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By Caillan
August 22, 2004 - 11:52 AM

Hello World!

I vote that in 2008, everyone should automatically get two weeks off work and/or study so we can all become couch potatoes and watch the Olympics 24/7. There's just so much going on to catch everything, and whenever I have a free moment to watch, they're invariably showing an interminably dull sport. (Yes, I retract my earlier comments -- the equestrian cross-country might be good television, but the dressage is quite possibly the dullest spectator sport this side of lawn bowls.)

Since I've been unable to stay up to all hours of the morning to watch the swimming finals, I've had to make a few compromises. One is getting up a little earlier in the morning to watch the highlights package. However, you have to make sure you watch the right highlights package...because on the news programs, they have a duty to tell you who has won the race. But, I was very angry the day I stayed home and was watching the highlights segments where they deliberately don't tell you who won, only for a silly newsbreak to come on during the ads and give it away.

Last night, for the first time, I found myself awake at 3 a.m. in the morning, so I was able to watch the final of the men's 1500 metres. And what a fantastic race it was too -- the 1500 metres can be dull if there is someone who is just so far in front of the rest of the field that you just know they're going to win, but last night's was a real nail-biter. However, all was right in the world and Australia prevailed once again.

Channel Seven's coverage of the Olympics has been a somewhat mixed affair overall. Indeed, sometimes the Olympic segments seem to be designed to promoting Channel Seven's post-Olympic programming more than anything going on in Athens. Unfortunately, the ads have revealed that Seven, which has struggled in the ratings this year and lacks hit shows, really doesn't have much to offer after Athens except some lame reality TV shows, Australian dramas which have been revamped to make them look more like US drams (on 1/5th of the budget) and the final season of The Practice. Somehow, I don't think any of those offerings will be setting ratings records.

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- Could Enterprise survive without T'Pol?

- What should Enterprise fans be called?

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items in mid-August, 2002:

  • 'Nemesis' Rated PG-13
    Hollywood trade paper Daily Variety reported that the MPAA gave the tenth Trek feature a PG-13 rating due to "sci-fi action violence and peril and a scene of sexual content." Nemesis was only the second Trek film after Star Trek: First Contact to be given a PG-13 rating, with all the other films receiving a PG rating.

  • First Details On Further 'Enterprise' Figures
    Toy manufacturer Art Asylum announced a new range of Enterprise action figures to be released in Spring 2003. The line completed the range of NX-01 crew members in both their regular uniforms and the 'Away Team' EVA suits. Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker, Doctor Phlox and Ensign Hoshi Sato were released in regular uniforms, while Ensign Travis Mayweather and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed hit stores wearing the EVA suits.

  • Stewart On Nemesis Difficulties
    Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) spoke candidly with Entertainment Weekly about the trials and tribulations of working with a director new to the franchise on Nemesis. "Sometimes it was an advantage, in taking a fresh approach. And sometimes someone had to step up and say, 'Um, that isn't gonna work.' More than once, [director Stewart Baird] would actually refer to LeVar Burton's character as an alien, which didn't go down too well with LeVar."

More news can be found in the August 2002 archives.

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