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Braga Offers Romulan Reassurance

By Lisa
September 27, 2002 - 3:59 PM

Many fans reacted with alarm to reports that the Romulans would be making an appearance in Enterprise, but according to executive producer Brannon Braga, there's no need to worry.

"We see their cool ships, but we never see the Romulans," Braga told Star Trek: The Magazine. The Romulans first appeared on screen in the Original Series episode 'Balance of Terror' and will feature in next week's Enterprise adventure, 'Minefield'.

"I think it's cool that on 'Nemesis' you can see the Romulans of Picard's time, and at the same time you're seeing the early encounters with them on 'Enterprise;' there's great synergy there," Braga continued.

"But I think you've got to be real careful about going back to the old guys too much, because it looks like you're desperate. I did like the Ferengi show, but I'm in no rush to see them again. I've always had mixed feelings about the Ferengi because they're so broad, and we have no immediate plans for them," he said.

Another Original Series race that might appear in Enterprise is the Tellarites. "Well, if we do see them you can be sure that we'll do to them what we did to the Andorians, which was to modernise them and make them more believable," explained Braga. "I wouldn't be surprised if the pig guys showed up! But I don't want to just throw them in there for the sake of it. It would be great if they had some reason to be there, like the Andorian show, which really worked out well."

He also offered his thoughts on this week's 'Carbon Creek'. "It was actually pitched to me by Dan O'Shannon, who is an executive producer and head writer on Frasier. [...] I talked to Rick [Berman] about it and we both loved the idea, but we kind of felt it was too off concept to do in the first season, we thought we should maybe hold on to it. So we did, but we did it right away in the second season."

Braga admitted that parallels with the Original Series' 'City on the Edge of Forever' were deliberate. "We thought about that show when we were trying to figure out how to get these Vulcans into different cloths, and we took some of our cues from the Original Series," he said.

Much more from Branon Braga can be found in the November issue of Star Trek: The Magazine. thanks go out to Cyrus for these excerpts!

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