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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for August 2005

Aug 31 - Shatner Says He Lost His Dignity Long Ago
Actor is drawing from his own adolescence in new Kirk novels, loves to make people laugh.

Aug 31 - De Lancie Mentors Student Filmmakers
Approached to play himself in an independent film, the Q actor discovered that the writers were in high school.

Aug 31 - Siddig Rides To 'The Last Legion'
Bashir actor will appear in yet another high-profile feature film, this time with Kingsley and Firth.

Aug 30 - Braga on 'Threshold' Of Moving On
Former 'Enterprise' exec says he has some regrets and understands fan frustration but believed in finale when he wrote it.

Aug 30 - Recurring Stars Recall Star Trek Appearances
Actors also sang and entertained at the Creation Las Vegas convention.

Aug 30 - Sirtis Says Respect Didn't Protect Stewart From Ribbing
TNG cast called Picard actor 'Old Baldy' and knew Klingon actor Dorn was a softy, she says.

Aug 28 - 'New Voyages' Star To Appear in 'Hidden Frontier'
Fan film productions to cross over as Captain Kirk actor plays Captain Calhoun in TNG-era series.

Aug 28 - Masterson's 'Take Out' To Make Festival Circuit
Leeta actress, host's film about the fast food industry features other familiar names.

Aug 27 - 'Enterprise' Enters Syndication September 17th
Much of the well-liked fourth season will be broadcast in 2006 before earlier episodes.

Aug 27 - Actors Show Collaborative Spirit in Las Vegas
A number of Trek alumni are currently working with other Trek alumni on film and TV projects.

Aug 26 - Jendresen Talks Trek XI
Scribe for potential Star Trek feature says he has completed a first draft of screenplay with all-new characters, now in hands of Paramount execs.

Aug 26 - Site Columns
Ancient Rome on DVD, Karl Marx on the BBS, Trek two years ago, McFadden birthday and more.

Aug 26 - : Balance of Terror
When the Neutral Zone is violated, Kirk wonders how best to avert a war.

Aug 25 - News Bullets
Stewart, Blalock, memorials, Sirtis, Mulgrew, Rhys-Davies, Robinson, 'Enterprise' in England, 'Nemesis', caps, cards, blogs, Trek medicine, Broadway, books, Braga & Moore and more.

Aug 25 - Beimler-Wolfe 'Scarlett' To Begin Lensing This Month
Former DS9 writers' pilot script for Lifetime, exec producer Bruce Willis will star Rebecca Gayheart.

Aug 25 - Stewart Joins The 'Extras' Tonight
Photos of Jean-Luc Picard actor in season finale of new Ricky Gervais comedy. Plus: date set for US premiere.

Aug 24 - Burton, Trinneer, McNeill, Wang Talk In Las Vegas
TNG, VOY and ENT actors discuss their upcoming projects, aspirations.

Aug 24 - Montgomery Releases CD, Prepares for Charity Weekend
Mayweather actor produced music as act of love, is planning to raise money for youth in his hometown in Indiana.

Aug 23 - Admiral Cartwright & Joseph Sisko Actor Brock Peters Dies
Award-winning performer was best known for his role in Academy Award winner 'To Kill A Mockingbird.'

Aug 23 - Behr Reflects on Ferengi, '4400'
Former DS9 executive producer misses the family feeling from Star Trek but is proud of running the new show.

Aug 23 - Keating Couldn't Break Producers' 'Stranglehold' On Reed
'Enterprise' actor reveals that he pitched stories but Berman and Braga didn't incorporate them.

Aug 22 - Shatner, Stewart Discuss Changes In Lives, Star Trek
Shatner has 'miracle' granddaughter; Stewart plans to spend next year performing Shakespeare.

Aug 22 - Interview: Michael Jan Friedman
The longtime Trek novelist and comic writer discusses his upcoming Picard/Crusher novel 'Death In Winter'.

Aug 22 - At WWII 60th Anniversary, Takei Recalls Family Experiences
Star Trek's Sulu was interned as a child along with other Japanese-Americans, says idealism is important to stop it from happening again.

Aug 21 - Michael Okuda Joins 'Star Trek: Online' Team
Longtime graphics wizard, LCARS developer will lend his talents to the upcoming MMORPG.

Aug 21 - Articles on Pedophile Star Trek Fans Ignite Controversy
Toronto detective refutes his original claim that 'all but one' arrested were 'hard-core Trekkies'; meanwhile other venues defend, analyse the story.

Aug 21 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' actor forums, Brooks, Mulgrew, Stewart, convention photos, Siddig, Visitor, Auberjonois, Behr, Ware, Dinklage's Trek connections, Plakson, contests, comics, cons.

Aug 21 - 'Hidden Frontier' Creates 'Beachhead'
Fan series has been profiled in industry magazine, has new episode in release.

Aug 21 - Brooks, Mulgrew Greet Fans In Las Vegas
DS9 and Voyager captains describe their goals and reminisce about Star Trek.

Aug 19 - : The Conscience of the King
Kirk attempts to use a production of 'Hamlet' to expose a potential murderer.

Aug 19 - Site Columns
Back from the beach, TrekBBS discussions, third season hype history, new poll and many birthdays!

Aug 18 - Linlithgow Presses Claim As Scotty's Birthplace
In competition for tourist revenues, Scottish councillor repudiates claims by Aberdeen, prepares Star Trek monument.

Aug 18 - Decipher Faces Lawsuits, Fan Complaints
Company that produces the Star Trek CCG has downsized; 'Star Trek Communicator' may no longer be published there.

Aug 17 - Keating, Trinneer Sorry To Lack Faith of the Heart
'Enterprise' actors have a few regrets about roads not taken, but were happy to be part of Star Trek.

Aug 17 - News Bullets
TWOP Tubeys, Stewart, Billingsley, Siddig, Shatner, Nimoy, Mulgrew x2, Phillips, Blackman, reviews, 'Threshold' in the UK, Trek aliens and funnies.

Aug 16 - Trinneer To Appear on 'Stargate Atlantis'
'Enterprise' actor follows Picardo, Blalock and others to Sci-Fi's successful SF franchise.

Aug 16 - Affluent Trek Fans Fuel Convention Circuit
Las Vegas businesses took in millions of dollars from last week's convention; Creation owners discuss different fandoms' gatherings.

Aug 16 - Piller and Visitor's 'Wildfire' Renewed For Second Season
ABC Family series has had solid ratings, favourable response from critics and viewers.

Aug 15 - 'New Voyages' Movie Forthcoming
Star Trek fan series postpones its fourth episode to prepare for a full-length feature; poster for episode three available now.

Aug 15 - Mulgrew Discusses Trek, Religious Controversies
At a London convention, the Janeway actress talked about her disappointments with 'Voyager' and how she prepares to act onstage.

Aug 15 - Aberdeen Plans Space Park To Honour Scotty
Scottish city declares itself the official future birthplace of Star Trek's engineer, celebrates ties to NASA.

Aug 14 - Brooks Would Have Liked More Benny Russell Episodes
At Seattle con, DS9's Benjamin Sisko actor says 'Far Beyond The Stars' was his favorite episode. Plus: Brent Spiner talks killing Data.

Aug 14 - Star Trek Theme Vocalist Dies
Soprano Loulie Jean Norman provided wordless sung accompaniment to Alexander Courage's original theme music.

Aug 12 - Review: Enterprise Blues Band
Jacqueline Bundy listens to the first CD of this new band consisting of Vaughn Armstrong, Casey Biggs, Ronald B. Moore, and other 'Trek' veterans.

Aug 12 - Viacom Announces Trek-Themed Communicator Phone
This fall, 'Trek' fans will be able to buy a phone modeled after the Starfleet communicators and coming with a multi-player, online Trek game.

Aug 12 - Robert Picardo: 'Stargate' Has Eclipsed 'Star Trek'
Former 'Star Trek: Voyager' star and current recurring actor on 'SG-1' expresses his amazement at the popularity of the latter series.

Aug 11 - Creation Owners Discuss Convention Phenomenon
On the day the Las Vegas Trek convention opens, Creation admits Enterprise's cancellation didn't help the con business, but still promises a massive event.

Aug 10 - News Bullets
Shatner to spoof Kirk in DreamWorks film, Nick Sagan novel, DVD reviews, Persis Khambatta, 'X-Men 3,' and Michael Jackson the Klingon.

Aug 10 - The Book Padd: Star Trek S.C.E. #52: Identity Crisis
Jacqueline Bundy reviews John Ordover's first book in the eBook-only Trek series.

Aug 9 - Stewart & McKellen Planning 'Merchant Of Vegas'
The Jean-Luc Picard actor and his 'X-Men' co-star are hoping to update William Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice' in a $35 million film.

Aug 9 - New 'Family Guy' Movie To Feature 'DS9' Parody
Rene Auberjonois will reprise his role as Odo in the direct-to-DVD film 'Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story;' 'Star Trek V' also to be spoofed.

Aug 8 - Braga And Spiner's 'Threshold' To Premiere September 16
CBS announces it will launch its new SF show with a special two-hour premiere, but meanwhile, the first reviews are decidedly mixed.

Aug 8 - Richard Arnold: Scotty Will Be Born In Aberdeen
As Trek's official archivist, a professor in Trek history, and Gene Roddenberry's biographer all weigh in, the matter seems settled -- but Linlithgow is determined to keep fighting!

Aug 7 - News Bullets
Takei remembers Doohan, 'Boston Legal' returns, 'Questor Tapes,' Bakula interview, 'Roswell' not likely to return, book reviews, Scarlett Pomers, and more!

Aug 7 - The Book Padd: Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger
Jacqueline Bundy looks at the 'pilot novel' for this new station-based book series set in the TOS era.

Aug 6 - The Book Padd: String Theory Book One, Cohesion
A well-paced, well-characterised novel set during 'Voyager' impresses Jacqueline Bundy.

Aug 6 - Pocket Books Has Busy Summer Schedule
Several Trek titles go back to press as SNW8 and 'Harbinger' are released.

Aug 5 - Site Columns
Hello World, book chat, changes three years ago, new poll, birthday and more.

Aug 5 - : The Menagerie Parts I & II
Kirk watches Star Trek's original pilot episode as evidence in Spock's courtmartial for mutiny.

Aug 4 - New 'Enterprise' and 'Insurrection' Reviews Posted
Win the ninth movie on DVD and learn the official release date for 'Enterprise' season four on DVD!

Aug 4 - Dawson To Direct on All Major Networks This Season
Torres of 'Voyager' is now spending most of her time behind the camera, filming episodes of 'Lost', 'Crossing Jordan' and 'The O.C.'

Aug 3 - Discovery Shuttle Has 'Enterprise' Connections
Astronauts woken to theme song; new NASA chief describes himself as being Spock.

Aug 3 - News Bullets
Mulgrew, Stewart, Wheaton, Shatner, Brooks, Trek theatre, Lucas, birthdays, fan films, Trek appeal, stunt clinic and more.

Aug 2 - Siddig To Tackle Agatha Christie
'DS9' star, whose feature 'Syriana' opens this winter, will appear in a Poirot telemovie for ITV.

Aug 2 - Scottish Towns Fight Over Scotty
Aberdeen, Edinburth, Elgin and Linlithgow all want the right to call themselves the birthplace of Star Trek's engineer.

Aug 1 - Billingsley Would Return To Star Trek
'Enterprise' actor discusses cast jokes and playing Phlox but said 'Enterprise' would definitely not return.

Aug 1 - Roddenberry Jr. Talks Trek Values, Plans
Star Trek creator's son wants a range of fan viewpoints in his documentary, hopes to screen it at Sundance.

Aug 1 - McNeill To Take On 'Desperate Housewives'
'Voyager' actor will direct several Emmy-nominated series, has film and convention appearance upcoming as well.

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