officer made a play for his wife.

June 11 - New Trek Product News
'Star Trek' toys, games, clothing, food, models and other goodies will soon be available for 'Star Trek' fans.

June 10 - Quinto on 'Star Trek XI' And 'Heroes'
Working on 'Star Trek XI' was a great learning experience for Zachary Quinto.

June 10 - Koenig on Chekov and 'Star Trek'
Fan encounters, 'Star Trek' and 'Star Trek XI'

June 10 - 'Star Trek' Merchandise
Action figures, collectibles and PEZ candy dispensers to appear on store shelves.

June 8 - Behind The Scenes With 'Star Trek: Intrepid'
Making a fan film is a labor of love for 'Star Trek' fan film creators.

June 8 - Bill Dial Passes
Writer and Producer who worked on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager passes away at the age of sixty-four.

June 8 - Nichols Keeps on Trekkin'
Passing the 'Star Trek' torch to her successor as Uhura, Nichols keeps active with writing and performing.

June 7 - Park Talks 'Star Trek'
'Enterprise's' Ensign Hoshi Sato on 'Enterprise', 'Star Trek XI' and her future.

June 7 - Tahir On Abrams And 'Star Trek XI'
Captain Robau optimistic about fan reception of new 'Star Trek' film.

June 6 - Retro Review: Deja Q
Q appears again, in trouble with the Continuum and minus his powers, while the Enterprise is trying to save a planet.

June 5 - Paramount Wants To Contract Creative Team For Sequel
Writer Orci suggests studio is so pleased with the people behind the new 'Star Trek' film, they're ready to lock them down for another one.

June 5 - Shatner Praises TOS Kirk
Original Series star recalls watching 'A Piece Of The Action' a few weeks ago -- the first time in ages he saw an episode of the show.

June 3 - Ellison Documentary To Open
'Dreams With Sharp Teeth' takes Ellison from his Cleveland childhood to adult fame, fortune and controversy.

June 2 - Tahir On 'Star Trek XI'
New Federation Captain talks about 'Star Trek XI', his character and the new Kirk.

June 2 - Koenig Speaks
The former Chekov on 'Star Trek XI', Yelchin and Internet bloggers.

June 2 - Takei Sets The Date
Takei to marry long-term partner this autumn.

June 2 - Saldana On Working On 'Star Trek XI'
Wearing a 'Star Trek' miniskirt is a surefire way to get attention.

June 2 - Shatner Wasn't Keen on Gene Roddenberry
Roddenberry's tactics cost him a friendship.

June 1 - Robert Justman Passes Away
Producer of the original series and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' dead at the age of eighty-one.

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