Nana Visitor On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine And Beyond

By T'Bonz
April 26, 2008 - 1:17 AM

Playing a guest star on other shows prepared her for the hard work of being a regular on Deep Space Nine

As reported by, Visitor was well-prepared when it came time to work on Deep Space Nine due to her frequent guest star roles before being offered the Kira Nerys part. "It was tough on Deep Space Nine and I was toughened to it and I was OK," she said. "And I was always determined to treat guest stars well! As a regular, they sometimes listen to you."

A Deep Space Nine movie would not have been quite what fans expected, according to Visitor. "It would have been maybe something different than most of the fans wanted," explained Visitor, "but I think it could have really crossed over because everybody was really a good actor and they could really hit some balls out of the park and I think it would have been brilliant. Maybe not what people wanted to see, but it would have been great."

Visitor will have a role in an upcoming episode of Battlestar Galactica where she will play a character dying of cancer. "What a pleasure that was," said Visitor. "Well, fun no, because I'm dying and losing my hair, oh boy, talk about looking bad, top to bottom, it's a classy well done show where the writing matters and mythology matters and it's just gritty and wonderful, I was so impressed." Visitor said that her character was not an alien. "I am very, very human," she explained. "But I do give a glimpse of the other side once you die."

As reported in an article located at TrekToday, Visitor will be playing the part of Jason's mother on the remake of Friday the 13th. Playing the role does not come without its hazards. "I am doing a Friday the 13th," said Visitor. "I am going to be Jason's mother, which is why I have this bruise on my nose, getting the cast made. They kind of gave a giant hickey to my nose pulling the thing off of me."

To hear the interview, head to the link located here.

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