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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for December 2006

Dec 27 - Shatner Inducted Into TV Academy Hall of Fame
Introduced by wife Elizabeth, the actor was also feted by TV executives and thanked his fans.

Dec 27 - Spiner Celebrates Star Trek's Longevity
Though displeased with the current regime at Paramount, the actor thinks 'Enterprise' was cancelled too soon, like his own 'Threshold'.

Dec 22 - : The Lights of Zetar
Scotty's new love is possessed by energy beings which have been without physical form for millennia.

Dec 21 - Justman Would Like To Speak With Abrams About Trek
Legendary original series producer, one of the architects of 'The Next Generation', does not believe Star Trek will ever disappear.

Dec 21 - Berman: It Took Coto To Bring Original Series Thrill to 'Enterprise'
Though he denies rumours that he disliked the original series, former exec admits he didn't see all the episodes and says Coto sparked enthusiasm for it on the last Trek show.

Dec 20 - 'Legacy' Continues To Bring In Mixed Reviews
Microsoft offers new dashboards and pics for Xbox users; 'Legacy' leaves PC players in particular unhappy with controls.

Dec 20 - Report: Abrams Wants Chambliss To Design 'Trek XI'
Producer and art director have collaborated on several previous projects, resulting in an Emmy win and several nods.

Dec 18 - Nichols Reflects on Great Bird and 'Gods'
The actress is pleased to play Uhura in a central role in new fan series 'Of Gods and Men' but declines to guess what Roddenberry would think.

Dec 18 - Shatner's 'Show Me the Money' Shown the Door
ABC cancels game show, slated to go up against 'American Idol', after studying numbers among key demographic group.

Dec 14 - 'Trek XI' Has New Exec, May Be Headed Toward Production
New producer is expected to work on the film's budget; script said to be nearing completion.

Dec 14 - New Animated Series May Take Trek Past 'Nemesis'
Rossi and others are working to sell CBS on a web-based series set in a future Federation after a devastating war.

Dec 13 - Shatner, Trinneer, Sirtis, 'Voyager' on TV
ABC picks up 'Show Me the Money' for Tuesday nights, 'Without a Trace' features Trek actors, Spike to run 'Voyager' marathon.

Dec 13 - Despite Uniting Captains, 'Legacy' Gets Mixed Reviews
Users lodge complaints about lack of innovation in new Bethesda Softworks title; bug fix now available.

Dec 12 - Damon Would Consider Playing Kirk In 'Star Trek XI'
Though the actor reiterates that he has not been approached, 'The Bourne Identity' star says that if he liked the script, he'd take the Trek role.

Dec 8 - : That Which Survives
After viewing this inanity about a woman whose touch kills, it's little wonder the original series did not long survive it.

Dec 6 - G4 Will Give 'Next Gen' the 2.0 Treatment
Cable network plans to repackage 'The Next Generation' episodes with the same interactive features as Star Trek 2.0.

Dec 6 - Bakula To Star As Firefighting Hero
Archer actor will appear in 'Blue Smoke' on Lifetime, directed by David Carson of 'Generations'.

Dec 6 - Paramount Expects 2008-9 Release for 'Star Trek XI'
Exec says studio wants to beef up TV production; article claims that Abrams will direct the next Trek film.

Dec 5 - Martel Remembers Long Career, Interesting Men
T'Pring actress only made a single appearance on the original series, but made a strong impression for fans.

Dec 4 - Frakes' 'Librarian' Sequel Celebrates Nerds
Trek actor-director is happy to be involved helming other franchises but hopes to be back on Star Trek someday.

Dec 4 - Stinnett Talks MMORPG Development
'Star Trek Online' producer is not worried about potential changes related to 'Star Trek XI', says current focus is on space combat.

Dec 1 - : The Mark of Gideon
Kirk finds himself the only person on board the Enterprise save an alien woman who claims not to know how she got there.

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