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By Michelle
August 5, 2005 - 9:07 PM

Hello World!

It's nearly 100 degrees in DC - again - and I am off to the beach with my family tomorrow, so I won't be around. Hopefully it will be cooler there; it has been cooler in Baltimore and Annapolis, which are on the water. But even if it isn't I'm planning to spend most of my time in the Atlantic Ocean so *I* will be cooler regardless.

In addition to spending time in the surf, we are planning to visit the tall ship Kalmar Nyckel, which is docked in Cambridge this weekend; we are planning to go to the lighthouse and shipwreck museums in Delaware; we are planning to spend a day on Chincoteague Island, where the wild ponies are; we are planning to take the kids on a pirate cruise; and we are planning to eat crabs, play miniature golf, go on rides on the boardwalk and do all those other things that seem universal to beaches. I had thought perhaps it was just U.S. beaches, but when we were in Portsmouth earlier this year, we discovered that England, too, has seaside fried seafood stands, boardwalks, amusement parks and miniature golf.

I am not sure whether I will have any internet access at all; last time we were in Delaware, the rotary phone system made it impossible to dial in, and the place we're staying has no cable or wireless access. Whether this will be a welcome relief from real world concerns or a very stressful isolation is yet to be determined. Hope everyone is enjoying August and not melting in the northern hemisphere!

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Sunday, August 7th is the birthday of Cirroc Lofton, Deep Space Nine's Jake Sisko.

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