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'Enterprise' Plot Details Leaked

By Antony
January 29, 2003 - 10:54 PM

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Plot details about two upcoming 'Enterprise' episodes have become available.

A source for SFX magazine obtained the scripts for upcoming episodes 'Crash Landing' and 'Canamar', and the magazine has published details regarding the two February sweeps episodes.

According to the magazine (via The Great Link), in 'Crash Landing' the crew of Enterprise discover a burnt-out futuristic ship, which both the Suliban and Tholians want to get their hands on. The Enterprise decide to turn the ship over to the Vulcans, but the Suliban pursue Enterprise for the damaged ship.

Things get further complicated when Enterprise finds the Vulcan ship disabled by the Tholians. The Tholians and Suliban battle it out over the ship, but Archer has plans to take the ship out the equation. However his attempts are hindered by strange time loops caused by the futuristic vessel.

A week later, in 'Canamar', Archer and Trip make first contact with a new race called the Enolians. However, trouble ensues and they find themselves stuck on a prison transport and heading to a penal planet — the titular Canamar.

The Enolians decide that Archer and Trip are in fact innocent, and are going to let them go. However, other prisoners decide to hijack the transport. Archer and Trip decide to play along, and support the leader Kuroda. Other Enolian ships however, knowing the transport has been taken over by prisoners, set out to destroy it. The Enterprise must intercept the Enolians, and save their captain and chief engineer.

For the full spoiler-laden low down, check out this month's edition of SFX. More excerpts can be found here and here at The Great Link.

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