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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for August 2007

Aug 31 - Retro Review: Symbiosis
Two alien races struggle over a shipment of a drug ostensibly used to treat a deadly disease.

Aug 31 - More 'Star Trek' Casting Rumours
Will 'Heroes' star Lee follow Quinto? Which actor will speak with a Scottish accent?

Aug 30 - Saldana May Play Uhura
POTC and 'Avatar' actress is said to be in talks to take over as communications officer.

Aug 30 - Yelchin, the New Chekov, Knows His Russian
The son of Soviet ice skaters jokes that his background likely aided his casting, is looking forward to working with Abrams.

Aug 29 - Zicree, Takei Had 'World Enough and Time' For 'New Voyages'
Writer and actor were both impressed with the production and passion of amateur filmmakers.

Aug 29 - Quinto Publicity Continues To Draw Attention
New Spock actor praises Nimoy; producers praise Quinto; 'USA Today' provides off-the-cuff footage.

Aug 29 - Shatner Confesses Sadness At Being Left Out of Film
Though he has books in the works about young Kirk and Spock, he is genuinely envious of Nimoy's involvement in the upcoming movie.

Aug 28 - Mulgrew Earns Raves As Clytemnestra
Janeway actress appears in well-regarded 'Iphigenia 2.0', an update of the Euripides classic.

Aug 28 - Review: 'World Enough and Time'
'Star Trek: New Voyages' delivers an episode that holds its own against anything produced by Paramount.

Aug 27 - Frakes Loves Reminiscing Yet Has Moved On
Riker actor remains friendly with his Next Gen co-stars but mostly works now in directing and teaching film on the East Coast.

Aug 27 - Quinto Thrilled About Spock, Nimoy, Sequels
The actor wants to keep working on 'Heroes' after hiatus to film Star Trek, but is attached for more than one movie should there be a series.

Aug 24 - Site Columns
Summer into fall, 'World Enough and Time' on the BBS, Trek two years ago, Spock poll, Lien and McFadden birthdays.

Aug 24 - Retro Review: The Arsenal of Freedom
Picard and an away team try to stay alive on a planet run by computerized weapons.

Aug 23 - New Voyages' 'World Enough and Time' Premieres Tonight
Takei, Barrett Roddenberry will make appearances at Los Angeles event where fan episode in which they performed will make debut.

Aug 23 - Star Trek Remastered Schedule Released Through 2008
Original pilot "The Cage" will be included in the complete collection, to be syndicated as well as released on DVD.

Aug 22 - HD-DVD Star Trek Discs Revealed
Image of inside package revealed; no Blu-ray expected from Paramount.

Aug 22 - Co-Star Bale Thinks Crowe Should Play Klingon
'Gladiator' star says he hasn't seen a script but 'Batman' actor suggests him for movie villain.

Aug 22 - More from Quinto On Spock, Sylar, Sci-Fi
Actor sees similarities between Star Trek and 'Heroes' but not between Vulcan and hero-killer.

Aug 21 - "Red-Shirted" By Health Care?
A Buffalo-based company apparently doesn't know that their ad campaign suggests swift and brutal death to Star Trek fans.

Aug 21 - Meaney To Remake 'Life On Mars'
TNG/DS9 actor will star with a fellow Irishman in the US remake of UK time-traveling detective show.

Aug 20 - Quinto Looking Forward To Nimoy's Mentoring
Young Spock actor has become friendly with original Spock, says that his character arc begins before the original series.

Aug 20 - Mulgrew on Clytemnestra, Career Regrets and Tuvok
At Vulkon in Ohio, the actress regales the audience with tales from the set and the theatre.

Aug 19 - Masterson Does Orion Slave Dance
Having donned green skin for 'Of Gods and Men', the Leeta actress reflects on Star Trek and her personal values.

Aug 18 - Las Vegas: More from Star Trek's Finest
Visitor & Auberjonois, Frakes & Spiner, Sisko family, Ferengi group and more team up onstage.

Aug 17 - Retro Review: Heart of Glory
When Klingon fugitives come aboard and try to commandeer the ship, Worf must weigh his loyalty to Starfleet and the humans who raised him.

Aug 16 - Las Vegas: Trek Alumni Talk Past, Future Plans
Russ, Hicks, McFadden, Takei, Koenig, Keating are just a few of the early days' guests.

Aug 15 - Braga Reflects On His Time on 'Trek'
Exec producer is sorry 'These Are the Voyages..." upset so many, but overall has few creative regrets.

Aug 15 - Linlithgow Unveils Scotty Exhibition
Scottish town claiming to be Trek character's future birthplace has blessing, artifacts from the Doohan family.

Aug 15 - Crowe As Star Trek Villain?
'Master & Commander' star said to be Paramount's choice to play Kirk's adversary in upcoming film.

Aug 15 - Shatner, Nimoy Live from Las Vegas
Kirk actor goads Spock actor about exclusion from 'Star Trek' film, still wants him on 'Boston Legal'.

Aug 11 - Scott Bakula To Guest Star On 'American Body Shop'
Former 'Enterprise' lead star to play himself in new Comedy Central show on the 'mysterious and hysterical world of car maintenance.'

Aug 11 - First Details On 'Star Trek: Conquest' Wii & PS2 Game
Lead designer promises mix of "turn-based strategy with arcade elements" in game that will feature six playable races.

Aug 11 - Nichelle Nichols To Join Takei On 'Heroes'
Uhura actress to appear in five or six episodes of the NBC show. Plus: 'Heroes' star Lee interested in Trek XI Sulu role.

Aug 8 - Anton Yelchin Negotiating For Chekov Role
18-year old Russian born actor recently appeared in 'Huff,' 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' & 'Criminal Minds.' Plus: Trek XI to start shooting November 5.

Aug 7 - Tom Cruise To Cameo As Captain Pike In Trek XI?
IGN sources say J.J. Abrams might want his 'Mission: Impossible' pal to play a small role in the new film. Plus: Big star considered for villain role?

Aug 6 - Leaked Casting Sheet Describes Re-Imagined TOS Characters
Paramount still looking for new Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu and Scotty -- but no Chekov.

Aug 4 - Retro Review: Coming of Age
Picard faces a competency investigation while Wesley takes the Starfleet Academy entrance exam.

Aug 2 - Nimoy Is Happy With Spock, Quinto, Abrams
The script and the fact that it is classic Star Trek convinced Nimoy to come out of retirement to work with 'awesome' director.

Aug 2 - Goldberg To Co-Host 'The View'
Guinan actress to listen in a more heated setting than Ten Forward as she sits in Rosie O'Donnell's seat.

Aug 1 - Wang Recalls Joys of Filming 'Voyager'
Though theatre remains his first love, Harry Kim actor enjoyed working with his fun-loving castmates.

Aug 1 - Comic Writers Plan 'Intelligence Gathering'
The 'Blood Will Tell' authors have a new 'Next Generation' miniseries in development.

Aug 1 - Visitor To Appear on 'Battlestar Galactica'
Ron Moore also has plans for many other characters in the final season of his series.

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