Season Three Production Commences

By Caillan
June 27, 2003 - 11:09 AM

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With their brief hiatus in the real world over, the Enterprise cast and crew have returned to the 22nd century to shoot the show's third season.

Thursday, June 26, was the first day of production on "The Xindi", Enterprise's third season premiere, reported. The title refers to the mysterious aliens who attacked Earth during the opening moments of last year's finale, "The Expanse".

Filming on "The Xindi" is expected to last for nine days, until Tuesday, July 8. According to the official site, the new military officers, who will be recurring characters, are set to make their debut in the episode. There are currently no details on who has been cast to fill the new martial roles.

Viewers will likely get their first glimpse of the mysterious Xindi in the episode, which is said to feature "new creatures, sets, effects". Construction on the new locales reportedly began during the hiatus so they would be ready when shooting commenced.

In keeping with the "new" theme this season, science officer T'Pol is set to get a makeover. Actress Jolene Blalock last week tested the "slightly more casual look" for her Vulcan alter-ego.

"The Xindi" is scheduled to air in "late September", possibly on Wednesday, September 24 (story). The original production report can be found here at

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