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Extensive 'Detained' Plot Summary

By Christian
January 26, 2002 - 8:25 AM

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Enterprise looks set to continue Star Trek's tradition of commenting on current events with the upcoming Suliban-centered episode 'Detained.'

Sources today revealed the first plot details of 'Detained,' which is expected to start shooting in February and will likely air during this year's May Sweeps. The episode will continue the Suliban storyline started in 'Broken Bow' and 'Cold Front', and will see Captain Archer learning that not all Suliban are as he thought they were. The relevance to current affairs is clear, with the Suliban playing the role of Arab-Americans in the post-9/11 world.

In 'Detained,' Captain Archer and Travis Mayweather are trapped in Gantoris, a detention center built by a race known as the Mazarites, and populated by Suliban. While initially suspicious of the Suliban around them, their opinions change when they see a Suliban father, Danik, protecting his young daughter Narra from a brutal Mazarite guard. Archer, who can't bear to see anyone mistreated, faces down the guard and befriends Danik.

From Danik, Archer is embarassed to learn that not all Suliban are as hostile as he had assumed they were. Originally, the Suliban were a peaceful race who left their homeworld a thousand years ago and wandered across the stars. Some of the Suliban integrated into other societies, such as those of the Mazarites and the Tiburon. But seven years ago, the Cabal appeared on the scene - the genetically enhanced Suliban the Enterprise already encountered in 'Broken Bow'. For unknown reasons, the Cabal began to attack the Mazarites, and after centuries of peaceful coexistence the Mazarites suddenly began to distrust the Suliban. Soon all Suliban were seen as enemies of the state and locked up in detention centers. Entire families were split, including that of Dannik, who hasn't seen his wife in four years.

Shortly thereafter, Archer is called to the office of Colonel Grat, the commander of the detention center. Grat says that the Mazarites and the humans should work together against the Suliban threat, and he asks Archer what his dealings were with the Suliban on Rigel Ten. Archer sympathises with the plight of the Mazarites, but he protests that they can't lock away the entire Suliban race and hold them responsible for the actions of the Cabal. Grat makes it clear that in his eyes, any Suliban is a potential Cabal member, and if Archer doesn't cooperate with the Mazarites, he and Mayweather will have to stay in detention for much longer.

Back with Danik, Archer and Mayweather are invited to attend the "Arrival" ceremony - a re-enactment of the way in which the Suliban arrived in the system and were welcomed by the Mazarites. Archer is surprised that after all the Mazarites did do them, the Suliban would still celebrate the day they met the Mazarites. Danik replies they're not going to let a few mistakes undo four centuries of shared history, and that it's important to continue their traditions for their children. At the same time, Mayweather attempts to befriend Sajen, a Suliban who played the role of the Mazarite leader in the ceremony - but Sajen is suspicious of Mayweather, and accuses Mayweather of still fearing all Suliban.

It is clear that despite the Suliban's best efforts, it's hard to raise children in this environment, and Archer proposes that they try to escape from Gantoris. There are several Suliban vessels impounded nearby, and if Archer is able to send a message to the Enterprise the ship could help in the escape attempt and escort the Suliban to Tiburon - there they might still be welcome. Archer explains his plan to the Suliban, but he is faced by opposition from Sajen, who says the humans are simply agents of the Mazarites and this escape plan will only provide them with an excuse to exterminate all the Suliban. Sajen storms off, and Danik and Archer exchange worried looks - hopefully most Suliban will still join them and the escape attempt will be successful...

No information is yet known about the creative staff responsible for this episode. As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released no official information about this episode yet, and until that happens, any such information from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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