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By Caillan
November 5, 2003 - 10:21 AM

Hello World!

Is there an unwritten law that genre television shows must call an episode "Endgame" sometime during their run? Between Babylon 5, Xena, Voyager and now Alias I'm beginning to wonder.

Alias' version didn't have two Janeways, but it did have Sydney Bristow escape from a shopping centre wearing what appeared to be wrapping paper. At least it looked like a roll of wrapping paper before she bought it, but when she emerged from the bathroom it appeared to have been transmogrified into a perfect mini-skirt created by the costume designer. It may not have been wrapping paper, since that would be likely to rip; a friend suggested that it could have been lino, which I can't see working out any better. Next time I'm being trailed by CIA agents, I'll know what to do to slip away.

I'm also starting to be a little bit concerned about some of the show's recurring characters. After Emily's tragic death in "Truth Takes Time" and the explosive end for Diane Dixon in "Endgame", I am wondering who will the next one to bite the bullet. Please let it not be Sark. And when is Sydney, or Will, for that matter, going to wake up to the fact that Francie is acting ultra weird and is in fact a plant? The girl can devise the most ingenious escape plan using a roll of wrapping paper, sticky tape and a wig but can't seem to twig that her supposed best friend is a fake.

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- Which decade was Star Trek's best?

- Should Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) receive a knighthood?

- Read advance "Twilight" reviews from dex and dogsowar.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the news items in early November, 2001:

  • Official 'Fortunate Son' Info Released published the official synopsis of this new Enterprise episode, which revolved around "Boomers" and thrust helmsman Travis Mayweather into the spotlight for the first time. The episode also featured an appearance by the Nausicaans.

  • No 'Enterprise' On BBC
    After over thirty years as the British home of Star Trek, the BBC was not approached over the rights to Enterprise. The fifth Trek series was instead offered to Channel 4.

  • Site Columns
    Caillan got very excited about The West Wing winning eight Emmys for its second season.

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Happy Birthday!

Today is the 54th birthday of Armin Shimerman, who played Quark on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Today's Television Listings

  • At 8:00pm (7:00pm Central), UPN will be showing Enterprise's "Twilight". Here's how describes the episode:

    "A spatial distortion leaves Archer unable to form any new long-term memories. Years in the future, he wakes up one morning and is stunned to learn the outcome of the human-Xindi conflict."

    Further information is available in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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