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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2006

Sep 30 - Sirtis Sorry Not To Be Playing Troi
Actress believes too much Picard may have doomed 'Nemesis', wishes for another Next Generation film.

Sep 29 - : For the World Is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky
Just after Dr. McCoy is diagnosed with a fatal illness, the ship encounters a spaceship disguised as an asteroid, on course with a populated planet.

Sep 28 - Star Trek Credited With Inspiring Science
Australian professor based her PhD research on linking science fiction with scientific progress.

Sep 28 - News Bullets
Shatner & Spader, Shatner & Nimoy, Spaceballs, Goldberg, Siddig, Doohan, Burton, remastery, communicators, book news, syndication, Trek radio, Terra Nova.

Sep 27 - Barbarian Sulu, Trek Into Klingon Space In Fan Films
'New Voyages' and 'Tales of the Seventh Fleet' have new episodes going where Paramount never did.

Sep 27 - Legacy and Tactical Assault Near Completion
Bethesda Softworks anticipates ships and weaponry which closely reflect previous canon.

Sep 26 - Spiner Thinks Abrams Is A Good Choice For Trek Revival
However, Data actor says he is more concerned about the future of the planet than the future of Star Trek.

Sep 26 - 'Final Reflection' Author John M. Ford Dies
World Fantasy Award winner had been suffering from diabetes, is remembered by numerous sf-fantasy writers.

Sep 25 - Interview: Alexander Siddig
DS9's Dr. Bashir has had the kind of year most actors dream about, appearing in several highly-regarded films, and is about to take on Fox's '24'.

Sep 25 - Bakula To Appear Tonight In 'New Adventures of Old Christine'
Archer actor joins Julia Louis-Dreyfus in recurring role on new CBS series.

Sep 22 - Site Columns
Farewell Crocodile Hunter, Trek captains on the BBS, 'Enterprise' two years ago, new poll, birthday.

Sep 22 - The Book Padd: Star Trek Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows
David R. George III imagines what would have happened after McCoy saved Edith Keeler.

Sep 22 - : Day of the Dove
Kirk and his crew do battle against the Klingon leader Kang and his crew before they realize that an alien being has set them against one another.

Sep 21 - 'Star Trek Online' Creators Now Playing the Game
MMORPG graphical interface now allows programmers to test out combat, mission scenarios, says executive producer.

Sep 21 - Ryan's 'Shark'-bait Earns Positive Reviews
Some critics find the drama cliched but nearly all praise star James Woods and Seven of Nine actress in new legal series.

Sep 20 - Star Trek Fans, Space Pros Fete Show's Birthday
Seattle convention brings together astronauts, writers, actors to honour series' legacy.

Sep 20 - News Bullets
Syndicating Trek, Bixby-Billingsley-Todd, Stewart x3, Jemison, Ansari, Mulgrew, Crosby, Piller Squared, Christie's, Bethesda Softworks, Dochterman on FX, fanfic, Dark Armada, TrekCore caps, comics, CCG, Doctor Who, Trek anniversary celebrations, book review.

Sep 19 - Roddenberry, Doohan Homes For Sale
El Paso site of Trek creator's birthplace is now a retail establishment; Doohan's estate near Seattle is on five acres.

Sep 19 - Moore Thanks Star Trek For Shaping His Life
Former writer credits Kirk with teaching him idealism, says he keeps values in mind while writing 'Galactica.'

Sep 18 - Convention First-Timers Celebrate Trek
Hartley, Foxworth, Martin, Darby, Whitney and Muldaur recall their time on Star Trek and working with Gene Roddenberry.

Sep 18 - Barrett Thinks Roddenberry Would Applaud Remastering
Roddenberry's wife reflects on 40 years of Star Trek but has had no contact with producers of upcoming film.

Sep 16 - Damon Says No One Has Asked Him To Do 'Trek XI'
Neither the actor, his agent nor his publicist has had any contact with Abrams or Paramount about the upcoming Star Trek project.

Sep 16 - Nimoy Would Come Out Of Retirement for Trek 'Project of Merit'
Though focused on photography and performing only in occasional commercials, Spock actor confirms his willingness to consider a role in 'Star Trek Xi.'

Sep 15 - Site Columns
Happy Belated Birthday, remastery on the BBS, Trek two years ago, birthday, new poll and more.

Sep 15 - : Spectre of the Gun
When the Enterprise ignores a warning to stay out of Melkotian space, the aliens make the crew relive the gunfight at the OK Corral.

Sep 14 - The Book Padd: Star Trek: Constellations
Twelve stories set during the first five-year mission pay tribute to the original series characters and their universe.

Sep 14 - Latest Shatner-Nimoy 'Trek XI' News Is No News
Though both original series actors have said they expect to be contacted by J.J. Abrams, no talks have taken place yet about Kirk and Spock in the upcoming film.

Sep 13 - Cingular Releases HTC Star Trek Phone As 3125
Despite non-Trek oriented name, phone has most of the features of the European version, receives good reviews.

Sep 13 - Bakula Talks Trekking, Leaping, and Life After
Archer actor reiterates that he knows of no plans to revive either 'Enterprise' or 'Quantum Leap', would like to perform in UK musical production.

Sep 12 - Berman, Mulgrew, Jenkins Talk Trek on NPR
'On the Media' host ponders the significance of Star Trek on its 40th anniversary.

Sep 12 - Spiner Still Close to Colleagues, Thinks Data Is Done
TNG star jokes that if fans want to start a letter writing campaign to put him in 'Star Trek XI', he'd be willing.

Sep 12 - 'Star Trek: Remastered' News and Notes
A roundup of information about the restoration of the original series in high definition, soon to arrive on television.

Sep 11 - News Bullets
Galileo 7, convention coverage, obituaries, Trek XI chat, Warp 11 music, Wang on Berman, McNeill, Mulgrew, Koenig, Trek in the news.

Sep 11 - Happy 40th Birthday Star Trek!
News bullets about some of the online celebrations of the original series, which celebrates its broadcast premiere anniversary this week.

Sep 2 - CBS Releases Details On Remastered Star Trek
High-definition episodes will begin airing in September, with added CG effects, crewmembers.

Sep 1 - Site Columns
In Memoriam for Pluto, revisionist shows on the BBS, Scotty and 'Enterprise' two years ago, new poll.

Sep 1 - : Is There In Truth No Beauty?
A Medusan - a member of a race so unpleasant to look at that humanoids can go insane from a single glimpse - comes on board.

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