First Images Of 'Enterprise' Bridge Play Sets

By Caillan
May 22, 2002 - 3:38 PM

'Archer's chair' photo - courtesy Art Asylum, copyright Art Asylum/Paramount Pictures Art Asylum today released the first pictures of the Enterprise bridge components which will accompany their deluxe action figure range.

The first figures in the deluxe series will be Captain Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, set for release in September 2002. Each seven inch figure will be accompanied by a section of the bridge play set featuring electronic sounds and lights.

Captain Archer's deluxe set includes the captain's command chair, seen above. The chair is extremely detailed, and features a small flip-up monitor as well as pre-applied decals for control chips, buttons and plasma display. When activated, the base includes audio from 'Broken Bow,' with Archer giving orders as the NX-01 is attacked.

'Reed's console' photo - courtesy Art Asylum, copyright Art Asylum/Paramount Pictures The tactical station accompanies the Lieutenant Reed figure, and includes audio from 'Silent Enemy,' with Reed asking permission to fire a torpedo, followed by a torpedo sound effect. In creating the bases, Art Asylum has concentrated on detail rather than interactivity.

To complete the bridge set, Art Asylum will release the Sub-Commander T'Pol and Ensign Travis Mayweather deluxe figures in October. T'Pol comes with the science station, while Mayweather is accompanied by the helm.

Art Asylum acquired the Trek toy license in December last year (story). The first wave of 7 inch figures from 'Broken Bow,' including Klaang the Klingon and Silik, will be released in August. Future lines include a special 'Away Team' range, and figures from the upcoming 'Star Trek: Nemesis.'

Further details about Art Asylum's Star Trek range can be found at their web site.

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