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UPN Executive Talks Enterprise Promo

By Christian
May 30, 2001 - 10:04 AM

When UPN aired its first Enterprise promo last week, it attracted some criticism from online fans. Seeing the many comments being posted on the Trek BBS, UPN's Bob Bouknight contacted us to address some of the fan's concerns.

"Let me comment on the Enterprise promo," Bouknight, who is the UPN executive in charge of marketing, said. "The spot that aired in Voyager's finale last week (and that tease was created by marketing, not B&B [producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga]) had Janeway, Picard, Spock, and Kirk in the copy. Some of your members objected that Sisko should have been mentioned as well since he was a captain, but as another one of your members rightly guessed, the more well-known characters in the Star Trek saga were named."

The omission of Sisko's name led to some speculation, but Bouknight assured us it was simply done because they believed "character recognition by the viewer was important to put the new series in perspective. It was in no way intended as a snub to DS9 or Avery Brooks."

"That having been said," Bouknight continued, "I hope your members will be pleased to learn that we are listening to their concerns and observations. We've updated the promo tease to include Sisko, and it will begin airing during the two hours of Voyager on primetime UPN Wednesday, May 30."

After the finale aired, some members were also disappointed that no actual Enterprise had been aired, even though a local UPN station had previously suggested that. "As one of your members clarified, that was a local UPN 9 news story," Bouknight said. "UPN never suggested that we would have footage in time to show for the finale."

Bouknight ended by expressing UPN's excitement about Enterprise and saying the network would "like to hear what [online fans] think leading up to and beyond the premiere."

In order to give you a chance to express your thoughts about Enterprise, and more specifically to ask questions about the way UPN Marketing handles the Star Trek franchise, Mr. Bouknight has agreed to participate in an ongoing exchange of thoughts with online Star Trek fans. You will be able to submit your questions via the below form (and soon via a special page we will be opening where you can ask questions at any time), and depending on Mr. Bouknight's availability, he will be pleased to respond to a selection of those submitted.

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The first set of questions will be sent to UPN on Thursday evening, while the answers will be posted as a news item here on TrekToday shortly thereafter, depending on Mr. Bouknight's availability.

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