Dean Stockwell To Play Alien Colonel

By Caillan
February 13, 2002 - 6:25 AM

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Scott Bakula's (Jonathan Archer) Quantum Leap co-star Dean Stockwell will play an alien military officer in the upcoming 'Detained,' it was revealed yesterday.

According to the Sci-Fi Wire, Stockwell will appear as the Tandaran Colonel Grat in the episode, which is currently set to air in April.

The Tandarans, known as Mazarites in an earlier draft of the script, will take Captain Archer and Travis Mayweather into custody after they violate their airspace. Colonel Grat serves as the commander of the detention facility in which they are imprisoned together with numerous Suliban.

'Detained' will reportedly comment on the events following the September 11 terrorist attacks, as during his incarceration Archer comes to realise that all the Suliban are not like those in the Cabal (story).

Emmy-nominated producer-director David Livingston helmed the episode, his third Enterprise outing. He previously directed 'Strange New World' and tonight's 'Shuttlepod One.'

The original article can be found here at the Sci-Fi Wire.

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