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Series V News Bullets

By Christian
March 5, 2001 - 10:10 PM

Two days ago, we published a Series V character list, which according to our source was sent out on Friday to talent agencies by Paramount. Since then, several news stories have appeared online concerning this report. To read the original article, please click here.

  • British site SFX Network just posted some more info on the next Star Trek series, which according to their US sources is currently called 'Enterprise' on the Paramount backlot.

    According to the site, during its first season the show will have to prove itself worthy of recommissioning for a second season - something that previous Star Trek shows were guaranteed of when they started. In addition, SFX's sources also suggested that Series V's position with UPN is certainly not completely secure, as it might be moved to another network by the time of its second season, due to the doubts that still exist over UPN's future.

  • CNN has posted a story on the Series V character list, saying that Paramount Television's publicity department refused to comment on the story. They also misquoted me as saying I'm waiting for a call or email from Paramount - I wouldn't dare to presume to demand mail from the Trek creators, of course. However, if Paramount do make any public comment on these rumours it will of course be reported here on TrekToday.

  • The news item concerning the Series V character list was apparently a signal for Trek franchise insiders to come out of the woodwork, as we received several denials of the news. Most of them were from anonymous persons claiming Series V would be set on the Enterprise-E, the Prometheus or a variety of other ships, but two of them have also been picked up by other news sites, and therefore are also presented below.

    In the first place, someone who wishes to remain anonymous wrote us, claiming to be a casting director in London and being able to obtain US casting information through his office in New York. "I'm affraid to say that all the information you have received about the next 'Star Trek' project is incorrect," he claimed. "The official information about the new show was given out a few weeks ago and the steps have been taken to ensure that information is kept confidential."

    Secondly, we received an anonymous report from someone claiming to be an intern at a casting agency in New York. "I've seen the real sheet... well, HEARD some of it," this person told us. "I was in the room when my boss received it. He, knowing I'm a big sci-fi fan, began reading it out loud but abruptly stopped when he realized how important it was to keep it quiet... even (and especially) from his intern. It's amazing how far off the mark the most recent rumors are! I didn't hear much but what I DID hear, were NOTHING like what I've seen online today! I've been sitting on this information for about two weeks and I'm about to explode. Well, just so most Star Trek fans don't hurt themselves over these most recent (untrue) rumors, I've decided to break my silence and let slip the one thing that will entice many fans out there until the official annoucements are made: Get ready to learn ALOT about the 29th Century and the five centuries leading up to it."

  • Meanwhile, the latest TrekToday Site Columns include an editorial on the above and other mails, as well as on the whole Series V issue in general.

  • Finally, Michael Hinman at SyFy World has posted an editorial on the Series V character list, in which he debunks the news and posts word of a source that said neither 'Enterprise' nor the idea of a pre-TOS series are in development. According to SyFy World's source, Series V "will take place either directly after Star Trek: Voyager, or in a decade after Star Trek: Voyager."
As usual, please do keep in mind that none of the above info, or in fact any Series V plot info, has been officially confirmed by Paramount yet. Until the studio makes an official announcement, any news on the next series from unofficial sources should probably be treated as you would any rumour.

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