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An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2008

July 31 - Povill To Direct 'Star Trek: Phase II' Episode
Writer-producer to work on 'Star Trek: Phase II: The Child'

July 31 - 'Star Trek XI' Command Uniform
Fans of the original series will be familiar with the color scheme of the 'Star Trek XI' uniforms.

July 30 - Abrams On Lack Of 'Star Trek' Promotion
Cool things coming down the line according to Abrams.

July 30 - Lindelof 'Star Trek XI' Update
Humor, the original series versus 'Star Trek XI', and a production update.

July 30 - Pine Talks 'Star Trek XI'
Abram's work and that of the 'Star Trek XI' cast to "blow away" fans.

July 29 - Pegg On His 'Star Trek' Experience
A surprising email leads to role for actor/comedian Pegg.

July 29 - 'Star Trek' Season Three Remastered DVDs
Final season of 'Star Trek' to release this autumn.

July 28 - Quinto On Spock
Playing the Vulcan means working with Nimoy and learning how to deal with fandom.

July 28 - Nimoy On Spock's Future
The original Spock on 'Star Trek XI', his current work and appearing on Shatner's new show.

July 27 - Star Trek News Bullets
Yelchin on 'Star Trek XI's' classic feel, 'Star Trek Online' MMOG, 'Star Trek XI' scene rumor debunked, Abrams on why no 'Star Trek' panel at Comic-Con.

July 27 - Randy Pausch Passes
Inspirational Carnegie-Mellon Professor who had cameo in 'Star Trek XI' loses battle with pancreatic cancer.

July 27 - Pine On 'Quantum Quest'
The new Captain Kirk on his voice work in new animated 3D film.

July 27 - 'Star Trek' Book And Comic News
The Borg, The Ferengi, The Klingons and the Q to feature in upcoming books and comics.

July 27 - 'Star Trek XI' Story Spoilers
Scenes from 'Star Trek XI' described in detail.

July 25 - New 'Star Trek' R/C Toys To Appear
Flying toy Enterprises will be making their appearance with the promise of other ships to follow.

July 24 - Nimoy On Becoming Spock Again
Reprising his most famous role meant working past his initial concerns.

July 23 - Visitor On 'Battlestar Galactica'
Former Kira Nerys contrasts 'Battlestar Galactica' with 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.' Plus: Visitor's views on the Screen Actors Guild strike.

July 23 - Blalock On 'Star Trek XI' Casting
Former T'Pol states her opinion on the omission of a familiar 'Star Trek' name. Plus: Nero the Romulan?

July 22 - Star Trek News Bullets
Simon Pegg on 'Spaced', Wheaton on Internet behavior, Stewart in Hamlet, Nimoy on comedy show, Trek's comic popularity, 'Warp Watch', MTV List, Abrams on 'Star Trek XI'

July 22 - Pegg on Portraying Scotty
Being sensitive but not oversensitive is the key to portraying the popular Scottish engineer.

July 22 - Abrams, Kurtzman And Orci on 'Star Trek XI'
Optimism, family and what it was like to step on the set for the first time.

July 22 - Quinto On Spock
Influences on how Quinto played Spock. Plus: 'Star Trek XI' downloadable wallpapers and icons.

July 19 - Karl Urban Shows Off Original Series Knowledge
The new McCoy relates his favorite TOS episodes. Plus: Updated release dates for the new film.

July 18 - Shatner Nominated Again For An Emmy
Role of Denny Crane garners Emmy nomination for the former Captain Kirk.

July 18 - 'Star Trek XI' Romulan Speaks
Romulan villain on 'Star Trek XI'. Plus: First Cast Photos!

July 16 - Abrams On 'Star Trek XI' Performances
Quinto and Pine as Spock and Kirk. Plus: Morrison, Ryder, and working with Nimoy.

July 16 - JumpCon Boston Convention Cancelled
Second 'Star Trek' convention failure in the past two months.

July 16 - Abrams And Burk On Quinto
Quinto as Spock is sure to please.

July 16 - Wheaton - Beyond 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
Author of 'Just a Geek' on his transition from acting to writing.

July 16 - Stewart - 'Star Trek' Was Theatrical
Although a science-fiction show, 'Star Trek' had classical theatrical elements.

July 15 - Paramount Financial Funding Plan Falls Through
Plan to finance films including 'Star Trek XI' is suspended.

July 15 - Lack Of 'Star Trek XI' At Comic-Con Disappoints Abrams
'Star Trek XI" will not be represented at Comic-Con 2008, the last Comic-Con before the movie's 2009 release.

July 13 - Pocket 'Star Trek' Book Schedule Announced
Forthcoming 'Star Trek' books announced at Shore Leave Convention.

July 13 - Auberjonois To Play Former Child Abuser
Former Odo to guest star in second-season premiere of 'Saving Grace.'

July 13 - Sirtis In '31 North 62 East'
Former Counselor Troi to turn her attentions to psychological thriller.

July 13 - Cawley On 'Star Trek: Phase II's' Future
Back to Kirk, Spock and McCoy for the fan-produced series.

July 11 - 'Blood And Fire' To Premiere At Shore Leave
Preliminary cut of 'Star Trek: Phase II: Blood and Fire' to be shown at Shore Leave 30.

July 11 - Bakula To Co-Star In New Drama Pilot
Former Captain Archer to appear in TNT show about male friendship and trying to realize one's dreams.

July 11 - McGillion On 'Star Trek XI'
'Stargate: Atlantis' actor to appear in 'Star Trek XI'.

July 9 - Picardo On 'Stargate: Atlantis' And 'Voyager'
The evolution of Woolsey and the EMH. Plus: The EMH post-'Voyager'.

July 9 - 'Shatner's Raw Nerve' To Debut
Familiar 'Star Trek' star to be among one of the first guests on new show hosted by Shatner.

July 8 - Wheaton On 'Star Trek XI'
Enthusiasm over a new 'Star Trek' movie is nothing new. Plus: Wheaton to appear at Comic-Con this month.

July 6 - Weddle and Thompson Join 'CSI'
Former 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' writers move to CBS.

July 5 - Shatner: Past And Present
Shatner to host Animal Planet Show. Plus: Shatner Career Spotlight. 'Up Till Now' Review.

July 5 - McDonough To Join 'Desperate Housewives'
Former Lieutenant Hawk to join Wisteria Lane ladies.

July 5 - Abrams On 'Star Trek' Reboot
The new 'Star Trek' movie is meant to be inclusive.

July 5 - Cho On 'Star Trek XI'
Cho on the date change to summer, respect and the new Enterprise Bridge.

July 3 - Lilyan Chauvin Passes Away
Actress who portrayed Vedek Yassim dead at the age of 82.

July 3 - Kurtzman And Orci On Upcoming Movies
'Star Trek XI' writers discuss 'Eagle Eye' and 'Star Trek XI'.

July 3 - Alexander Courage Remembered
Memorial service eulogizes artist, craftsman and friend.

July 2 - Auberjonois on playing MoliŤre's Argan
The former Odo takes on the role of an irritating hypochondriac.

July 2 - More On The Closing Of 'Star Trek: The Experience'
Fans mourn the loss of the Las Vegas 'Star Trek' attraction.

July 1 - 'Star Trek: The Experience' To Close
Las Vegas Hilton attraction to end in September.

July 1 - Shatner Answers Fan Questions
Shatner on 'Star Trek', 'Boston Legal' and celebrity.

July 1 - Nichols Almost Landed 'Star Trek XI' Cameo
Meeting With Abrams almost led to small 'Star Trek XI' role for the original Uhura.

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