Marjorie Monaghan Out For Series V Role

By Christian
April 18, 2001 - 8:35 AM

On Sunday, it was reported that former 'Babylon 5' actress Marjorie Monaghan was being considered for the role of Sub-Commander T'Pau in the next Star Trek series. Possibly at the same time this news was reported, the Star Trek producers decided to drop her from consideration.

"The producers decided over the weekend that [Marjorie] wouldn't get the role of the Vulcan," a Paramount source told the Great Link. "That just leaves two ladies left."

Who the two candidates for the role are is yet unknown, though it has become fairly clear what kind of profile they would need to fit in. As described in the Series V casting sheet, T'Pau will be an "austere yet sensual female" in her late 20s or early 30s. This was confirmed by Michael Logan at TV Guide, who reported that the producers were looking for a "younger, more Seven of Nine-ish actress" for the role (story). The 6 foot tall, blonde Monaghan would certainly have fit that profile.

Now that Monaghan is no longer up for the role in the next Star Trek series, she is free to pursue several of her other projects - according to the recently-moved Unofficial Marjorie Monaghan Site, she has recently begun writing, and has said she would love to work on some projects in Europe. At the recent FedCon convention in Germany, she also did not appear adverse to appearing in a possible 'Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers' series, so this would also enable her to do that.

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