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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2007

June 29 - Site Columns
Summer at the Beach, Doctor Who on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, birthdays.

June 29 - Retro Review: Too Short a Season
An aging admiral negotiating for the release of hostages takes a drug that makes him become a much younger man.

June 28 - Roddenberry Inducted Into Science Fiction Hall of Fame
Wheaton is presenter, Roddenberry Jr. recipient of award celebrating Star Trek's impact on a generation.

June 28 - Windom Not a 'Star Trek' Fan Before or After 'Doomsday'
Popular original series guest star thought his episode was cartoonish, felt Shatner was at war with Nimoy.

June 27 - Star Trek Fan Films Announce Future Plans
'New Voyages' to have online premiere event for upcoming episode; other series announce new installments.

June 27 - Visitor Recalls Piller, 'Deep Space Nine' Fondly
Kira actress is happy but not shocked by success of 'Wildfire', looks forward to Abrams' Star Trek film.

June 26 - Kurtzman Promises No 'Galactica'-Style Reimagining
Upcoming Star Trek film will take advantage of the 'road map' already in place, writer says.

June 26 - Orci: Fans Will See Different Trek Film Than Novices
Making the round of 'Transformers' publicity, Star Trek scriptwriter discusses jumping into canon.

June 26 - Paramount Scouting Trek XI Locations In Iceland
Could the new Trek film follow 'Batman Begins' and 'Flag of our Fathers' in capitalising on Iceland's expansive landscapes and even more expansive tax breaks?

June 25 - More From Kurtzman, Orci On Writing Young Kirk and Spock
Screenwriters studied French cinema but cut teeth on 'Xena' after being youthful Trek fans.

June 25 - Picardo Talks About Dealing With Trek Image
Though he found it awkward becoming a commodity, the actor made good friends on 'Voyager' and appreciated his character's growth.

June 25 - Kurtzman, Orci Find Trek Has Different Challenges Than M:I
The screenwriters of the upcoming feature film, while longtime fans, have had to steep themselves in the franchise mythology.

June 24 - Blalock Takes on 'Starship Troopers: Marauder'
T'Pol actress will play a hotshot flyer in the third film in the franchise, expected to be released direct to DVD.

June 22 - Rene Auberjonois Dropped From 'Boston Legal'
DS9's Odo will no longer work as a series regular with William Shatner, but may return as a guest star to the ABC show. Plus: 'Legal' adds Larroquette.

June 21 - Memory Alpha Reaches 25,000 Articles
Four years after being launched, online Star Trek encyclopedia posts landmark article on one-time TNG director Robert Iscove.

June 21 - Page Six: Shatner Out, Nimoy In For 'Trek XI'
Gossip column claims original Kirk actor 'is very upset' not to have been approached for film.

June 19 - Robert Orci Talks Star Trek XI
New film to start shooting November; Kirk actor possibly known by Comic-Con; CBS probably toying with the idea of a new TV show.

June 12 - Man With Green Blood Lives in Canada
Doctors believe he is not a Vulcan but suffering from a rare prescription drug problem.

June 12 - Filmation Founder Reflects On Animated Trek
Scheimer liked working with Roddenberry and was pleased to take the series to new vistas.

June 11 - Takei Spends Summer Vacation Working
In New Orleans to film a naughty teen film, the Sulu actor takes time to explore the city.

June 11 - Trek Alumni Take Home Tonys
Langella defeats Plummer for Broadway's highest honour; Murphy, Ivey, Pierce appear at awards.

June 10 - Mulgrew To Host Private Event & Auction
Janeway actress and 'Round Numbers' co-star Eggar will meet and greet fans in November.

June 10 - Moore Thinks Abrams' Reboot Is Right Direction For Trek
Though happy to be writing a show where 'torture and rape and killing babies' is permissible, he welcomes a return to Star Trek roots.

June 8 - Site Columns
Fandom, legends on the BBS, 'Enterprise' departure two years ago, ongoing poll, birthdays.

June 8 - Retro Review: 11001001
The Enterprise is hijacked by aliens who communicate in the binary language of computers.

June 6 - Takei On Stern, Shatner and Star Trek
Sulu actor believes radio host's championing of free speech is much more important than his smutty jokes, didn't mind being on the spot at roast.

June 6 - Nicholas Worth, Chaotica's Henchman, Dies at 69
Veteran actor, a Pasadena Playhouse alumni, often played villains.

June 6 - Comics Boldly Returning To Original Five Year Mission
Writer Tischman is sorry he can't work Khan in, but happy to be facing a personal Kobayashi Maru test.

June 5 - Masterson Talks About Leeta's Growth
Troubled by attitudes toward women in the entertainment industry, the actress remains grateful to have worked on such a quality show.

June 4 - Physicists Test Transporter For Data
Not ready to beam anyone up yet, the scientists are working on encrypting data through space.

June 4 - Stewart Will Return To the US for 'Merchant of Venice'
Currently tackling 'Macbeth', the Picard actor is hopeful that Trek fans will appreciate Shakespeare.

June 2 - Visitor Compares 'Deep Space Nine' and 'Wildfire'
Twice cast by Michael Piller, the Kira Nerys actress finds the pace quicker working with horses.

June 2 - 'Star Trek' Producers Talk 'Star Wars'
Abrams, Lindelof are both fans of George Lucas' space franchise.

June 1 - Retro Review: Angel One
Riker struggles with the female leader of a planet where males are second-class citizens.

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