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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for December 2005

Dec 31 - Siddig Is Proud of 'Syriana' and Star Trek
Bashir actor talks frankly about straddling two cultures, discomfort with his own family's role in conflict in Sudan.

Dec 30 - Stewart Looks Forward To 'Eleventh Hour', 'X3'
Picard actor likes contemporary feel of new ITV show, says that despite production drama he thinks new 'X-Men' film will be best yet.

Dec 29 - News Bullets
Wheaton, Doohan, Stewart, Trek writers, Klingon Bible, Worst of Trek, interracial kisses, Trek celebs at movies, 'Distant Shores', med Trek, Sev Trek, Trek Life, Erdmann, screen caps.

Dec 28 - The Book Padd: S.C.E.: Out of the Cocoon
The S.C.E. faces technophobia in the latest eBook installment.

Dec 27 - Graham Praises Bakula In New Book On Acting
Soval actor calls 'Star Trek: Enterprise' star 'one of the hardest working actors in the business,' praises his wit.

Dec 23 - : Who Mourns For Adonais?
The Enterprise is trapped by the Greek god Apollo, who wants to be worshipped again. Kirk is unimpressed.

Dec 23 - Site Columns
Pre-festivity week, BBS squee, UPN ratings two years ago, new poll, birthdays, happy holidays!

Dec 22 - News Bullets
Frakes, Blalock, Stewart, Wang, 'Enterprise' cast, Siddig, games, Trek Life, Trek science, Trek politics, internet films, 'Galaxy Quest', convention lineups.

Dec 22 - MMORPG Producer Stinnett Describes Gaming Plans
Star Trek Online is in pre-production while team hones their skills, he explains.

Dec 21 - Braga Crosses Final 'Threshold'
Former executive producer describes plans for recurring characters, development of series regulars on late CBS series.

Dec 20 - Moore Re-Commits To NBC Universal
'Battlestar Galactica' producer will create new science fiction shows for NBC and Sci-Fi.

Dec 20 - Newman Enjoyed Enhanced 'Enterprise' Role
Actor from Augments arc liked working with Bakula and Spiner, has other genre projects in the works.

Dec 19 - G4 To Acquire Original Series, TNG Syndication Rights
Comcast's cable network, currently targeting video gamers, is looking to expand viewership with Trek reruns.

Dec 19 - 'The Animated Series' Will Arrive on DVD in 2006
Paramount confirms that the 22 episodes will be released, possibly to coincide with Star Trek's 40th anniversary.

Dec 19 - Einstein Panel Invites Trekker Speculation
Bormanis, Curry and Krauss participate in panel honouring anniversary of special theory of relativity, discuss science in sci-fi.

Dec 19 - News Bullets
Burton, Shatner, Robinson, Stewart, alumni in movie, Doohan, Aberdeen, free eBook, animation, comic, gaming, spaceflights, Borg Queen, Trek celebrities.

Dec 18 - Dorn Is Focusing On Directing
Worf actor is following up helming Star Trek episodes with sitcoms, keeping busy with voiceover work.

Dec 18 - Russ To Helm Feature 'Eye of the Beholder'
Tuvok actor will receive co-writing credit in film to co-star Masterson, Fortunato; also, stills from his 'Deja Vu' released.

Dec 17 - Shimerman To Reprise Elf Role Tonight
DS9's Quark appears in Hallmark Channel's 'Meet the Santas' as North Pole manager.

Dec 16 - : Amok Time
Spock is compelled to mate or die trying; Kirk is compelled to violate Starfleet orders to assist him.

Dec 16 - Site Columns
Winter movies, BBS chat, 'Enterprise' two years ago, dead captains poll, birthday.

Dec 15 - News Bullets
New movie allegations, Shatner x2, Siddig, Takei x2, Pocket Books, CCG, 'The Fallen', gaming competition, communicators, 'Enterprise' in syndication, Vulcan mind techniques, convention news.

Dec 15 - Whitney To Appear in 'Star Trek: New Voyages'
Janice Rand actress will return to Star Trek in fan series' fourth episode.

Dec 14 - Braga Talks 'Threshold' Experience and Cancellation
Former 'Enterprise' exec says he planned to have more Star Trek actors on former CBS series.

Dec 14 - Beltran Spending Lots of Time in Sci-Fi
'Voyager' actor appears in two original Sci-Fi movies, yet his roots are in classical theatre.

Dec 13 - 'Free Enterprise 2' May Be Released for Trek Anniversary
Writer-producers would like to see Shatner-starring film in theatres in September to coincide with original Trek airing.

Dec 12 - News Bullets
Paramount acquires Dreamworks, Stewart on TV and stage, Shatner sends regrets and lists songs, DS9 review and author death, plus, gaming, opinion and TAS DVDs.

Dec 12 - Montgomery Wants To Do Trek Movies
Mayweather actor admits he hasn't watched 'These Are the Voyages...', talks rap and documentary.

Dec 11 - Paramount Reportedly Will Buy Dreamworks SKG
Future of Star Trek remains highly uncertain as Viacom split, studio developments progress; also, Jendresen writing NBC pilot.

Dec 11 - Takei Says Coming Out Wasn't Scary
Compared to his family's mistreatment as Japanese-Americans, notes Sulu actor, lobbying for gay marriage in his home state is not intimidating.

Dec 11 - Nemecek Says 'Star Trek Communicator' Will Return
Managing editor describes the Viacom-CBS split as responsible for current franchise chaos, expects both official fan club and to find new homes.

Dec 9 - : Operation: Annihilate!
Spock's nervous system and those of the colonists on Deneva are taken over by vicious parasitic aliens.

Dec 9 - Site Columns
Narnia, weather on the BBS, UPN two years ago, new poll, lots of birthdays!

Dec 9 - The Book Padd: String Theory Book Two: Fusion
Voyager pursues Tuvok in the middle of a three-part series reflecting back to the show's origins.

Dec 8 - Star Trek Manga Writer Hopes To Evoke Original Series
'Anything But Alone' will feature Kirk, Spock and McCoy in story with all the staples of Classic Trek.

Dec 8 - Meaney Trapped In 'Caved In'
TNG-DS9's O'Brien will battle giant beetles underground in upcoming Sci Fi Channel film.

Dec 7 - Koenig, Cawley Talk 'New Voyages' Surprises
Fan series is profiled in 'Wired' Magazine, which describes pro Trek connections and reveals the plot of the upcoming Fontana-penned episode.

Dec 7 - News Bullets
Stewart x3, Picardo, Lawrence, Siddig, Cooper & Doohan, Bakula, Trek in 'TV Guide', Cochran, Trek physics in academia, TrekCore, Sev Trek, TWOK, Sci Fi in France.

Dec 6 - Hangs In the Balance As CBS and Viacom Split
Paramount Digital Entertainment is due to shut down at the end of 2005; official Trek web site may disappear as well, editorial director reveals.

Dec 6 - Siddig Credits Star Trek With Making Him a Friendly Face
Now making a splash as a major Arab actor, DS9's Dr. Bashir is happy to be making 'grown-up' movies.

Dec 6 - Two-Time Trek Guest Marc Lawrence Dies
Actor was known for playing mobsters; also, effects producer Marie Davis passes away.

Dec 5 - 'Star Trek Communicator' Stops Publication
Following months of complaints and threats of legal action, Decipher ceases printing official Star Trek fan magazine.

Dec 5 - Singer, Stewart Both Hope For Future Trek Films
Onetime 'X-Men' director and star both say they would be interested in reviving the Trek film franchise.

Dec 2 - Site Columns
Hello World, various franchises on the BBS, gloom and doom two years ago, new poll, weekend birthday.

Dec 2 - : The City on the Edge of Forever
Kirk must choose between his heart and the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Dec 1 - Perpetual Redesigns Star Trek: Online Site
Game producers also discuss results of customer survey on what prospective gamers would like included.

Dec 1 - Stewart Says Paramount May Bring Back Picard
TNG star, who has long said his Trek role was finished, reveals meetings to discuss a possible future for his series' crew.

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