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Official 'Marauders' Details Released

By Caillan
August 31, 2002 - 12:33 PM

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Archer and company will ride to the rescue of a group of alien miners in 'Marauders', the sixth episode of Enterprise's sophomore season. yesterday posted the below synopsis of the episode, currently scheduled to air on October 23:

Captain Archer and crew help a colony of deuterium miners defend themselves against Klingon raiders.

Described by the official site as "an epic tale in the style of an old Western," the teleplay for 'Marauders' was written by First Wave scribe David Wilcox based on a story by Enterprise executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. The episode was directed by Trek veteran Mike Vejar, who helmed 'Unexpected' and 'Shadows of P'Jem' last season.

The site also posted details of the episode's guest cast:

  • Larry Cedar as Tessic
  • Bari Hochwald as E'lis
  • Steven Flynn as Maklii
  • Jesse James Rutherford as Q'Ell
  • Robertson Dean as Korok

Three of the episode's guest cast have made previous Trek appearances. Cedar played Nydrom in DS9's 'Armageddon Game' and Tersa in Voyager's 'Alliances'; his other credits include guest appearances on Boston Public and L.A. Law. Hochwald portayed Dr. Elizabeth Lense in DS9's 'Explorers' and Brin in Voyager's 'Friendship One,' while Dean appeared as a pilot in TNG's 'Face of the Enemy.'

Although he hasn't appeared in Trek before, Flynn has guest starred in several high-profile series, including The West Wing, The X-Files, The Practice, and ER. Rutherford's sole credit, according to the Internet Movie Database, is the film 'Life Or Something Like It.'

The majority of 'Marauders' was shot on location at a rock quarry in Ventura County, California, the official site reported. Several exterior sets, such as the miners' houses and deuterium pumps were erected at the quarry for the start of location filming on Monday. In addition to the Enterprise regulars and speaking guest cast, several dozen extras (representing the colonists) and stuntmen (acting as Klingon warriors for the fight scenes) were required on location.

Filming on the episode had actually begun on Wednesday, August 21, with scenes set on board the NX-01 and inside the colonists' houses. In addition to regular sets such as the bridge, the armory, and sickbay, the cast were able to try out a new locale introduced in the episode - the ship's gym.

The original cast and crew listing can be found here at, while the production report is available on this page.

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