Official Details For 'Zero Hour'

By Michelle
March 24, 2004 - 9:45 PM

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The final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise's third season reveals the end results of the attempts by Captain Archer and his crew to stop the Xindi from deploying a weapon intended to his planet. has published a production report for "Zero Hour", which is currently scheduled to air on May 26th.

"In keeping with the discretionary nature of this shoot, we are remaining mum on any story details, though obviously the episode will climax the Enterprise crew's efforts to keep the Xindi Superweapon from destroying Earth," the report stated.

Allan Kroeker, who directed last season's finale, "The Expanse", and this season's premiere, "The Xindi", helmed "Zero Hour.

The official site has announced that the guest list is being kept a secret for the time being. As previously reported, Jeffrey Combs (Shran) is likely to appear. Many of the regular Xindi council members have been speculated as probable guests as well.

"This episode had not only one of the largest guest casts of the series, but one of the largest contingents of stunt players and extras, portraying everything from crewmen to MACOs to Xindi," noted One of the extras is a contest winner from Seattle whose prize was a walk-on role.

The shoot for "Zero Hour" finished last Tuesday after eight days of production, ending with the season wrap party to start the cast's hiatus for the summer. The post-production teams are still working on the episode.

The original production report can be found here at

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