Stewart Confirms Trek X Shooting Delayed

By Lisa
October 30, 2001 - 7:21 PM

In a recent interview with UK magazine 'Impact,' Patrick Stewart spoke about his upcoming film work, mentioning that the start date for work on the next Trek feature has been postponed.

"There's no start-date for 'X-Men 2' yet," Stewart told the magazine. "That was due to start in January or February and I guess it's fortunate that it's not, given that 'Star Trek X' got pushed back too. What I'm hearing now [for 'X-Men 2'] is July/August of 2002.

"It's a little frustrating because I was looking forward to doing those films back to back, where I would have a solid six month block when I was working and not available for other things. I'm actively trying to balance my theatre work with my other projects"

The original newsbit on Dark Horizons mentions that work is due to begin on 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' in late November. It also states that some scenes will be shot in Death Valley.

Stewart's comments corroberate a previous story that appeared on TrekWeb. The site suggested that production on the film would begin on November 26th. Previously the film had been scheduled to begin shooting in October, but unexpected script revisions apparently caused a delay.

Meanwhile a new report at SyFy Portal, confirmed 'Trek X' was undergoing rewrites, and suggested these were due to the recent terrorist attacks on America. "Hollywood has become overly concerned about offending sensitivities in light of the attack," the site said. "You've seen a bunch of movies go back into emergency rewrites, and it's no concidence that 'Nemesis' is doing the same thing."

The site reported that much of the previously publicised material in previous drafts will remain intact, with the exception of the movie's beginning, which was rumoured to feature an attack on the Romulan Senate. "We have anthrax in state buildings, and a concern that our government could be under attack," said the source. "And even though this movie is scheduled to be released more than a year after the terrorist attacks, it seems that Paramount just doesn't want to take the chance of hurting people."

More information can be found in the original report on SyFy Portal. 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' is due for a release late in 2002.

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