First 'Crash Landing' Plot Details

By Caillan
November 23, 2002 - 11:00 AM

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Sources today revealed the first information on the upcoming episode 'Crash Landing,' which will reportedly feature the return of one of Enterprise's long-running foes, the Suliban.

In the episode, the NX-01 crew discover a "futuristic vessel" containing a dead human pilot. The ship is brought onboard Enterprise for investigation, but a Suliban freighter turns up on the scene to claim the vessel for the Cabal.

A Suliban soldier informs Archer that a cell-ship discovered the vessel three days ago, and he and his freighter crew were sent to retrieve it. Archer refuses to hand the ship over to the Suliban, stating that the vessel is an Earth ship with a human pilot. When the Suliban soldier threatens him with force, Archer tells him to talk to Silik. "He'll tell you I don't respond well to threats," the NX-01 captain says.

Meanwhile, Trip and Reed investigate the futuristic ship, which is heavily damaged. Pulling back a melted panel, they discover an oblong box, which is is the source of a mysterious energy signature. Releasing the box from its braces, they take it down to engineering for analysis.

Later in the episode, Enterprise is attempting to rendezvous with the Vulcan ship T'Yur when they come under attack by the Suliban freighter, now backed up by several cell-ships. The Suliban soldier threatens to board the NX-01 to retrieve the vessel, but he backs down when Archer says he has back-up from the Vulcan combat cruiser. The Suliban is sceptical, but Archer reveals his crew recently helped the Vulcans prevent a war. "They owe us one," he says. The viewscreen conversation ends, and the Suliban cell-ships continue their attack...

Please note that this information is based on extracts of an early draft of the script, and has not been confirmed by Paramount Pictures. Until then, you should treat these details as you would any rumour from an unofficial source.

'Crash Landing' is likely to air in early 2003.

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