Archer To Follow Kirk's Romantic Lead

By Caillan
July 24, 2001 - 1:29 PM

New UPN footage sent out to the network's affiliates revealed that Captain Jonathan Archer may be destined to follow in the footsteps of the legendary womaniser James T. Kirk.

The recent UPN promo already showed a kiss between Archer and an unknown alien woman (story). Yesterday, the Trek Zone Network posted a report about a promotion video sent out to UPN affiliates, containing a more detailed look at the kissing scene. Apparently, audiences will be able to see Archer's temper when dealing with the unknown woman. "You'd better be careful, I'm a lot bigger than you are," he says, before kissing her.

The footage also showed a scene set in sickbay, in which a miscommunication arises over the correct name for a Klingon. Two officers in uniforms, possibly including Admiral Williams, will refer to the alien as a "Klingot," before being corrected by a Vulcan. Archer is said to be "amazed" at the sight of the alien.

No aired promo has yet included a shot of Dr. Phlox, whose exact appearance remains a mystery. However, in addition to the previously reported information that the Doctor's make-up will consist mainly of cranial ridges, the report said that Phlox looks very humanoid, and that he has a small paunch. It also appears that the character loves to laugh.

Further tidbits, including details of the crew quarters and some snippets of dialogue, can be found here at TrekZone. Thanks to Voyager's Delights for this!

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