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By Michelle
December 23, 2005 - 10:37 PM

Hello World!

I had no voice whatsoever this week after a hectic weekend (Yule ritual and celebration, two viewings of Brokeback Mountain and events at the kids' Hebrew school), so I stayed indoors and got my final packages mailed and tried to get organized for the new year. Hah! Maybe by the end of 2006 I will be caught up on things I meant to do in 2005.

Brokeback Mountain was phenomenal. If I hadn't known that was Heath Ledger going in, I doubt I would have recognized him, so completely does he disappear into his character. I'm going to be very annoyed if he doesn't get an Oscar nomination. I cried for pretty much the last twenty minutes both times.

My husband got me the deluxe edition of Cinderella Man on DVD for my birthday, so I've been watching the extras. Last night I put on Russell Crowe's documentary about turning himself into Jim Braddock, which was enormously enjoyable, partly because the film has Russell's own music playing in several places. It is obvious that he did a tremendous amount of work for this film and really sad that what people are going to remember about him in 2005 is that he got arrested for throwing a telephone.

I still haven't seen King Kong. Maybe after all the family gatherings this weekend and Harry Potter on the IMAX screen next week. Hope everyone had a wonderful solstice and Yule and has a happy Chanukah and Christmas!

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