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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2006

July 31 - At Comic-Con, Guests Talk Trek Importance, Future
Numerous actors joined vendors and CBS officials in keeping Star Trek's presence strong at San Diego convention.

July 30 - Shatner To Conduct Boston Pops
Captain Kirk actor will make debut with baton at Cape Cod's Pops by the Sea concert.

July 30 - News Bullets
Sci-Fi Guru, Trek XI, Mulgrew, Doohan, Scotty, Enterprise Blues Band, SFX, anniversary gala, Piller, Thorne, Trek XI again.

July 28 - Site Columns
Serenity, Sci-Fi on the BBS, Trek two years ago, Original Series DVD poll, birthdays.

July 28 - : Assignment: Earth
A trip back to the 20th century reveals some surprises about how humans survived their primitive nuclear era.

July 27 - Star Trek Lives At Comic-Con
DVD, manga, games are nearing release as Paramount gears up for 'Star Trek XI'.

July 27 - Meaney To Take The Stage in 'Misbegotten' Revival
O'Brien actor will play opposite Kevin Spacey in production of Eugene O'Neill classic.

July 26 - The Book Padd: Vulcan's Soul, Book Two: Exiles
The tale of the long and perilous journey that the Vulcan exiles who would become the Romulans undertook.

July 26 - News Bullets
Piller, 40th anniversary concert, Takei, Koenig, Doohan, Russ & Allen, Stillwell, Fontana, Smallwood, Christie's auction, Star Trek phones, anniversary collector cards, Edinburgh Fringe parody, Bakula.

July 25 - 'Inner Light' Writer Discusses Episode's Development
Highly-regarded 'Next Generation' storyline took several pitches to refine, had planned but unproduced sequel.

July 25 - Stewart's Affair With Star Trek Is Over
Picard actor once again credits Star Trek with commercial success but attributes years of professional frustration to his long connection to TNG.

July 24 - Star Trek Fan To Be First Female Space Tourist
Iranian-born US millionaire will travel on a Soyuz rocket to realise childhood dream of being like Kirk and Spock.

July 24 - Park's 'Honor' To Be Screened At Action On Film Fest
Sato actress appears alongside pro wrestlers and martial artists in new action film.

July 23 - 'Star Trek XI' Poster Released
First image to publicise upcoming film, which suggests original series-era, distributed at Comic-Con and online.

July 23 - The Book Padd: Pocket Books Preview: 2007
At the recent Shore Leave 28 convention, Pocket Books editors elaborated on what's coming up for the Star Trek line.

July 21 - Site Columns
Beating the heat, BBS conversations, Trek two years ago, birthdays, new poll.

July 20 - Abrams, 'TV Guide' Explore Star Trek's Future
Producer explains why previous shows appealed to him and why he won't discuss film plans; magazine covers auction, sci-fi on television.

July 20 - Mulgrew To Appear in NBC's Anticipated 'Black Donnellys'
Irish-American actress joins drama of Irish brothers from Oscar-winning 'Crash' producers.

July 19 - Animated Series Release Date, Art Published
Full run of the animated Star Trek will arrive in November with documentaries and text commentary.

July 18 - Abrams: Wait for the Opportune Moment for Star Trek
Executive producer believes there is life left in the franchise but it requires the right presentation.

July 18 - York Maze Presents Maize For Star Trek Fans
World's largest corn maze features the Enterprise, Mr. Spock, other symbols in honour of Star Trek's 40th anniversary.

July 17 - Ryan to Marry Ortolan's French Chef
Seven of Nine actress expects wedding next summer, hopes to avoid inter-series romance on 'Shark'.

July 17 - Abrams Signs Five-Year Deal With Paramount
Studio hopes that his first film will be a Star Trek feature; exec would make $5+ million.

July 17 - Top Site Among Podcast Video Fans
Trekkies cited as broad potential target audience for online video content.

July 16 - Site Columns
Summer chat and poll, animated series status on the BBS, 'Enterprise' news two years ago and more.

July 16 - The Book Padd: Pocket Books Preview: July to December 2006
At the recent Shore Leave 28 convention, Pocket Books editors discussed what's coming up for the Star Trek line.

July 16 - The Book Padd: Vanguard: Summon the Thunder
The second book in the new 'Star Trek Vanguard' series is excellent and more than lives up to the series' potential.

July 6 - Trinneer Talks Fatherhood and Fantasy Roles
Overall happy with his work on 'Enterprise', Tucker actor is pleased to be back in 'Atlantis' and thrilled by his son.

July 6 - Phillips, Ciccolella Make 'The Switch'
Neelix actor joins unscripted thriller with 'Nemesis' Romulan.

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